Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 12 - Lead Us


Man: (In Japanese) Excuse me? Mrs? Mrs?
Woman: (In Japanese) Yes?
Man: Can I interest you in one of our delicious meals this evening?
Woman: No thank you.
Man: Are you sure we've got amazing new sushi and -

Woman: No. Thank you though.

Shiro: Look I'm sorry about my mum but I can watch her twenty four hours a day if I have to serve tables.
Katashi: I don't care! I'm getting sick of it Shiro! She's pulled down the curtain rack and ate everything in the fridge! I've got the other gang members coming down later.
Shiro: I'm sorry alright? I'll make sure she doesn't do it again.
Katashi: Yeah you best hadn't! And how is the progress going on you stealing from your fathers estate?
Shiro: I'm working on it!
Katashi: Well hurry the hell up! I'm off, gotta pay Mr. Tanakara a visit, he hasn't paid the interest he owes me.
Shiro: Don't hurt him -
Katashi: What?
Shiro: I mean - don't hurt him. He'll pay up eventually.
Katashi: What I choose to do is nothing to do with you Oyama, now get back to serving tables and sort your crazy mother out.
Shiro: Okay.

Katashi: As soon as I get my hands on his money he'll be getting popped in his skull.

Katashi: What the!?

Katashi: OMPH!

Man: Oh my goodness! Call an ambulance!
Woman: Is he alright?
Man: Call the police - don't waste time with an ambulance, he was dead the minute he hit the floor.

5th July 1991:

Anarka: Whoo! Go on Shiro!

Shiro: YES!
Announcer: And that's another goal from Shiro Oyama! That boys only been on the team for two weeks and he's already provided seven out of the ten goals his team has scored so far!


Anarka: You were fantastic!
Yuriko: Yeah Shiro, you were really good.
Shiro: Man force you to come did she?
Yuriko: (Laughs) Yeah. But you were really good.
Shiro: Thanks Yuriko.
Man: I enjoyed it too.

Shiro: Oh my god - Father! You came!
Takahiro: I sure did son, how about we go get some dinner? Just the two of us?
Shiro: Yeah! I'd love that dad.
Takahiro: Excellent, I'll see you guys at home.
Anarka: Have fun my darlings.

Shiro: This is great dad, thanks so much.
Takahiro: You're welcome son, I'm just sorry that me and you can't have a better relationship.
Shiro: Oh - dad we get along fine.
Takahiro: But fine isn't enough. We should do more things together. I'm sorry my work means that I'm away all the time. I'm sorry.
Shiro: Dad, you don't have to explain. Mum and Yuriko always tell me that the work you do is extremely important.
Takahiro: It is son, it really is.
Shiro: Will you be able to come to the quarter final match next week?
Takahiro: Oh - oh mate I'm not too sure about that one.
Shiro: Please dad.
Takahiro: Alright, I'll try my hardest son.

Present Day:

The Chambers Island:

Johnny: Hey you.
Lucy: Hey you.
Johnny: How are you feeling?
Lucy: I'm alright - bit of morning sickness but that's a good sign at least right? What day is that nurse woman coming to check on me?
Johnny: Today. That's why I'm getting you ready to take you to the meeting point we suggested.
Lucy: Alright - I'm getting up.
Johnny: Good.
Lucy: What was her name again? The nurse who came to check up on me.
Johnny: Err - Alexandra!

Alexandra: You really are a son of a bitch.
James: I'm not sure I approve of that tone.
Alexandra: I ask you to bring my brother and his wife here and you bring me the wife and not my brother!?
James: Aren't you pleased she's here safe at least?
Alexandra: Well - yes - but I wanted my brother more than anything!
James: You shouldn't of threatened me then Alex. I don't take easy to threats.
Alexandra: She hasn't even woke up since you brought her here, how much sleeping dose did you give her?
James: Enough to make sure she'd be out for the trip here - and as you know the trip is very long, this place isn't easy to find.
Alexandra: Yeah thanks for your geography! I just want to know when she's going to wake up.
Isabelle: Huh? Where am I?
James: Think that would be now.
Alexandra: Goodbye James.
James: Have fun!

Alexandra: How are you feeling?
Isabelle: What is this place? What am I - oh my god! Alex! ALEXANDRA! It's you!
Alexandra: Well I'm glad you're pleased to see me!
Isabelle: I cannot believe this!

Isabelle: Me and Pierre have been searching for you for years ever since you went missing. He never gave up! He refused too! And I've found you!
Alexandra: Easy Izzy, careful on my neck.
Isabelle: Sorry! Wait - where am I? The last thing I remember I was at the hospital...

Alexandra: Oh - about that. I had you brought here.
Isabelle: You had me brought here? Where is "here"?
Alexandra: I asked for you and Pierre to be brought to this place but the jackass guy in charge only brought you to annoy me!
Isabelle: Where have I been taken too? What the hell is this place?
Alexandra: It's an Island, a hidden one. It's called the Chambers Island - its owned by a man called Samuel Chambers, he’s the leader of the Chambers Initiative.
Isabelle: The what?
Alexandra: The Chambers Initiative, their sole purpose is take down an organization called Areas of Research.
Isabelle: Areas of Research? Where have I heard that before?

Alexandra: They're the organization that kidnapped me.


Shiro: Noboru can you do three steaks please? That fat guys back again.
Shiro: What the!?

Shiro: Nanami what's wrong? Calm down!
Nanami: Katashi's been killed - hit and run! He's dead!
Shiro: You're kidding!?
Nanami: Does it look like I'm joking!?
Shiro: Oh god - what are we gonna do?
Nanami: We have to get the gang together - I'll do that, I'll meet you at Katashi's house in thirty minutes.
Shiro: Right!

Shiro: Mother - I've got some people coming over soon will you be okay if you stay in our room for a - Mother? MOTHER!
Anarka: What's this do again Shiro?
Shiro: That's the phone! PUT IT DOWN!
Anarka: But I like all the buttons!
Shiro: Mother you look tired, why don't you go have a sleep okay?
Anarka: Sleep sounds good.
Shiro: Alright then Mother, go and have a lie down!
Anarka: And I'll dream about the butterflies.
Shiro: Yes - you can dream about the butterflies.

13th July 2001:

Shiro: Mother, I'm ready to get going. Mother? Mother!

Anarka: Oh - sorry sweetheart was just looking at this butterfly is all, beautiful insects they are. Did you know this is the Japanese weatherflower butterfly? Very rare, yet there seems to be a few of them round here.
Shiro: That's great mum, can we just get going?
Anarka: Of course son, sorry.

Shiro: Dads not gonna make it is he?
Anarka: You don't know that, it means a lot to him when he watches you play. He'll make it.

A few hours later:

Shiro: Knew he wouldn't come...
Buddy? Shiro? Your mother said you refuse to come home - its freezing and pouring down son. You should come home.

Shiro: Forget it dad - you obviously didn't wanna come.
Takahiro: That's not true! I really tried to get here - I really did. I had to take the later flight because something came up!
Shiro: Yeah I know, and your work is very important.
Takahiro: It is son but...
Shiro: More important than me huh?
Takahiro: No! No! Never! Nowhere near as important as you and Yuriko and your mother.
Shiro: Then why did you miss my match!?
Takahiro: Shiro - please. I'm trying to do my best here.
Shiro: Well try harder!

Takhiro: Shiro! Come on son! Can't we talk this through?
Shiro: No!

Present Day - China:

Nurse: Mr. Langerek, we think your mothers ready to go soon.
Terry: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Terry: Mother - how are you feeling?
Linda: I'm dying, so I feel swell.
Terry: Sorry, that was a stupid question.
Linda: You're telling me?
Terry: I'm so sorry mum - for everything... everything I've put you through over the years. The fact you had to go into hiding over me.
Linda: You've suffered more than I have Terry.
Terry: How can you say that?
Linda: You know you have, you lost everything that mattered to you because of Leonard Barrett.
Terry: About him - you know I was thinking of quitting the Chambers Initiative.

Linda: Son, if you do that I am going to haunt you from beyond the grave and drag you down to hell do you understand?
Terry: But Mum - I do such terrible things.
Linda: No - Barrett does terrible things, you kill his men - that doesn't make you bad.
Terry: Do two wrongs make a right?
Linda: In this case - yes. I knew you'd have second thoughts about this. You're one of the top agents Chambers has left, he's a good man Terry and he needs you. Paul Cole's dead -
Terry: And that was my fault.
Linda: No! It wasn't! Look son - I love you so much, we've had our differences over the years... and we've put each other through a lot but I need you to know that being an agent for the Chambers Initiative just shows what a good man you've become - your father would be so proud Terry, he really would.

Terry: Oh mum you don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that.
Linda: You don't need me to say that Terry. You've known all along - after - after I've gone... you need to head back and carry on with Chambers' orders alright? You're needed for the good of man kind Terry, please carry on.
Terry: I will mum, I will.
Linda: I love you...

Terry: Oh mother...


Parker: How's Jasmine?
Julie: She's not talking to me, she's just lying on her bed. You got all the bodies into body bags I see.
Parker: Yeah.
Julie: What are we gonna do Parker? How is it possible than nobody heard the gunshots and explosions from what happened?
Parker: Everybody's in town because of the performing arts festival. That's why Areas of Research picked today to attack.
Julie: You know I'm going to join back up as an agent right?

Parker: I thought you promised Paul when he was dying that you wouldn't?
Julie: I promised him to keep Leon and Jasmine safe, and because I've always been too bloody soft to not kill anybody Leon was taken, right in front of my eyes. They've got him - and I will get him back.
Parker: We'll find him Julie, Chambers will make getting Leon back safe a main priority.
Julie: I know - that's why I'm joining back up. I'm getting my son back, and this time I am going to kill.


Shiro: So what's next?
Nanami: I don't know, Katashi was our leader - he knew exactly what to do no matter the situation.
Hayate: Yeah but seeing as he's just being rammed to death by a car I don't think he's in the fit state to tell us to do anything.
Nanami: We've got to tell the others, something. They're weaker than we are - if we don't tell them what to do then our whole gang will disband and break apart. We've been ruling these streets for years, we can't let it happen.
Man: That's why you need me...

Nanami: Sir, you're here it's an honor to see you again.
Hideyoshi: Let me get this straight - because Katashi has been killed you're all confused about what you have to do next!? When I put this gang together back in '76 I didn't know this would be the reaction just because something with high authority dies!
Hayate: But Sir, who will be your number two? With Katashi gone...
Hideyoshi: Shiro will be leading you all now.
Shiro: What!? Me.
Hideyoshi: Yes, you.
Hayate: Bur Sir - Katashi took years to even get Shiro into the gang... but for him to become leader!? Katashi was going to kill Shiro the minute we got hands on his fathers money.
Shiro: What!?

Hideyoshi: That proved to be Katashi's downfall then didn't it? His arrogance. Now alot of people are going to be celebrating about Katashi's death tonight, he's been running the streets for how he saw fit for the past eleven years! But we need to show them that our gang is still strong - that just because he's dead doesn't mean we lose what we stand for? Understand?

Woman: That was fantastic, was lovely infact. Brought a tear to my eye.
Hideyoshi: Who the hell are you?



Woman: Pfft, call themselves a gang.
Shiro: What - who are you!?
Woman: Oh sorry Shiro, didn't introduce myself. The names Dawn Cassidy.

Dawn: I've been sent to come and collect you.

24th August 2006:

Takahiro: Hey son.
Shiro: Hi.
Takahiro: Just had a kick around huh?
Shiro: Yeah.
Takahiro: Can we go take a seat? I'd like to have a chat...
Shiro: Alright.

Takahiro: So how have things been? I've heard you and your mother are getting on better recently.
Shiro: Yeah.
Takahiro: That's good... so have you carried on with your football?
Shiro: Not really.
Takahiro: Come on man, throw me a bone here. I'm trying to make some effort.
Shiro: For once.
Takahiro: That's not fair, I didn't have time to come back here today but I did!
Shiro: Well done, want me to buy you a "worlds best dad" mug?
Takahiro: I just spoke with Yuriko - I promised that I'd take you all away soon. On holiday, all four of us.
Shiro: I won't be going...

Takahiro: Shiro! Hey! Shiro!

Present Day:

Shiro: I - I don't understand. Why haven't you killed me?
Dawn: Because unlike them you're not evil, you don't belong with them and didn't I just say that I needed you?

Anarka: Shiro?

Dawn: Sorry I was longer than I said I would be Mrs. Oyama, it took me a while to find a car big enough to ensure it would kill Katashi when I took him down.

Anarka: No problem Dawn, thank you for coming. It's appreciated.


Pierre: What do you mean my wife is missing? How can she just be gone!?
Nurse: Mr. Duguét please! Calm down! We've got the most senior doctors at the hospital and police looking into it!
Pierre: How could she just be missing!?
Nurse: We don't know how it happened! The CCTV footage was taken - it was a huge operation to break your wife out of here.
Pierre: Was anybody else taken from the hospital?
Nurse: No - no Sir, just her.
Pierre: I can't believe this... first my sister and now my wife!
Nurse: Rest assured Sir we're doing everything we can to find her!

The Chambers Island

Isabelle: I cannot believe this - why wasn't Pierre brought here with me?
Alexandra: Because the man in charge of this Island only decided to bring one of you here because I threatened him to bring you both... if he had brought both of you here after I had tried to threaten him then it would of made him look weak or easy to control. He basically wanted to show me that he was in charge... I should of known better.
Isabelle: Why did you threaten him!?
Alexandra: Because I wanted to make sure you were both brought here! And saved!
Isabelle: Saved from what?
Alexandra: When you brought here you were injected with something.
Isabelle: With what?

Alexandra: It will save you from a virus which the organization that kidnapped me  tested on me in France have created - when they release it soon it's estimated that three fourths of the world population will die.
Isabelle: No - no! Pierre, he'd die!
Alexandra: I know - that's why I tried to bring you both here!
Isabelle: I can't believe this! The whole worlds going to die and you're all just sat here doing nothing.
Alexandra: That isn't true - the man who owns this Island, Samuel Chambers, is a great man he's the founder of the Chambers Initiative, it's sole purpose is take down the Areas of Research! A massive operation is underway to try and stop them from doing this! But locating where they will release the virus from is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Isabelle: I can't believe this!
Alexandra: Izzy - Izzy come back!
Isabelle: Just give me five bloody minutes to myself Alex!

Isabelle: I... oh...
Saskia: That's it sweetheart, walk - come on - walk!

Saskia: That's it! That's it! Oh mummy’s so proud of you! I love you honey!
Angel: Mummy!

Excuse me... are you alright?
Isabelle: I was just brought here - my husband... he's still in France... he's been left behind!
Saskia: I'm sorry. Would you like to come in? I've recently just came here myself. We can have a talk.
Isabelle: I'm pregnant - the doctors told me that the baby survived - even after I was shot - I didn't even have a chance to tell him about it...

Saskia: Oh - oh dear...


(In English)
Shiro: Where are we going? What is going on?
Dawn: Just follow us Shiro, we don't have time to talk...
Shiro: Have you been lying all this time Mother? Pretending to be sick? Pretending to be crazy?
Anarka: I did not have a choice.
Shiro: What do you mean you had no choice!?
Dawn: If she hadn't of pretended to be insane then they would of captured and tortured her for information on your father - she might even of died!
Shiro: Who!? Who would of done that!?
Dawn: Shiro - please. I will explain everything to you when we're somewhere safe.
Anarka: You gonna do a tip off?
Dawn: Yeah, I'm gonna have too.

Shiro: What is she doing?
Anarka: Calling the police.

Dawn: Today I killed ten members of the gang who have caused murder and destroyed the lives of hundreds of people. The ten people I killed were all senior members of the gang, now that they're gone the other members will be forced to disband. Don't try looking for me to give me a reward. I took pleasure in killing the low life scum.

Shiro: I do not understand - you only killed nine?
Dawn: The whole reason I did the tip off Shiro is to stop the deaths being led back to you. So by saying I killed ten people -
Shiro: They will think I have been killed too.
Dawn: Yes.

5th September 2006:

Shiro: Mother, sorry I'm in a little later than I said I would be but the cars playing up again. Mother?

Shiro: Oh my god! MOTHER!

Shiro: Mother what happened? Have you took pills, why did you do this to yourself?
Anarka: (Cries) Because the man I love is gone.
Shiro: What? Mother I -
Anarka: It's your father Shiro...

Anarka: He's been murdered.

A week later:

Shiro: I thought I'd find you here, come home - I don't like to be alone.
Yuriko: I don't want to go anywhere Shiro. I want to stay with Father.   
Shiro: But he's dead Yuriko -
Yuriko: I know, but he's still here.
Shiro: He got a big turn out for his funeral, I really needed you there.
Yuriko: I hate funerals, I wouldn't of been able to cope with the service Shiro. I would of done something stupid.
Shiro: Mother wasn't allowed to the service.
Yuriko: I thought the hospital was going to let her come to his funeral?
Shiro: They said no because she's beginning to show signs of worrying denial and depression.
Yuriko: What's happened to us Shiro? We were all so happy, and now Fathers dead and Mothers in hospital.
Shiro: It was never perfect anyway.

Yuriko: Excuse me?
Shiro: Come on Yuriko, you know it never has been. We've always been messed up - we won't even notice that he's gone because he never bothered to come and see us anyway -

Shiro: OW!
Shiro: It's the truth! He was always too absorbed with his job!
Shiro: I -
Shiro: Whatever, I'm going home now anyway.


Later that night:

Man: Just take the TV. Hurry up!
Man: Will you relax? I'm doing everything I can!

Shiro: What are you doing?
Katashi: We're robbing you. And I'm afraid because you've seen us that I'm gonna have to kill you.
Shiro: You're one of the gang members aren't you? The ones who hate rich people and everything to do with them?
Katashi: That's right. Whilst you get to live her comfortably other people are struggling to get by yet you sit here in your big old mansions without a care in the world.
Shiro: I hate my family, I want nothing to do with them.
Katashi: What are you saying?

Shiro: I want to join you.

Present Day:

Shiro: I'm - I'm sorry Mum... for everything, I really am.
Anarka: Do not worry about it Shiro. We have to get out of this country.
Shiro: Why?
Dawn: Cause I've got some recruiting to do.