GSM Series 1: Episode 3 - Match Round

Charles: Hello and welcome, to the long-awaited finale of GSM. I'm Charles Warren…
Emily: And I'm Emily Stoner. Yes, this is it. We started off with 8 nervous competitors, and now we are down to the final 4, all fighting it out for the GSM Champion title and a cheque that's worth at least £41,000! Charles?
Charles: That's a life-changing sum of money. But the final amount hasn't been decided yet - our finalists still have 1 more round to add frantic cash onto that massive cheque. After the Match round, we will have our final 2, and final total for the winner! Let's meet, the lucky quartet:

Emily: Natalie! A mother of 2 from Sussex.
Charles: Brenda, a former secretary from rural Devon!

Emily: Violet! Our youngest finalist, an office worker from lovely Liverpool.
Charles: And the last male in the competition, Larry, from South Wales!

Emily: Now we've met the lucky 4, it's time to get to work - 4 multiple choice questions await the finalists.
Charles: After those questions, we will know who has come in 4th place, and also 5th place. Then we will be down to the last 2.
Emily: Let's get to work! While we get everyone ready for today's episode, we've got a quick video of this series so far to show you all...

Charles: Very interesting series view there. Now let's get back, to the LIVE final of GSM. We'll now look at the 4 categories that will make up these questions. We have History, Medicine, Movies and Sport. The first subject and question is on Medicine.

Emily: Which famous English created a cure for Smallpox in the late 18th and early 19th centuries?
Emily: Was it Harold Blossom, James Jefferson, James Phipps or Edward Jenner?

Charles: Each contestant will now press a button on their keypads and the lights behind them will turn the colour of the answer they inputted. For A, press Yellow. For B, press Green. For C, press Red and for D, press Blue.

Natalie: D, Edward Jenner.

Brenda: It's Blue, Edward Jenner.

Violet: Erm, James Phipps?

Larry: Edward Jenner.

Charles: And the answer is Edward Jenner! The scores will be revealed after Question 4, where the lowest scorer will leave.

Emily: The second category is Sport, and the question is:
Emily: Who won the Barclay's Premier League in the 2005 - 2006 season? Was it Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool?

Natalie: Erm… B, Manchester United?

Brenda: A, Arsenal?

Violet: My Chelsea-supporting boyfriend would know that it's C. Chelsea.

Larry: Arsenal? I don't know…

Charles: The answer to that question was C, Chelsea. Only 1 of you got that right.

Emily: And for the 3rd question, the category is Movies. Here's the question:
Emily: What was the name of the film, starring Jennifer Aniston that had a Labrador runt as the main character? Marley and Me, Martin and Me, Mark and Me or Matt and Me?

Natalie: A. Marley and Me, great film.

Brenda: No idea. I hate Jennifer Aniston. Martin?

Violet: A, Marley and Me.

Larry: I think it's Matt and Me.

Charles: The answer then was A, as 3 of the four of you thought. Now for the final question - Emily?

Emily: Thank you Charles. The category in the last question is History!
Emily: In 1066, which region of France was Duke William from when he invaded England? Paris, Lille, Normandy or Marseille?

Natalie: C, Normandy.

Brenda: I'd say it's Paris?

Violet: Erm… Marseille is in the south, so it's Lille in the north?

Larry: Got to be Normandy - he was Duke of that region wasn't he?

Emily: The result then is C, Normandy. 2 of you got that correct - Charles has the results! Finalists, please move over to Charles. See you after this break.

Charles: Hello everyone. It's time to reveal, who's in 4th place.

Charles: Natalie. You're safe! Congratulations, please return to your box.

Charles: Brenda. I'm afraid you are not safe - please come over here.

Charles: Violet. You are safe, please return to your box.

Charles: That means Larry, you are also not safe. Please join Brenda with me.

Charles: I can now reveal, that Larry. You have 2 points so far today. Brenda.
Charles: You have 1 point, meaning I'm afraid you have not made it through - please head up to Emily who will speak to you now. Larry, return to your box you have made it through!

Emily: Come here Brenda - very unlucky not to get through. Have you enjoyed your time here today?
Brenda: Yes, definitely. I'm disappointed not to win, but I'm not good at modern sports and movies…
Emily: Well, you've added a lot of money to the pot, you've had fun and you've been a great competitor. Brenda, thank you and goodbye!
Brenda: Goodbye Emily.

Emily: Now, we have just 3 members left in today's episode. But 2 of them are tied, on 2 points. Charles is with Violet and Larry, to see who goes out now.

Charles: Thanks Emily. So, Violet and Larry remain in their boxes, while Natalie has moved to the main screens. This deciding question is on Celebrities.
Charles: Which female singer married rapper Jay-Z in New York in 2008? Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles or Latoya Jackson?

Violet: I think its Beyonce. Kelly's his ex, right?

Larry: No idea. Beyonce?

Charles: And the answer was Beyonce Knowles. Therefore, the person in 3rd place and taking home nothing but pride is... LARRY!
Larry: Awwhh... No way!

Emily: Larry, very unlucky there. Did you think you could win it?
Larry: Emily, I knew that I wasn't going to do well on Celebrity subjects, and that was my downfall.
Emily: Okay. I would love to talk to you some more, but this is a live show, and we're running out of time. Emily is with the final 2, and has the prize results. See you after this final break!

Charles: With me is Violet and Natalie, both here waiting to here the amount of money that could be in their hands in the next 10 minutes. The final total from this series of GSM is... £51,000! Wow, a marvellous total. But which one of you will win it? Let's hit the QuizOff.
Emily: This final round is where Natalie and Violet fight in a best-of-five competition. Let's get started.

Charles: Natalie, as you got the most points you get to go first. Your first question is as followed:
Emily: Which European city is the Sistine Chapel located in?
Natalie: Rome.

Emily: That's correct. Violet, here's your question.
Charles: Which famous fizzy drinks brand bought into the Innocent Smoothie company earlier this year?
Violet: Erm... Ohh... I don't know. Lucozade?

Charles: I'm sorry, the answer was Coca-Cola. Hard question that was.
Emily: Natalie - you are one point ahead. You're second question, which US president died months before the end of World War Two?

Natalie: Wasn't it... Franklin or someone?

Emily: No, I'm very sorry. If Violet get's this wrong you will remain 1 point ahead though.
Charles: Violet, your question. Which U.S area was the most recent to become a state?

Violet: Is it, Hawaii?

Charles: Congratulations Violet - you're first point. You are tying with Natalie now.
Emily: Natalie. You're third question is: Which Christian church has the most followers?

Natalie: The... Catholic church?

Emily: Well done - that's correct. You are now leading 2-1.
Charles: Which European city is the Sistine Chapel located in?

Violet: Erm... Paris?

Charles: I'm sorry Violet - it was Rome.
Emily: Natalie, if you get this correct, you will win the title of GSM Champion. No pressure! What year did the soap Coronation Street start?

Natalie: 1960... Yes, 1960.

Emily: Natalie. I can now reveal that you have got that question... Correct! Congratulations!
Charles: That means, you have become GSM's first Champion, well done and we'll just go over to the screen area.
Emily: Violet, commiserations.

Violet: Thank you Emily.
Emily: Where do you think it went wrong?
Violet: I don't know, I just struggled in the QuizOff, and didn't do well with those questions. But I'm happy for Natalie. She deserved it, and these lights are amazing. But yes, Natalie was brilliant.
Emily: Well you've been a great competitor, and we're sorry we can't talk longer. Violet everyone! Thank you.

Charles: You're Champion everybody! Natalie, well done. What are you going to spend the money on?
Natalie: Oh, I have no idea. My daughter, or go on holiday or something.
Charles: Well, here's your cheque for £51,000! Congratulations.

Charles: Most importantly, did you enjoy your time here?
Natalie: Oh, definitely. It's been a hard journey, but it was great fun and I've made some good friends, especially Violet over there.
Charles: That's brilliant Natalie. Well now it's time to crown the champion.

Emily: Come on up here Natalie. You've already received the cheque, and now it's time for the fireworks! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Natalie!

Charles: Our 2009 Champion of Game, Set and Match!

Charles: As the fireworks ring out with Natalie celebrating, it's time for us to say goodnight. Have a great year, and we'll see you for the second series, next year. We'll be back, and we hope you will as well. Goodbye!
Emily: See you next time!