Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 6

Welcome to the 6th episode of Sim Date series 2. Meet Alex outside his house in Strangetown. In a few moments time he will be meeting Tina, his date for tonight.

Here's Tina. You should remember her from two other episodes where she dated Adam. Just when we thought the second date had gone well we saw an evil side of Tina. Alex has seen this episode himself and has said he's going to be very careful around Tina.

Alex: Hi, you don't mid if I hug you do you?
Tina: No, go ahead.

Alex: It's nice to meet you.
Tina: Really!? I thought you would have been put off a bit by my past performances.
Alex: (Laughs) Not at all.
Tina: This is a funny looking house you've got.
Alex: Yeah, I know. Want to come inside?
Tina: Yeah, sure.

Tina: Wow, it's very bare in here!
Alex: Yeah, I know. I've only recently moved in.
Tina: Well I could help you get it sorted out sometime. I really love redecorating.
Alex: Oh great, that'd be a big help. It's pretty ugly inside here right now.
Tina: You can say that again!
Alex: So, what do you want to do now?
Tina: Can we watch TV?
Alex: Yeah, no problem.

Alex and Tina are watching TV. They seem to be getting on well, but it seems a little unrealistic. Alex seems scared of Tina. Tina seems to think she's already in there and is talking in a way that sounds like they're already a couple!
Just say when you're hungry and I'll make us some sandwiches. Sorry it's nothing more than that. I'm learning to cook more by watching the cooking channel though.
Sandwiches are fine with me. When you're better at cooking I'll happily sample your food.
Cheers. That would be nice.
No problem. I think I'm hungry now actually.. if that's ok?
No problem, I'll whip up some sandwiches.

Tina is eating her sandwiches. Alex forgot to get any more bread and has just used the last for Tina. He's now making himself a toaster pastry.
Tina: (Laughs) I can't believe you didn't get any bread!
Alex: I'm really sorry.
Tina: It doesn't matter. I just think it's so funny. You really need someone to look after you.
Alex: Like who?
Tina: Me! Duh!
Alex: Oh right.

2 hours have passed into the date. Our cameraman must have just missed something happening in kitchen, when he went to the toilet, because when he returned it seems like the two of them are flirting!

Alex has just reached out for Tina's hands and she hasn't refused!
Alex: Do you mind if I kiss you?
Tina: Erm.. nah, go ahead. You better be good.

That looks like more than a kiss. How is this happening? Surely Tina has nothing to get revenge over with Alex. Is this possibly a mater of love at first sight?

Welcome to Alex's under decorated bedroom, where Tina just led Alex! I think it's obvious where this is going to lead. Is it possible that Tina is soon to finally be removed from the date's database?
Alex: Do you want to..?
Tina: OH YES!

After leaving the bedroom for one hour we return to find that the two of them have just had Woohoo! It's just 5 minutes to 10PM.
Tina: I've decided to stay. So now you can go! Bye!

It looks like the date is now over.
Alex: Go away!
We have finally got rid of Tina who we saw go from shy, to evil and then to all loved up. We have our fourth success story.
Alex: Stop doing a commentary and leave!
I guess now we must leave them, Alex obviously has things he wishes to do.
Alex: I'm going to get my gun!
Now I must run... goodnight!