Pleasant Life Series 1 - Episode 2 - Art Isn't a Fine Thing

Welcome to the second episode of The Pleasant Life. Last time we saw Angela and Lilith Pleasant set off on their incredible journey.

Angela: Okay i think we're lost.

Landlord: Okay, you just sign the contract here.
Lilith: Okay, we'll have pay for you every three days.
Landlord: I'd like that very much.

Lilith: This is tiny.
Angela: We have to sleep in here? There's only one bed.

So, their journey has just begun and the girls are already finding fault...Good Luck Girls!

It's the first working day for the girls, and manager Rita has high expectations from the girls...

Rita: I want them to be smart, well dressed and ready to work


1 Day Earlier...

Angela: I've only ever had one job when i was 16, but other than that; I've never worked.
Lilith: I've not either. What's the point?
Camera Man: How do you feel about your friends that work?
Angela: Erm...i don't know...i feel bad?
Lilith: (laughs)

It seems the girls forgot to set the alarm clock...or did they do it on purpose?

Rita: Where the hell are these girls?

Rita: (On phone) Come on...pick up!

Angela: Lilith the phone's ringing!

Lilith: So pick it up!
Angela: I'm asleep.
Lilith: Me too.

Lilith: Wait, what time is it?
Angela: 9:30 i think...
Lilith: We were supposed to be in work an hour ago!
Angela: Oh crap!

Rita: Punctuality is high on my cards and these girls have failed miserably.

Just Art Museum

10:00am - One and half an hour late.

Angela: I hope this woman is nice to us.
Lilith: She's probably going to be really mean or something like that.

Rita: Girls, you're one and half an hour late!
Angela: Sorry, the traffic was horrible.
Lilith: There's been a massive crash near McDonalds!
Rita: Oh really? Well that's understandable. Follow me please.


Rita's Office

Rita: Okay i am going to start with a warm welcome and hello from me and the workers here at the "Just Art Museum"...
Lilith: Hello!
Angela: Hey.
Rita: Now, you two are going to be responsible for a huge presentation today. We have another group of two coming in later, the two groups must come up with an exquisite painting for us to display in our art gallery. Now this is very important because the Mayor of Bluewater Village is coming for a visit tomorrow and he will expect something respectable. Me and a few of the workers will decide which painting out of the two groups is better, the one which wins will be displayed for the Mayor to see. Do you understand what i'm saying girls?

Lilith: So what do we draw?
Rita: Anything..
Lilith: So we can draw like...a guy's c@&$?
Rita: Do you think that will be appropriate for the Mayor?
Lilith: Is he gay?
Rita: I don't think so...
Lilith: Probably not then.

Rita: Anyway, i expect you two to report back later with a presentable drawing.

Angela and Lilith: We will.


Small office area

Angela: What can we draw?
Lilith: I've never painted a picture in entire life. Not since kindergarten.
Angela: I know me neither.
Lilith: What if we make it like...a fancy drawing with glitter and stuff on it...
Angela: We should just go and buy a painting and say we did it.
Lilith: I know (laughs)

Angela: Should we just paint random stuff on the paper and she who's best
Lilith: Sure.

Well, after some practice painting; the girls decide that they are not exactly what you could call Pablo Picasso..

Lilith: This sucks!
Angela: We totally suck!
Lilith: I wonder what the other group have.

Jean: We have won this competition for two years running; we're not losing now!
Lindsay: Trust me, this will be our greatest painting ever.

Lilith: I have an idea, is there a phone book in here?


The Museum's Cafe

Lilith: Excuse me, do you have a phone book.
Man: Sure, take it.

Lilith: Thank you.

Angela: So who sounds best?
Lilith: (reading from book) This guy sounds hot! He's painted portraits for the queen.
Angela: Let me call him!

Angela: (on phone) Hey, can i speak to Mark Foster please?
Mark Foster: This is Mark Foster.
Angela: Me and my sister need your help. We're trying to paint a picture and it's going nowhere. Would you be able to come to our Museum and help us out?
Mark Foster: Sure!
Angela: It's across the road from the pie shop!
Mark Foster: Oh right, yeah i'll be there.
Angela: Don't tell anyone who you are.

Lilith: This picture is supposed to be for the Mayor of the town, so just paint something which he'll like.
Mark Foster: Why don't i paint you two?
Angela: Yeah, i'm sure the Mayor will love us! Paint us!
Lilith: Yeah, do that.
Mark Foster: Okay, you two just do what you've got to do!
Angela: I have such a good idea.

After Mark does his job, the girls arrive at Rita's office to present their painting...where they meet their rivals...

Angela: Hey, i'm Angela.
Lilith: And i'm Lilith.
Lindsay: Hey, i'm Lindsay.
Lilith: Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay: No.
Lilith: Sorry, it's just that she's had that much plastic surgery you can never be too careful.
Jean: I'm Jean.
Angela: Loves it!
Lindsay: We're so gonna win you know.
Jean: We've won this competition two years in a row.
Lilith: What a shame you'll never make three.

Rita: Okay, let's call them in.

Rita: Can we have Angela and Lilith please?
Angela: Coming b!tc@!

Angela: Okay here is our drawing.

Angela: We figured that us coming here would be such an amazing moment for you guys, so we decided to honour ourselves and here we are.

Rita: It's impressive...but who painted it?
Angela: What?
Rita: Well you two are in the picture, who painted you?
Lilith: Me.
Rita: What?
Lilith: I'm very talented when it comes to art, so i just took a picture of me and Angela and then we painted from that.
Rita: Oh right. Thank you girls

Lilith: Bye! Oh, and a vote for us will bring peace and harmony to Bluewater Village. Bye b!t@h!

Angela: That's hot.

Rita: I think it was very imaginative.
Judge: I'm a little sceptical of how they drew that. I don't think that they drew it.
Rita: I don't either. But, them coming here has been something that we'd like to celebrate.

After group 2 have showed their paintings, the girls work is now over..

Rita's Office

Rita: Well girls, i'm now going to go through your evaluation with you. First off, i think that you have both done great jobs today.
Angela: I know!
Lilith: We loved it!
Rita: I thought that your punctuality was a little off the mark, but otherwise; you're both fine. I'm rewarding you both with $100 each. You will be contacted tomorrow to see if you've won the competition or not.
Angela: That's hot.

Angela: I so hope we won!
Lilith: Who cares now? We've got our money!


The girls apartment - Next morning.

Lilith: Hello?
Rita: Hello Lilith, it's Rita from the Museum.
Lilith: Hey!
Rita: Well I've got some great news. Your painting won the competition!
Lilith: Woohoo!
Rita: I was wondering if you'd make it to the Museum today?
Lilith: Bad timing, we've got plans today. Sorry...
Rita: That's okay. Take care!

Lilith: We won the competition.
Angela: (gasps) Shut up!?
Lilith: Straight up, Rita wanted us to go the opening, but i said that we had other things planned.
Angela: Too right, i never give up clubbing for anything.
Lilith: I know!
Angela: We should so get a bonus for winning though.
Lilith: I think the extra $100 was a bonus, we're only supposed to get $100.
Angela: Oh yeah...

Lilith: Can you believe we're in an art gallery right now...
Angela: We always were pieces of art...

Next Time on the Pleasant Life; we'll see the girls learn how the ways of the Bible...when they become nuns, and the girls try to get some free McDonalds...