Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 9 - Swiftways

March 2nd 2008 - Kent UK:

Johnny: I can't believe it's been a year. I miss you so much.

Johnny: Thanks for picking me up Warren.
Warren: Not a problem man. How did it go? Are you alright?
Johnny: Yeah I'm fine - thank you.
Warren: I'm your mate, it's what I'm here for. I've also got a surprise for you -
Johnny: Oh?
Warren: I booked all of us in for a small cruise - we get the whole ship too ourselves. I made a deal with a company called 'Swiftways', they specialize in private cruises.
Johnny: Ah Warren, I don't know.
Warren: I don't care what you say man - I'm making you come. I've invited the whole group and some of my other friends too. This might seem a little insensitive at the time but there's a really nice girl who wants to meet you, she's lovely Johnny honestly.
Johnny: Are you being serious? I've just came from a gravesite mourning for somebody I loved and you're trying to fix me up with someone?

Warren: No! Not at all! Even if you don't want anything to happen she still would make a great friend! I know I'm not the best person to speak too...
Johnny: You're a doctor Warren, you should be.
Warren: I know but I'm just not. Plus this girl is the whole reason we get to go on the cruise - her mothers a chief executive at Swiftways!
Johnny: (Sighs) Fine. I'm up for it.
Warren: Wahey! Good man! We set sail on Wednesday!
Johnny: Cool. What's this girls name again?
Warren: Lucy.

Present Day:

Johnny: (Mumbling) Lucy - Lucy...
Nita: Johnny please wake up! Wake up!
Johnny: Hmmph? Nita? What's going on?
Nita: We were attacked! I've just woken up! Don't you remember?
Johnny: Lucy! Lucy where is she -
Nita: I don't know where she is...

Nita: She's not here Johnny...

Nita: We need to get back to camp!
Johnny: But Lucy - what about Lucy!?
Nita: She's not here Johnny, we can't just wait here to see if she turns up we've gotta go and check on the other guys!
Johnny: The other guys?
Nita: All of our friends!
Johnny: Why?
Nita: Use your brain Johnny! If us three were attacked then it's likely they all have been too!
Johnny: But Lucy -
Nita: What can we do Johnny!? She's not here, she'll be able to find her way back anyway! Where ever she is! Now come on! We've gotta go make sure everyone else is alright!

Wednesday 5th March 2008:

Johnny: Hey Suzie!
Suzie: Hiya Johnny - you excited?
Johnny: A little bit yeah, should be good! Is Sarah ready?
Suzie: (Laughs) Do you not know your cousin at all?
Johnny: I'll take that as a no then.
Suzie: Come in.
Johnny: Where's my Auntie?
Suzie: She's in the living room I think, but you may not wanna go in there.
Johnny: Why not?

Beth: Oh - Johnny. Hi.
Johnny: Hey- Mum.
Beth: You alright?
Johnny: Yeah, fine.
Beth: Err, have - have a nice trip!
Johnny: Thank you.
Beth: Anyway I'll see you all later...
Johnny: Ok, bye.
Suzie: Bye Miss Smith!
Beth: Goodbye Suzie.

Suzie: Man that was slightly awkward...
Johnny: Just a little bit.
Suzie: Your Auntie really does wish you and your mother would make up.
Johnny: I just can't forgive her Suzie. She kept my father from me for years just because he was a mechanic! I don't want to be back on speaking terms with her anytime soon.
Suzie: I see your point - that's fair.
Johnny: Anyway - (raises voice) Sarah hurry the hell up! We don't wanna be late!

Suzie: Thanks for giving us a lift down to the boat Johnny. I past my driving test but I just have no confidence on the road...
Johnny: (Laughs) Don't mention it.
Sarah: Yeah and thanks for dragging me out of the bathroom before all my makeup was even done!
Johnny: Don't you mention it either!
Suzie: This should be a really good trip eh?
Johnny: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. We could all use a break.
Sarah: I know I could.
Johnny: Yeah - it's hard being unemployed, you deserve a more relaxing time.
Sarah: Shut up.
Johnny: Ah here we are.
Suzie: Ooh it's so exciting!

Franny: I'm really sorry Mr. and Mrs. Cole but the ship is reserved for the next three weeks.
Paul: There must be some mistake - I'm sure I rented this thing!
Julie: Oh just when I get my hopes up for a trip (laughs).
Paul: Julie Hon, please - I'll settle this. Mrs. Hughs with all due respect I'm positive I hired this boat!
Franny: I'm sorry Mr. Cole but there is no reference to that in our computer or any paperwork.
Paul: Oh - there must of been some mistake.
Franny: Possibly.
Julie: Don't worry about it! Is there any other ships we can rent out?
Franny: There are a few Swiftway ships other than this one of course - if you'd follow me.
Paul: Cheers.
Julie: Thank you very much!

Warren: Hey guys!
Chad: Wassup all!
Johnny: Hey Warren - hey Chad. Warren you know my cousin and her best friend.
Warren: Sure, good to see you again girls.
Suzie: Likewise.
Sarah: You too! Very much so.
(Suzie giggles)
Johnny: Chad, this is my cousin Sarah and her best friend Suzie!
Chad: Which one's your cousin?
Warren: (Sighs).
Suzie: Dumbass.

Present Day:

Johnny: Nita - I don't understand. Why would they attack us? We've done nothing to them!
Nita: I'm not sure what they did was technically attacking us if I think about it.
Johnny: What!? How can you say that?
Nita: We're both unharmed right? I feel fine! Do you feel fine?
Johnny: Well - yeah.
Nita: I don't know what they shot us with but I don't somehow think it was poisen or bullets.
Johnny: If you don't think this was a form of attack then where the hell is Nita?
Nita: I - I don't know. But I still think this wasn't meant as a harmful attack.

Nita: Oh - oh my god.
Johnny: You still think that Nita?

(Knock on the door)
James: Come on in.

Scott: Pardon our interruption Sir.
James: Not at all you two. Come on in, come on in.
Scott: Thank you.
James: Is it done? Did you do it?

Scott: We did indeed Sir.
James: Good I'm glad it's all worked out well. I hope they don't take it too badly...
Scott: Well I don't think they'll be happy to be perfectly honest with you.
James: No I suppose not but we did the right thing. Now anyway - if I could please get back to work I'm awaiting an important phone call.
Scott: Of course Sir.
Alexandra: Actually James, do you mind if I can have a quick word?
James: Alright, a quick one. That will be all Scott.
Scott: Thank you Sir.

James: What is it Alex?
Alexandra: Sir, I know what's soon approaching and I want you to do me one favour.
James: You being given the cure is not good enough for you?
Alexandra: I don't care if I live or die, but there are people - two to be precise who I do care about. I want them brought here.
James: I'm afraid I can't do that.
Alexandra: Why the hell not? You've got new people flying in later today!
James: I know but that was approved by Samuel Chambers himself...
Alexandra: James - please!

James: Alright, I'll see what I can do.

Wednesday 5th March 2008:

James: You're really good at this Layla. So good in fact that it almost scares me.
Layla: Well I've become good.
James: I'll say. I was a fair player myself at my high school - I wouldn't of been such a good player at your age!
Layla: I was the best in my class with science and math’s.
James: I know sweetheart and that is -
Layla: Before you forced us to move to this stinking hell hole.
James: I've told you once young lady we're lucky to be here.
Layla: Lucky? I wouldn't call it that...
James: You might not know why now love but you will.

Scott: James - do you mind if I have a quick word?
James: Sorry Scott but I'm having a game of chess with -
Layla: Not anymore...

Layla: Checkmate dad.

Scott: Quite a fair player your girl.
James: She certainly is, she's extremely intelligent.
Scott: Must be proud.
James: Indeed. Now what it is you want Scott? I was meant to be having a day with my family - my wife will not be happy.
Scott: I'm sure Harriet will understand.
James: What is it you wanted Scott?

Scott: Remember the Areas of Research testing facility in France?
James: Yes I thought Chambers sent a team out to destroy it like we did with the one in Bulgaria.
Scott: We did but by the time any Chambers Initiative agents had got there to blow the place up it was in ruins, they must of got word we were coming cause they self-destructed the facility themselves.
James: Good god! What about the testing subjects they worked on?
Scott: All died in the explosion when Areas of Research blew it up.
James: Animals!
Scott: Except one - and here she is.

James: Who are you?
Woman: (In French) Please! Please! I mean no harm! I don't understand what's going on! (In Italian) Do you understand Italian? I can speak Italian!
James: (In French) Do not panic my love, you're safe now - you're with friends. What is your name?

Alexandra! Alexandra Duguét!

Present Day:

Johnny: Oh my god - no! Are they dead?
Nita: They can't be - we're not dead after all!
Johnny: Oh please let them be alright - check on Rachel! I'll check on Suzie.
Nita: Alright.

Johnny: Suzie - Suzie honey... wake up! Suzie...
Suzie: Hmm? Johnny?
Johnny: You're alright love! You're okay! Do you remember what happened?
Suzie: We - we were attacked!
Johnny: I know! Me, Nita and Lucy were too.
Suzie: Are you alright?
Johnny: Me and Nita feel fine... but we can't find Lucy anywhere.
Suzie: What?
Johnny: She just vanished after we woke up. Can you stand?
Suzie: Yeah - yeah I can.
Johnny: Alright, good!

Nita: Johnny - everyone's fine, well except -
Rachel: Argh... why is everything spinning?
Glen: I feel really giddy too.
Johnny: We all did when we woke up - where's Sarah and Warren?
Nita: They're getting a drink of water, they're alright too. But Johnny -
Johnny: And you three feel alright?
Glen and Rachel: Yeah.
Suzie: Been better...
Nita: Johnny!
Johnny: Sorry Nita, what is it?
Nita: It's Robert, he's not breathing!
Johnny: No!

Johnny: Robert! Robert - are you alright? Come on buddy - wake up! Please wake up!
Robert: I - I feel like my tongue is swelling!
Johnny: Oh god what's happened to you!? Suzie - run and get some water!
Suzie: Sure! Right away!
Johnny: Come on Robert, hang in there - come on!
Robert: I - I can't breathe Johnny.
Johnny: No - Robert! Please! I can't have enough death! I can't burry another friend.
Robert: I'm so grateful for everything you've done Johnny, thank you. I - I -
Johnny: Robert?
Rachel: Oh no! Not Robert! Please not Robert!

Johnny: No... no!

Thursday 6th March 2008:

Warren: We've been out at sea for a day now, enjoying it?
Johnny: Yeah man, it's been great. Despite the fact I wasn't looking forward to this trip much I am now.
Warren: Good man! Oh by the way there's somebody I'd like you to meet!

Warren: Johnny this is the ship's Captain Glen Rogers!
Glen: Pleasure to meet you Johnny.
Johnny: You too mate, you too.
Glen: Warren would you come with me to the pool for a second? I think that girl Sarah wants you?
Warren: Oh? Johnny's cousin?
Johnny: Don't be embarrassed, I'm not really protective of her - you want her then go for it.
Warren: Wahoo!

Chad: Wassup Johnny!
Johnny: Hi Chad.
Chad: Johnny this is my friend Robert!
Robert: Hey Johnny, pleased to meet you.
Johnny: And you.
Chad: Well anyway, we're gonna get ourselves a drink. Catch ya later!
Johnny: Bye.
Robert: Bye Johnny!

Lucy: Mum - seriously! Stop!
Franny: Sweetheart please cover yourself up! I am a important executive at Swiftways and I won't have you making a mockery of the family name, now please, cover yourself up!
Lucy: Mum for goodness sake I'm twenty years old! I'm not a child!
Marge: Lucy's right Franny. Give the girl a break.
Lucy: Thank you Grandma!
Franny: Fine - but you better be formally dressed at dinner!
Marge: She will be - now come on Franny lets get you some poxy vodka and a packet of chill pills!

Lucy: Sorry you had to over hear that!
Johnny: (Laughs) It's no bother, my mother is exactly like yours - only cares about class and the "family name".
Lucy: I'm glad I'm not alone in this world.
Johnny: Me neither. Your name's Lucy right?
Lucy: Yeah and you're -
Johnny: J...
Lucy: Johnny, I know. (Laughs). Would you like to go for a drink?
Johnny: Yeah - I'd love too!

Present Day:

Suzie: That's another friend dead...
Warren: We need to burry him guys.
Johnny: Yeah you do that. I've got somewhere that I need to go.
Warren: Johnny - I'm sure Lucy will find her way back!
Johnny: I'm not on about Lucy - I need to go and speak to CJ.
Warren: What?
Sarah: Why?
Johnny: I need his help!
Warren: With what?

Johnny: Attacking back!

James: Excellent boss, I'm excited to have them arriving here. What time will they be here? Lovely, I'll be there to greet them. Alright, thank you. Goodbye.

Layla: Dad - is it alright to come in?
James: Yes love, do.
Layla: Who was that on the phone?
James: The head of the Chambers Initiative himself - Mr. Chambers! Now is there anything I can do for you love?
Layla: I - I heard about what you did to them people by the beach.
James: How!?
Layla: I overheard Scott and Laura talking.
James: Well love, you should know that -
Layla: How could you Dad!?
James: Huh?

Layla: How could you be so heartless!? Attacking them like that! They're innocent people for goodness sake -
James: Layla, you're not letting me finish...
Layla: They're not animals!
James: Layla, please - just listen to me for a moment.
Layla: I HATE YOU!

James: I - oh... Layla.

7th July 1992 - Perth Australia

Harriet: Today was fantastic, wouldn't you agree honey?
James: It was the best one year olds party I've ever been too! (Laughs)
Harriet: I know we went abit over board but it's for her birthday, it's her first one.
James: Anything for my lovely little Layla.
Harriet: She's such a blessing isn't she? She's so smart for her age too...
James: Yeah, she is.
Harriet: I'm so glad you managed to get off work today.
James: Me too. I wouldn't of missed this for the world.
Harriet: I'm going to bed, would you mind taking her up in a second?
James: Of course, go take a rest.
Harriet: Thanks love.
James: I'll get it, you go on off to bed.

James: Langerek! What are you doing here?
Terry: I've just come by for a quick chat, nothing serious Murdock.
James: Well - what do you want?
Terry: I spoke to Mr. Chambers earlier today - he still really would like you to take up control at our headquarters - on the Island.
James: I already told him, I can't.
Terry: Why not? You are aware that you'll be allowed to bring your wife and daughter?
James: It's not that - I... I owe my daughter a real life why she can have one, I owe it to her for her to grow up with other children and go to a school and things like that.

Terry: You understand of course that you'll all be alot safer on the Island than you will ever be anywhere else in the world.
James: Perhaps, but I can't drag my family into all of that yet. It wouldn't be fair.
Terry: Very well, I hope you change your mind in the future.
James: I don't think I will Terry... I just don't think I will.

Present Day:

Glen: Johnny are you sure about this?
Rachel: Yeah - we don't think that this will be a great idea.
Warren: We need to burry Robert! We owe him that!
Johnny: If you guys disagree with what I'm doing then by all means just go back!
Warren: But CJ is dangerous Johnny! He was a security guard on the cruise and as soon as we ship-wrecked here he moved off into his own area of the Island. He wanted nothing to do with us!
Johnny: If we all got attacked then so did he! And he hates that son of a bitch James more than I do! He wants to get off this rock more than anyone.

Johnny: CJ! CJ it's Johnny! We've come to ask for your help.
CJ: Come in!

Warren: Are you going somewhere?
CJ: Yes. I'm going to go and shoot them bastards for coming in here and shooting me with a god damn needle! And from your sudden appearance I'm guessing that they did the same to all of you.
Johnny: Yeah - everyone's alright but Robert, he died - and Lucy's missing.
CJ: Well then Johnny you might want to come with me?
Johnny: Yeah, I do.
CJ: Jolly good. Anybody else?
Warren: No I need to go and burry Robert.
CJ: Predictable of you.
Warren: Shut up CJ! Robert's my friend!
Nita: I'm sorry Johnny but I'm going to help Warren, I'm sorry it's just -
Johnny: I understand Nita, you don't like violence. I don't blame you, I'm glad you're going to go back with Warren - I wouldn't want you in the middle of it all.
Nita: Sorry.
Johnny: Don't be.

CJ: What about you two? You with us? Or are you out?
Glen: Alright, I'll go with you.
Rachel: Me too.
Johnny: Thanks guys.

CJ: Alright - if you guys would like to pick up some guns we'll get going.
Johnny: Woah!
Rachel: Where did you get those!?
CJ: What? Did you think we were going to go and confront them with sticks?
Glen: Where did you get them!?
CJ: I robbed them from one of their storage buildings a few miles from here - now are we going or not?
Johnny: Yes - we're going.

Sunday 9th March 2008:

Johnny: It was a great idea to come down to the restaurant for a quiet chat - everywhere else is just buzzing with all the others getting drunk and your mother screaming at them, telling them to calm down (laughs).
Lucy: Yeah - thanks Johnny. I really am pleased to have met you I'm really thrilled that we get on.
Johnny: Me too - it makes me very happy. Even though the ships very rocky today I've had such a good time with you.
Lucy: And you.

Lucy: What the?

Johnny: Nita! Sally! Hugh! What's going on?
Nita: There's a massive storm Mr. Smith! One heading straight this way!
Hugh: The Captain said the ship won't be able to withstand it!
Lucy: Oh - oh my god.
Hugh: You guys need to get up to the lifeboats now! Go! QUICKLY!
Johnny: C'mon Luce!
Lucy: Where are you three going!?
Hugh: We're going to check nobody is on the decking! Go! Quickly go on!

Lucy: Johnny this is scary!
Johnny: Oh god - the powers gone off.

Johnny: C'mon Luce! COME ON!
Warren: Johnny - man! We've gotta get to a lifeboat now!
Johnny: How is a lifeboat going to save us!?
Warren: Our best shot is getting off this ship! It's breaking apart.
Lucy: I need to find my mum!
Johnny: No - Luce! We have to get to a boat!
Lucy: I can't just leave her and my Grandma!

Johnny: Lucy - no!

CJ: Is you're girlfriend crazy Smith!? We've got a massive storm going on here!
Johnny: Where's Sarah and Suzie?
Warren: They're already heading for the boat come on!
Johnny: No I've gotta go get Lucy!

Johnny: LUCE! LUCY!

Sarah: Oh god!
Suzie: Just be quiet Sarah!
Rachel: Oh gosh I can't find the Captain anywhere!
Franny: Where's Lucy!? Where's my daughter!?
Marge: I'm sure she'll be alright - we all will be.
Franny: How can you be sure of that Mum?



Johnny: - Lucy? Luce? Oh my- where am I? I... oh my god!

Warren: I'm giving her CPR, nothing seems to be working!

Marge: Where's Franny? I can't find Franny!


Glen: I shouldn't of survived! I should of died... a Captain should of gone down with his ship! The Co-Captain Larry - he's dead... I saw his body just off the coast. It should of been me.
Rachel: No Glen - you're fine! That's what matters!

Johnny: Lucy - LUCY!

Lucy: OH JOHNNY I WAS SO SCARED! I thought you were gone! When that wave hit us I thought we were all dead!
Johnny: What are we going to do!?
Lucy: I don't know!
Johnny: Me neither.

Johnny: I can't believe we made it.

Present Day:

Johnny: How far CJ? Do you even know where you're going?
CJ: Unlike you Smith I've actually explored this place, rather than just sitting on a beach all day.
Johnny: It's difficult keeping a whole group of people alive you know?
CJ: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Johnny: So are we nearly near James' place?
CJ: Yes Johnny we're almost -

CJ: Argh!
Johnny: CJ! CJ!
Rachel: Oh god - not again!

Glen: Lets get out of here! They expected us to come let's just run and get the hell away from -

Rachel: GLEN! GLEN!

Johnny: Come on Rach - we've gotta head back!
Rachel: This is your fault!
Johnny: We'll aside blame later but we need to head back and find another route!
Rachel: Johnny look out, behind you!

Johnny: OPPH!

A few hours later:

James: I have to say Johnny if you want to speak to me you really do always go the wrong way about it.
Johnny: You son of a bitch! You killed Robert!
James: What? Just calm down!
Johnny: Where's Lucy? What have you done with Glen, Rachel and CJ!?
James: They're all fine...
Johnny: BULL!
James: Now is enough Johnny - settle down!
Johnny: What the hell is this place? Where am I?
James: You're at the Manor I live in.

Johnny: You have a Manor on this Island?
James: It's not mine, but I live here with my family yes. It's a beautiful building, it really is.
Johnny: How can this Manor be on a deserted Island?
James: Oh Johnny I really wish you would use that brain of yours! You're smart, incredibly so! Yet you can't figure out what this place is all about or why we "attacked" you earlier today.
Johnny: Am I supposed to do know?
James: I suppose not.
Johnny: Why can't you just let us leave? Why can't I just go home?
James: You can't go home Johnny because I've grown somewhat fond of your courage to lead your friends despite the loss you have all suffered - I don't want anything bad happening to you or your friends, enough blood will soon be spilled.
Johnny: What are you talking about?
James: What we injected into you and your friends earlier today was a cure - it will save you.
Johnny: Save me from what?

James: The Outbreak.

Johnny: What's the Outbreak? What Outbreak?
James: Johnny I need you to listen to me and I need you to listen to me well - I can't tell you much as what I know myself is limited but a disease has been biologically manufactured and soon it will be released - and the results well... they'll be catastrophic. It's estimated three fourths of the population will die.
Johnny: What!? No! That can't happen! How can this be?
James: Many countries governments have been given word it's approaching, there's nothing they can do - they're trying of course. The CIA in the States are going berserk in fact. It's being kept hush though - imagine the outspread of panic and anger if it gets out.
Johnny: Who? Who's doing this? A country?
James: No - an organisation. They're called Areas of Research, they're massive - powerful and I don't know if they'll ever be brought down.
Johnny: Can't scientists work out a cure? Can't it be given out?
James: A spy working against Areas of Research has found one but he died sometime ago - all that we have is a supply of what he had left behind - three thousand to be precise. Obviously every member of the Areas of Research has been given the cure too but we have no idea where they're head quarters are or how many cures they have.

Johnny: You got your hands on some then?
James: Yes - a shipment of the cure was sent over here for everybody on this Island to be injected with it. Therefore once it breaks out - we'll all be immune.
Johnny: How did you get it?
James: I'm afraid I can't tell you that - I work for a company whose sole purpose is to take down the Areas of Research lets say that much.
Johnny: What about my friend Robert then? Why did he die soon after you gave it to him?
James: Seriously!? He died?
Johnny: Yes - his tongue swelled up and he died.
James: His tongue swelled up? (Sighs) Tell me did Robert have any allergies?
Johnny: Err - yeah, he was allergic to nuts - and coco nut milk and errr - certain plants and...
James: So he had a lot then? He must of been allergic to the cure. I'm so sorry, we didn't know...
Johnny: Why did you take Lucy?
James: Simply because we needed to inject her unborn baby with the cure too, otherwise it would get it. I do apologise for the death of Robert...

Johnny: I guess it doesn’t matter does it in the long run - he would of died without the cure anyway right?
James: Some people are naturally immune to the virus - but that's very rare so yes I'd say he would of died. And how you die is not particularly pleasant so you should be glad that he died that way.
Johnny: What happens?
James: Well Johnny, I don't know the full extent but - you begin to choke and then you cough out blood - and then your heart just... stops.
Johnny: Why? Why are Areas of Research doing this!?
James: Because their leader is a sick man who believes he should be the leader of a new world - the people who survive will be forced to follow his command, or that's what he'd like to think - I think he's clueless that a spy scientist who was with us worked out the cure and then made copies of it... that's his one weakness - he's predictable.
Johnny: What do I do now?
James: A lot more people are soon to be arriving on the Island - there are several coming tonight and I'm positive there will be dozens more arriving as the disease breaks out. Therefore I haven't got the room to allow you and your friends to stay in this Manor. I suggest you and your friends head back to camp. And just - carry on.
Johnny: Oh... okay.
James: Now if you'll leave here and go down the stairs you'll find your friends - including Lucy and some of my people - they'll escort you back.
Johnny: Where are you going?
James: There's some people I have to meet...

Sometime after:

Johnny: CJ seemed pretty ticked off he didn't get to shoot anybody...
Lucy: I'm just so pleased to be back at camp...
Glen: What happened Johnny? You still didn't tell us?
Rachel: Yeah what did that James guy say?
Johnny: Nothing, just trust me alright? Get some sleep guys - it's late.

Johnny: Hey.
Warren: Welcome back.
Johnny: Sorry I missed his funeral.
Warren: It's okay, at least he's resting now.
Johnny: Yeah. This graveyard's full - all those who didn't make the ship-wreck... Chad, Franny, Larry the Co-Captain, that guy Jamie who died a few hours after and your other two friends. Then Sally and Hugh drowned a few days back... and now Robert. It's not fair.
Warren: You're telling me. So what happens now?
Johnny: Sorry?
Warren: What's your plan? What's your next move?
Johnny: To carry on as normal.

Scott: (Yells) Who are these people arriving?
James: (Yells) People who need to be protected from Areas of Research - I have orders from Chambers himself to give them a house in the village.
Scott: (Yells) It's touching down!

James: Hello friends - my name is James. Welcome to the Chambers Island!

Saskia and Yuriko: Thank you.