GSM Series 1: Episode 2 - Set Round

Charles: Hello and welcome to the second episode of Game, Set and Match. I'm Charles Warren...

Emily: And I'm Emily Stoner. In today's episode, we have just 1 round – the Set round. Each of the 6 remaining contestants will face our screen, with 30 numbers on it. Behind every number is a fact about a country, and once that fact is on screen, each of the contestants has to work out the country to win a point. After everyone has had one choice at the screen, we will reveal the 2 people on the lowest points and then the finalists for the first series of GSM!

Charles: Every point achieved in today's episode will add £1,000 to the prize fund, which currently stands at £21,000. But first, let's meet the final 6!

Charles: Natalie! A mother from Sussex.

Emily: Rory! A businessman from London. Rory only just made it through last episode.

Charles: Brenda! A retired secretary from Devon.

Emily: Violet! An office worker from Liverpool. She was unstoppable in the last episode.

Charles: Will! A student from Bournemouth. He scraped through last time.

Emily: And finally, Larry from South Wales. Our first competitor to hit the screen is Natalie.

Charles: So, Natalie, are you ready for this?

Natalie: Yes I am. I feel confident and positive about today.

Charles: Good! Let's hit the screen!

Charles: Choose your first number, between 1 and 30. The screen will then show a randomised fact about one of our 30 selected countries.

Natalie: 21 please.

Charles: This South American country built a brand new capital city in the 1950'and 60's.

Natalie: Brazil. I went there for my honeymoon.

Rory: No idea. Argentina?

Brenda: Brazil.

Violet: Erm, Brazil, I think.

Will: Chile?

Larry: Brazil, I went on holiday there.

Charles: Everyone, we'll find out the answers to the first 3 questions at the midpoint of this part, then the end answers after the 6 questions.

Emily: And then we'll remove the contestant who has the lowest score.

Emily: So Rory how do you think you'll do today?

Rory: I hope I can do well, I want to get through to the final and try and have a shot at winning.

Emily: Okay then - let's get started. Which number would you like first?

Rory: 6 please.

Emily: This country borders both Iraq and Greece.

Rory: Okay... I think it could be Turkey.

Natalie: Turkey.

Brenda: Turkey.

Violet: Turkey.

Will: Afghanistan?

Larry: No idea.

Emily: Okay. Now it's time for Brenda to choose the fact.

Charles: Brenda, which number would you like?

Brenda: 4 please.

Charles: Okay, the fact is: This European nation was the biggest shipbuilders in the world during the 19th century.

Brenda: What? That could be anyone… Scotland?

Natalie: England?

Rory: Ireland?

Violet: England?

Will: Ireland, I'd say.

Larry: Probably England. Most logical.


Emily: So, at the midpoint of this first part of today's episode, let's look at the scores.

The answer to Question 1 was Brazil, so Natalie, Brenda and Larry got that correct.

And the correct country for Question 2 was Turkey, meaning Natalie, Rory, Brenda and Violet know their Eurasian geography.

Finally, the result for Question 3 was England, so Natalie, Violet and Larry were correct that time. Here's the scores overall:

Emily: As you can see on the screen, Natalie cannot go out now after a perfect score while Brenda, Larry and Violet all look reasonably safe. Only Will has no points so far. Back to you.


Charles: Thanks for that Emily. Violet, you have done extremely well so far, if you get this correct, you are almost certain to go through.

Violet: No pressure then!

Charles: What number would you like then?

Violet: 16 please.

Charles: As you can see behind you, this country is the world's biggest democracy.

Violet: Must be India. Gotta be.

Natalie: Erm… America?

Rory: India, I'd say.

Brenda: India.

Will: China?

Larry: India, I think.


Emily: Will, you have got a lot of ground to make up, can you do it?

Will: If I get these 2 questions right, I have a chance, but it's not looking great.

Emily: Keep your hopes up, and pick a number.

Will: Number 29 then Emily.

Emily: The fact is: This country's capital city is Oslo.

Will: Norway?

Natalie: Erm… Sweden?

Rory: Denmark?

Brenda: Norway.

Violet: Norway.

Larry: Sweden?

Charles: Larry, you are the final contestant to face a question is this part of the show. Do you think you can go on and win this show?

Larry: I hope so, but I don't want to think anywhere ahead of today. If I do, I'll lose focus and might go out.

Charles: Let's choose a number then.

Larry: Can I have number 12 then Charles?

Charles: Of course.

Charles: This country occupied Austria during World War 2. What country is it Larry?

Larry: I'd say, Germany?

Charles: The boxes have been soundproofed; let's see what everyone else has to say into their microphones to the control room.

Natalie: Germany.

Rory: Russia?

Brenda: Germany.

Violet: Germany.

Will: France? I hate history…

Charles: Emily, what's the final score then?


Emily: Okay Charles. The final scores are:

Emily: Brenda 5. Natalie, Violet and Larry are all on 4 and so, the final 2 today, and 5th and 6th places respectively are…

Emily: WILL and RORY! Can you both join me and Charles on the main podium here and we will send you off, sadly without anything.

Charles: And I can also announce that the prize fund is now £41,000!!! And with the final round still ahead, the winner could win more than £50,000!

Emily: That's a life-changing sum of money. Will and Rory have now joined us, let's ask them a few questions.

Charles: So, Will. You struggled today, and only achieved one point overall. Why is that?

Will: I really hated geography at school, so I don't think this style of questions was right for me. I just generally had no idea on some of them. Very hard.

Charles: Have you enjoyed these past 2 episodes?

Will: Definitely, and I hope I helped the winner achieve their dreams too.

Charles: That's really nice of you Will. Thank you for being such a good competitor, and good luck with everything.

Emily: Rory, you were unlucky not to get an extra point or something in those last few questions, which would've got you out the drop zone. What would you have changed in today's round?

Rory: I think that I would've tried to use my common sense more, as some of the questions I got wrong, were quite simple.

Emily: Well, thank you for being a great member of our team today, and we should see you soon!

Emily: That wraps up today's episode – we'll see you next time for more, GSM! Good night!

Charles: Don't miss the LIVE final, where Natalie, Brenda, Violet and Larry will all fight it out for at least £41,000! See you there.