Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 8 - The Bridge

Previously on Outbreak:

Matthew: Hello Yuriko I'm so glad we've come face to face at last. I've heard alot about you. Let me introduce myself I am Matthew Wright and I work for Areas of Research. We're fully aware that you're trying to find out more about our organisation and I'm here to give you a warning - if you do not stop then you will suffer the same fate as your father.
Matthew: You're father was a coward, he was a betrayer -
Matthew: Shut up. I also know very well you hired a private investigator to search more into Areas of Research. Don't be too suprised when you see the announcement that he passed in the local paper tomorrow morning.
Yuriko: No - no!
Matthew: Oh by the way Yuriko - I've left a little preasant for you. Take care.

Saskia: Hello honey? It's me - yes I've got away from my father... I've got Angel back yeah... the Chambers Iniative helped me... where are you now? No I mean which house? Which country!? Oh - okay. I'll get a flight there soon then. Love you.
Matthew: Love you too sweetheart, can't wait to see you.

Matthew: Hello?... Yes boss I told Yuriko to stop trying to find out things about Areas of Research - no sir she won't be bothering us again. Your daughter? Saskia? Yeah she's on her way here right now... she hasn't the slightest clue I work for you Sir. Her and the kid are coming to come right into my little trap. Yes Sir, alright - goodbye.
Voice: Trap huh?

Yuriko: Hello Matthew Wright, let ME introduce MYSELF - I'm Yuriko Oyama, and unless you tell ME exactly what I want to know about Areas of Research then YOU will suffer the same fate as my father!

Outbreak - Series 1 - Episode 8 - The Bridge

9th July 1990:

Anarka: Oh? So It doesen't matter to you that I'm sat here night after night raising YOUR children whilst your off doing YOUR job! Which I suppose is my important than the kids right?
Takahiro: Don't you dare speak to me with such disregard infront of them! They are not pawns to use against me in our argument! They're three and seven for goodness sake!
Anarka: You're not denying it!
Takahiro: The kids mean everything to me - Yuriko, sweetheart, please - could you leave for a while honey?
Yuriko: Ok, father.

Anarka: Don't like them hearing the truth huh!? Don't like to hear about the man you've become!?


Yuriko: One day a bright and noble prince will come and take me away from this place... and we will explore and ride his horse over the hill tops and the mountains, where it would be peaceful - no more parents to worry about... a beautiful place without yelling and conflict... just me, the Prince, the horse and nature...
Takahiro: Yuriko? My darling?

Yuriko: Hi dad.
Takahiro: I'm so sorry you have to sit through myself and your mother bickering whenever I'm home - and I know that's not very often.
Yuriko: Why does mother always have you shout at you?
Takahiro: Because she's right, I don't put enough attention onto you kids and it's not fair. I've become very obsessed with my work and... but my work is important... I do a very important job and without me... well bad things would happen to the world.
Yuriko: I don't mind you working father, if it wasn't for you working then we wouldn't have this house - we wouldn't have these gardens... I wouldn't have this bridge.
Takahiro: This bridge means alot to you Princess?
Yuriko: It's the only place I can't hear the yelling, it's the only place I can use my imagination.

Takahiro: You know if I was to give up my job sweetheart, we'd have to move to a smaller house...
Yuriko: We wouldn't have the bridge anymore?
Takahiro: No love, it would have to stay here.
Yuriko: Keep working father.
Takahiro: But sweetheart -

Yuriko: I really don't want to leave this bridge.
Takahiro: Alright Princess, then you never have too...

Yuriko: I love you father.
Takahiro: I love you too, and you will never understand just how much.

Present Day:

Matthew: We've been sitting here for hours.
Yuriko: I know.
Matthew: Are you going to shoot me or not Yuriko? If so I'd like to be done with it.
Yuriko: I - I'm not sure yet...
Matthew: Can I use the bathroom?
Yuriko: No you cannot use the bathroom - stay sat!
Matthew: You know even if you were to put a hundred bullets in me I'm not going to tell you anything. I'm loyal to Areas of Research until the day I take my last breath.
Yuriko: But why? Do you not know the monsterous things they do? The awful gut-wrenching things they're capable of?
Matthew: And I'm sure your father was innocent too huh?
Yuriko: My father was a great man! One who would never join the ranks of a sadistic dictating group like Areas of Research!
Matthew: He tried very hard to bring us down, you're father... but like all the others who have tried - they fail and lose their life in the process.

Yuriko: What happened to my father Wright?
Matthew: I thought I told you, I'm not telling you anything - I'm not even going to bother to lie to you.
Yuriko: Why? I don't work for the Chambers Iniative - neither did my father.
Matthew: It doesen't matter who you are... I'm not telling you anything. I'm not a traitor like your father.
Yuriko: My father joined you as a young man because you told him you were going to change the world in a good way! You test on innocent people - you kill innocent people! He left and rebelled against you the minute he arrived at your Bulgarian labortory!
Matthew: He became a spy, a coward -
Yuriko: For the right reasons!

Matthew: You're not going to shoot me at all are you?
Yuriko: I won't - but I need to know what happened to my father.
Matthew: What makes you think I know anything about your father's death?
Yuriko: Oh I wonder... you approached my house in broad daylight and rubbed his death in my face!
Matthew: Did you get my preasant?
Yuriko: Shut up.

Marvin: How long is she going to be with us son?
Michael: I don't know Grandpa, she's got nowhere else to go.
Marvin: Well it's eight thirty! I always use the bathroom at eight thirty!
Michael: I'm sure she won't be in there much longer.
Marvin: There's not enough room here Mikey.
Michael: You hate visiting the City why don't you just head off to Athens? You can't wait to go there!
Marvin: No son, I don't want to leave you yet - you're not ready.
Michael: Grandpa, I'm passed all of that self-harming nonsence.
Marvin: Well I still wanna stick around for a few more weeks.
Michael: Fair enough.

Raven: Man guys that was the best bath I've had in a long time.
Marvin: You had a bath!? Have you left enough hot water for me?
Raven: Oh - I'm sorry.
Marvin: (Mutters) Oh for crying out loud.
Michael: Don't worry grandpa just have a shower!
Marvin: I don't like showers.
Michael: It'll have to make do for today.
Marvin: (Sighs) Fine but I'm a seventy two man who will be standing in a soaking slippery bath with no shower mat - you do the math...

Raven: Sorry about that... I guess I'm just more of a bath person.
Michael: (Sighs) Don't worry about it.
Raven: Who's that!?
Michael: Probably nobody - why are you panicing?
Raven: I've got the hide!
Michael: What!?
Raven: Don't open that door! Not until I'm hidden!
Michael: There's no where to hide - this flat is only two rooms...

Raven: Oh jeez -

Marvin: Hey!
Raven: I've got no choice! Keep your voice down!
Marvin: You know this really is pushing the limit love!
Raven: Please - be quiet!

Michael: Hello. Can I help you?
Borislav: Michael Collins, it's great to meet you. My name is Borislav Armertidge, may I come in?
Michael: No - I don't know who you are.
Borislav: I only want to ask you a few questions.
Michael: Then ask?
Borislav: I'm aware that you took Raven Darkhome to the hospital when she was badly beaten right?
Michael: Err - yeah I think that was her name.
Borislav: Have you seen her since Mr. Collins?
Michael: Nope, 'fraid not.
Borislav: Are you sure about that Michael?
Michael: Yes! Now if you don't mind I want to get back to what I was doing.
Borislav: Very well. Thanks for your time.

Raven: Michael - thank you so much!
Michael: Raven what the hell is all this about? Why is that guy after you?
Raven: It's not just him - it's a whole organisation.
Michael: Explain!?
Raven: I can't - I wish I could Michael... but I can't.

Wayne: Thanks for coming home early from the spa Delta.
Delta: Whatever Wayne. Let's just get this over with alright?
Wayne: It's a mans funeral Delta, I've got to give a speech -
Delta: You've always got to give speeches!
Wayne: Look - when this is all over and I can finally take a break I think it would be best if we attended marridge counciling - you know? Get our marridge back on track.
Delta: I think it's past that to be perfectly honest.
Wayne: What do you mean?
Delta: I think it's beyond any kind of help - let's just attend Travis' funeral yeah?

The Hidden Island:

Nita: Hey Johnny, what are you up too?
Johnny: It's Lucy's birthday today.
Nita: Oh yeah! She came up to me and Rachel earlier, she thought you had forgot.
Johnny: I never forget birthdays... anyway I'm preparing a picnic for her at the lagoon.
Nita: Oh Johnny, that's so sweet.
Johnny: (Laughs) I try my hardest. Could you do me a favour?
Nita: Sure, name it.
Johnny: This evening I'm gonna disappear to set things up for the pinic would you be an amazing friend and convince Lucy to go fruit picking with you? But bring her to me instead?
Nita: Absoultely, I'm game for that.
Johnny: Thank you Nita.

Scott: Are we still to go ahead James?
James: Yes, of course.
Scott: Won't they come after us once we've attacked their camp?
James: I'm sure Johnny will come and pay us a visit, indeed. But until then I expect you to do what I've asked.
Alexandra: Is it really essential we do it this way?
James: Alexandra - please...
Alexandra: No Sir I have to insist upon this! They're perfectly nice people... we should go and tell them about what approaches and then we'll get them to take the inject-
Scott: How is that going to work when they don't trust us?
James: I'm sorry Alexandra but Scott is correct. It needs to be done this way. We're helping them in the long run.

Laura: What about the pregnant girl?
Alexandra: Lucy?
James: Inject her first and then make sure her baby gets injected too - is that possible? Can you do that Laura?
Laura: Yes Sir.
Alexandra: I still don't think this is the best way...
James: But it's the only way - now please. Go and do what I ask. We're saving them in the long run after all.

Alexandra: I don't agree with what we're suposed to do!
Scott: Those are our orders Alex, we've just gotta stick to them...


Matthew: Time really is pressing on...
Yuriko: Indeed - it's time.
Matthew: Time for what?
Yuriko: I'm not kidding around anymore...
Matthew: I -

Yuriko: Tell me exactly what you know about my father Wright - NOW!

September 1st 2000:

Yuriko! Yuriko!
Yuriko: Yes?
Anarka: Don't speak to me like that! You reply 'yes mother'.
Yuriko: Yes mother?
Anarka: I want you inside now! C'mon! Get off that stupid bridge of yours!

Yuriko: Yes?
Anarka: Now I'm going to ask you straight and I want a straight reply in return! Now if you'd like to tell me what on earth you were doing trying to ring your father!
Yuriko: How do -
Anarka: I want through your phone! I knew it was a mistake getting you one... don't think I'm too old - to stupid enough to not know how to check the last few numbers you've been trying to phone.
Yuriko: I just wanted to speak to father.
Anarka: And I say NO!

Yuriko: Mother you are being unreasonable!
Anarka: No I am being realistic! Your father has a very important job - his job is so important infact that you trying to get hold of him is not acceptable! He is a busy - important man and I will not have you pestering him!
Yuriko: I miss him!
Anarka: You will see him in November.
Yuriko: That's two months away Mother! Perhaps I'm sick of having to wait month on end to even speak to my own father!
Anarka: That is a sacrafice your father makes Yuriko. He has a very important -
Yuriko: Important job! Yes i know - but you always used to moan at him for working so much - you used to moan at him for not giving us enough attention.
Anarka: That's before I know what he did... that's before I knew just how important the work your father does is!

Yuriko: Well I'm sick of it!
Anarka: Right I am sick of you speaking to me in such disregard all the tme! I have been ignoring it because I know how difficult it is for you -
Yuriko: Pfft!
Anarka: But you have gone to far in this case Yuriko! I don't know what goes on in that head of yours - why you think some of the things you do are acceptable! It's that sodding bridge you spend half your life on - well no more! I'm getting somebody to tear it down first thing tomorrow morning!
Yuriko: Mother - you can't!
Anarka: Don't tell ME what I can't do! I am YOUR mother! I will tell YOU what you can and can't do!

Present Day:

Shiro: Mother, please - settle down.
Shiro: Mother did Yuriko tell you where she was going? She's been gone hours and I want to find her.
Shiro: (Sighs).

Matthew: I told you I'm not telling you anything!

Matthew: You know what?

Matthew: Why don't -

Matthew: - you -

Matthew: - GET OVER -

Matthew: - YOUR -

Matthew: - FATHER!

Yuriko: Go on then you coward! Do it!
Matthew: This is the end of your road Yuriko!
Woman: What the -

Saskia: Matthew, what the hell are you doing!?

Yuriko: Oh dear Matthew - you've been busted!

August 24th 2006:

Yuriko: Morning father.
Takahiro: Morning Princess.
Yuriko: You've called me that my entire life...
Takahiro: I have, and I see no reason to stop anytime soon. You'll always be my Princess.
Yuriko: That's sweet, thanks dad.
Takahiro: We've been through alot, this family.
Yuriko: Yep, but one thing always stays the same -
Takahiro: I know what you're going to say -
Yuriko: You're never here.
Takahiro: I know. And I'm so sorry.

Yuriko: It's alright, from what I've been told you're a busy man and your job is an upmost importance.
Takahiro: It is Yuriko, it really is.
Yuriko: Do you remember when I was little? Must of been no younger than severn or eight and you promised to work so that I could keep that bridge.
Takahiro: I do.
Yuriko: And remember when Mother threatened to bulldoze it but you stopped her?
Takahiro: Indeed, I do.
Yuriko: My whole life - all my childhood I spent on that bridge. Wanting to get away from Mother - and Shiro - waiting for a Prince to come and whisk me away.
Takahiro: Oh Princess...
Yuriko: And since the day I figured out who that Prince was I haven't been able to bring myself to step foot on it.
Takahiro: Yuriko -

Yuriko: That Prince - it's you Father. It's always been you... I've always wanted you to give me attention, attention I never got...

Takahiro: Yuriko - honey!

Yuriko: Father, it's fine - it's not your fault!
Takahiro: I'll tale some time of work soon!
Yuriko: But -
Takahiro: And then we'll go away together alright? All four of us - the whole family! And I'll spend each and every moment with you!
Yuriko: But your job...
Takahiro: My job can last a week without me! We'll go in two weeks time okay? I promise.

Yuriko: Thank you Father.
Takahiro: Anything for you.

Present Day:

Wayne: That was a really sweet service, don't you think?
Delta: Yeah - was sad.
Wayne: How was my speech?
Delta: Great, your speeches are always great!
Wayne: Was that sarcasm?
Delta: Do bears crap in the woods?
Wayne: What is your problem!?
Delta: Let's not argue we're in a church for goodness sake!
Wayne: Look we're going home to OUR son and I would apperaicte it if -

Delta: OUR son!? Do you even know what your son's favoruite TV show is these days!?
Wayne: Well no but...
Delta: Do you even know his favourite color? His best friends name?
Wayne: I - I....
Delta: Point proven. We're done.

Wayne: What!? Delta!
Delta: I want a divorce!

Terry: Dammit - I hate it when I can't find my laptop lead...
(Phone rings)

Terry: Langerek here.
Julie: Terry it's me.
Terry: Hey Julie, what's up?

Julie: I just wanted to know how you and Saskia got in Sweden? Did she get Angel back?
Terry: Yeah, we headed to the Comet and got her. She's gone her own way now - I still think we've got some folks contacting her daily though.
Julie: Good - where are you now?
Terry: Still in Sweden?
Julie: Still?

Terry: Yeah just getting some things together in the house I have over here - I'm flying to China this evening.
Julie: China? You're going home?

Terry: Yeah, I need to visit my mother.


Saskia: What is this Matthew? Why have you got a gun? Put it down!
Matthew: Alright - alright! It's in my pocket sweetpea, I can explain.
Yuriko: That's likely.
Matthew: This woman - she works for your father. She's a member of Areas of Research.
Yuriko: WHAT THE -!? HE'S LYING!
Matthew: She came here to finish me off! She came here to try and get to you! I managed to tackle her... she wants to kill me. Like they did to your Max -

Saskia: Don't even mention my old fiancée you son of a bitch.
Matthew: What?
Saskia: I know all about you working for my father you louthsume idiot! You really think I wouldn't notice your black and white car?
Matthew: I - I...
Saskia: You think I've never seen one of my fathers cars in my life? Did you and my father think I was that stupid? That blonde to not know...
Matthew: Well sorry Sask, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take Angel -
Saskia: NO!

Yuriko: NO YOU DON'T!
Matthew: ARGH!

Yuriko: Saskia - quick! Pick up the gun!

Matthew: Alright, Saskia - just take it easy nobody has to get hurt!
Yuriko: Shoot him!
Saskia: What?
Yuriko: Shoot him!
Saskia: I'm not a murderer! I can't...
Yuriko: Shoot him in the leg then... quickly!

Matthew: ARGH!

Yuriko: RUN! GO! GO GO!
Saskia: Oh god...

5th September 2006:

Yuriko: Hey Mum - I've been out shopping! I got us all lots of different stuff to take with us to the Bahamas. I even got dad one of those sun hat things - oh Shiro.
Shiro: Yuriko - hi.

Yuriko: What's wrong? Is everything alright? Where's Mum?
Shiro: She's at the hospital...
Yuriko: At the hospital? Why? Is she alright? What's happened?
Shiro: She had a mental breakdown - tried to self-harm.
Yuriko: Oh my god! No! Why!? Why would she do that?
Shiro: It's dad Yuriko -

Shiro: He's been murdered.

Present Day:

Saskia: What are we gonna do? That shot won't of killed him would it?
Yuriko: No - you got him in leg, I doubt it's even knocked him unconcious. We need to get away - as far away as possible.
Saskia: Where are we heading?
Yuriko: I have to go and fetch my brother and mother, I can't have them being harmed because I was stupid enough to go after Wright in the place.
Saskia: What's your deal with the organisation then?
Yuriko: Huh?
Saskia: Why'd you take him at gunpoint?
Yuriko: Because I wanted to know exactly how my father was killed.
Saskia: I'm so sorry.
Yuriko: It's alright, not your fault.
Saskia: I always feel so guilty though - if it wasn't for my father then...
Yuriko: But you're not your father, you're a completely different - a completely better person.
Saskia: Thank you Yuriko.


Yuriko: Mother! Shiro! SHIRO! MOTHER! WHERE ARE YOU?

Yuriko: For goodness sake I can't believe Shiro would even take mother out of the house - or have they been taken? Oh god no -

5th September 2006:

Yuriko: What do you know Officer?
Officer: What we know about your fathers death at this stage Miss Oyama is very little.
Yuriko: What do you mean very little? The man was gunned down in the middle of town!
Officer: Miss Oyama, there were dozens of people around and not one single person saw anybody suspicious - it's a complete mystery.
Yuriko: Maybe if you did your job properly you could find out who killed my father!

Shiro: Yuriko - now come on...
Shiro: Yuriko -
Officer: Perhaps I should leave.

Yuriko: My father... oh my poor father...

Present Day:

Saskia: Yuriko - come on girl, we've gotta get going!

Yuriko: My Prince...

Yuriko: I'm back on the bridge. I'll make you proud... I'm going to join the Chambers Iniatitive - I'm going to take down the man you lost your life trying to destroy... I'm going to be the bravest Princess ever father. I promise - I owe you that much at least.

Saskia: What was that about?
Yuriko: Had to give someone a message before I left...


Pierre: Hey, Isabelle - honey, it's me.
Isabelle: Pierre?
Pierre: Hiya babe, how are you feeling?
Isabelle: What happened?
Pierre: Mathieu shot you.
Isabelle: What!? No! He wouldn't - he couldn't!
Pierre: You're gonna be alright, the doctors expect you to make a full recovery but you've gotta rest now okay?
Isabelle: About Alexandra, I'm so sorry Pierre - I am so sorry that it was me who had got her into drugs in the first place.
Pierre: Hey, don't you worry about that alright? You focus on getting better! But after all this chaos I did learn one thing...
Isabelle: What's that?

Pierre: Mathieu said that he knows where she really is... that means she's alive.

Hidden Island:

Laura: You guys ready for this?
Scott: Yep.
Alexandra: Suppose we don't really have much of a choice...

Lucy: What's going on Nita? I told you I'm not really in the mood for fruit picking...
Nita: Trust me.

Lucy: Oh my - oh my god!
Johnny: You honestly thought I was going to forget? Happy birthday Lucy.
Nita: I'll leave you guys to it.
Johnny: Thanks Nita!

Lucy: You are just full of suprises do you know that?
Johnny: Heh.
Nita: AH!?

Johnny: Nita - oh my god Nita!
Lucy: What happened to her!?

Johnny: Good god! What's that in her neck!?

Lucy: ARGH!

Johnny: No - no! Lucy! LUCY!

Johnny: I - no don't - no!

Johnny: Please don't no!

Johnny: Oomph!