GSM Series 1: Episode 1 - Game Round

Charles: Hello and welcome to Game, Set and Match for the first of a 3 episode series! I'm Charles Warren...

Emily: And I'm Emily Stoner. Let's get right to it – let's look at what's ahead in today's episode.

Charles: Today we have the Game part, where 8 contestants compete in 2 rounds, first a Topical Quiz, where the 8 competitors choose a topic from the options on the screen, and then answer the questions, from their soundproof rooms. There are 8 questions in this round available to each person. The 2 with the lowest scores go out. Then we have a Rapid Round where the final 6 go up against each other in 3 questions, 1 point a question.

Charles: Here are our 8 competitors! Starting with, Freddy! A shop worker from Lancashire!

Emily: Natalie! A mother from Sussex!

Charles: Rory! A businessman from London!

Emily: Brenda! A retired secretary from Devon!

Charles: Asha! A student from Hampshire!

Emily: Violet! An office worker from Liverpool!

Charles: Will! Another student, from Bournemouth!

Emily: And Larry, a former coal worker from Wales! So, that's our 8 competitors for this series, let's get down to business.

Charles: For the first round, the 8 will need to use their brains to get through and raise the prize fund too. So, let's get started with the Topical Quiz!

Emily: Here's the first question. Freddy, you get to choose this one, and temporarily we have removed the soundproofing from your box. Your choices of topics are Nature, or International Events. What will you choose?

Freddy: Nature please.

Charles: What species of bug carries malaria in its body? A fly, a beetle, a mosquito or a ladybird?

Freddy: Mosquito.

Natalie: Fly?

Rory: Mosquito.

Brenda: Mosquito.

Asha: A beetle?

Violet: Mosquito.

Will: Fly I think...

Larry: Mosquito, sure of it!

Charles: The correct answer was mosquito. Only Asha, Will and Natalie got that wrong. These 3 are in the drop zone. The prize fund is £2,500.

Emily: Question 2 - English History, or Cities? Natalie, your turn to choose.

Natalie: Cities please.

Emily: Okay, what city is the capital of Australia? Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or Victoria?

Freddy: I know this one, it's Sydney.

Natalie: I went there on holiday! Canberra!

Rory: Victoria? Never been there myself...

Brenda: Canberra.

Asha: Melbourne!

Violet: Canberra.

Will: Canberra.

Larry: Canberra Charles.

Emily: I'm sorry Freddy, Rory and Asha – the correct answer is Canberra. The prize fund is £5,000 and the scores now are...

Charles: Brenda, Violet and Larry are on 2. Will, Natalie, Freddy and Rory are all on 1 point, and all remain in the drop zone with Asha on 0 points.

Emily: Question 3, and Rory's turn to choose – Sport or Films?

Rory: I used to work in a movie store, so can I have Films please?

Emily: Ok. What was the name of the latest Bond film, starring Daniel Craig? Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace, Solver or Silverfin?

Freddy: Quantum of Solace.

Natalie: Quantum of Solace Charles!

Rory: Quantum of Solace?

Brenda: Erm... Casino Royale?

Asha: Quantum of Solace. Yay! One I know!

Violet: The Quantum one...

Will: Quantum of Solace.

Larry: Quantum of Solace – my son went to see it at the cinema.

Emily: Well done, that's another point to everybody, except Brenda. Charles?

Charles: That means that Violet and Larry lead on 3. So, Will, Natalie, Freddy, Rory and Brenda are on 2 points and the prize fund is now £8,500. with Asha trailing on 1 point now.

Emily: Question 4, for Brenda now. Books or Geography?

Brenda: Geography Emily.

Emily: What country is the biggest in the world? Russia, Brazil, USA or China?

Freddy: China?

Natalie: Russia?

Rory: Brazil!

Brenda: Russia.

Asha: China?

Violet: Russia.

Will: America!

Larry: China...

Emily: Lots of different answers there, lets see how that effects the scoring. The prize fund is now £10,000.

Charles: The field is spreading out now – Violet is on 4, Natalie, Larry and Brenda are on 3 points, but Freddy, Rory and Will are in the drop zone with Asha.

Emily: Asha, here are your options – Science or General Knowledge?

Asha: I'm bad at science – General Knowledge please.

Charles: Okay. What city is the European Capital of Culture this year? Paris, Manchester, Munich or Liverpool?

Freddy: Paris?

Natalie: Manchester.

Rory: Liverpool?

Brenda: Liverpool.

Asha: Munich???

Violet: Liverpool.

Will: Paris?

Larry: Manchester.

Emily: So, only Rory and the unstoppable Violet got that right. The total fund is now £11,000.

Charles: Violet is on 5, Natalie, Larry, Rory and Brenda are on 3, but Freddy, Will and Asha are now even closer to leaving empty-handed. Violet cannot go out now.

Emily: Now it's Violet's turn to choose. Your choice is European News or the 19th century.

Violet: 19th century please.

Emily: What country were Queen Victoria's ancestors born in? Germany, Iceland, France or Australia?

Freddy: Germany.

Natalie: Germany.

Rory: France.

Brenda: Germany.

Asha: France?

Violet: Germany.

Will: Germany.

Larry: Germany.

Emily: A strong round for most contenders. Only Rory and Asha got that wrong. The prize fund is now £14,000.

Charles: Let's look at the drop zone now. Asha, sadly your now out, but can contribute to the prize fund. Rory, Freddy and Will are on 3 points and in danger still.

Emily: Now Will, it's you turn to choose. North America or Television?

Will: TV please.

Charles: What reality show was bought back to TV by Sky1, with the catchphrase: “Contender Ready?” This is not a multi-choice question.

Freddy: Gladiators.

Natalie: Gladiators.

Rory: Gladiators.

Brenda: Don't know...

Asha: Gladiators.

Violet: Contenders? Don't know that one.

Will: Gladiators.

Larry: No idea.

Emily: Brenda, Violet and Larry got that one wrong. The prize fund with 1 question left in this round is now £16,500.

Charles: The drop zone remains the same – Rory, Freddy and Will are now on 4 points. Whoever gets this wrong is out.

Emily: The final question will be chosen by Larry. General News or Landmarks?

Larry: Landmarks please.

Emily: Certainly. What country was the Statue of Liberty made in? America, Canada, England or France?

Freddy: America.

Natalie: America, it's obvious.

Rory: France.

Brenda: France!

Asha: America.

Violet: France.

Will: France.

Larry: France.

Charles: That has shown us who's leaving right now. Asha, Natalie and Freddy got that wrong, meaning that Freddy, you are out.


Charles: Thank you for joining us tonight Asha and Freddy – sadly it's your time to leave. Good night.

Charles: Now the 2nd round, Rapid Round. It's time for the final 6 contestants to get more money in the prize fund pot, quickly. Emily?

Emily: Hello and welcome to the Rapid Wall, where we have the first Rapid Round. Natalie, Rory, Brenda, Violet, Will and Larry, please make your way to the Wall.

Emily: 3 topics will be chosen at random, and you must each choose 1 of these topics to answer – the most popular topic will be chosen. This will be done 3 times.

Emily: The first topics are: Science, Geography or Travel? Please vote now.

Emily: The votes are in... Travel has 3 votes; Geography has 2 votes, and Science 1 vote. Here's the question, on the screen:

Emily: What country is home to the Dead Sea? Israel, Libya or Egypt?

Emily: Vote A, B or C and choose the answer you think is right. Green for A, Red for B, Yellow for C. The screen will then show the correct answer.

Emily: The screen says A! Therefore Natalie, Rory, Brenda and Will all got that right. The prize fund is now £18,500.

Emily: The topics to choose are now: World News, Sport or General Knowledge? Please vote now.

Emily: The votes are in... Sport has 2 votes; General Knowledge has 1 vote, but World News has 3 votes. Here's the 2nd question, on the screen:

Emily: Which Middle-Eastern city did British forces stop their military activity in, and hand over control to American troops? Kuwait, Baghdad or Basra?

Emily: Vote A, B or C again, to choose your answer. Green for A, Red for B, Yellow for C. Vote now.

Emily: The screen says C! Therefore Natalie, Larry, Brenda and Violet all got that right. The prize fund is now £20,500.

Emily: The final topics are World Weather, Europe or General History.

Emily: Here are the votes: 1 for World Weather, 4 for Europe, and 1 for General History. And now the question:

Emily: What Mediterranean island joined the Euro zone last year? Serbia, Cyprus or Crete?

Emily: Time to vote A, B or C!

Emily: The answer is... B! That means that only Violet got that right – the total is now £21,000. That's all from the Wall tonight. Back to Charles.

Charles: Well, a brilliant first episode of Game, Set and Match today. We've lost 2 competitors, and the winner is already guaranteed £21,000.

Charles: Next time, in the Set round, we have a Special Quiz – with 40 facts, 40 countries, but only 4 places in the final. Don't miss it!

Emily: See you next time!

Charles: Good night!