Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 3 - The Little Freak

June 16th 1992:

Mrs. Dawson: What am I supposed to do Gary? He gets picked on all the time but the kids are just five! There's a limit on how much I can tell them off.
Mr. Smith: Look at the poor boy when he comes in Karen, we have to stop them from bullying him.
Mrs. Dawson: But they're kids, they're bound to say something to him. Kids get picked on if they're too small, too tall, too skinny, too fat - but him, he gets it non-stop.
Mr. Smith: Exactly Karen, so it's not allowed do you understand?
Mrs. Dawson: All right, fine.
Mr. Smith: Good anyway, good luck with your class today.
Mrs. Dawson: Thanks. You too.

Kid: Miss! Miss! Karl just whacked me with a skipping rope.
Mrs. Dawson: Oh - honey you're bleeding lets go take you to the first aid room okay?
Kid: Am I freak Mrs. Dawson? Everybody else seems to think I am.

Mrs. Dawson: Don't be silly Michael, there's no such thing as a freak.

Present Day:

Michael: How is she Doctor?
Doctor: Thank you for staying with her Mr. Collins, it was very sweet of you but she won't be conscious for some time yet. She has serious injuries to her neck; she was strangled for quite a long time. The way she managed to run to your flat is a miracle but it saved her - just.
Michael: Who would do such a thing?
Doctor: I don't know Sir, this world we live in is a sick one.

Michael: So what can I do?
Doctor: I suggest you head home Sir, we'll call you when we hear anymore on her condition.
Michael: All right, thank you. Do you mind if I speak to you about something really quickly?
Doctor: Sure.
Michael: Well, it's just - before this lady arrived at my door I was about to well -

Male Doctor: Celia - we've got a situation downstairs! Mrs. Johnson's heart has gave in - we need you.
Doctor: Oh gosh, I'll be right there. Sorry Sir, please excuse me.
Michael: Yeah, sure.

Parker: We're there, this is his place.
Julie: Right, are you going to come in?
Parker: If it's okay I saw a Starbucks just round the corner - though I'd go there and read my paper until you want picking up. Is that alright?
Julie: Of course that's fine. I'll give you a bell when I need you.
Parker: Rightio.

Julie: Hello, who are you?
Kathy: I'm Kathy, the housekeeper. What can I do for you?
Julie: The housekeeper?
Kathy: Yes the housekeeper.
Julie: Is he in?
Kathy: I'm sorry Mr. Langerek is out of town on a business trip at the moment.
Julie: Right, okay. I'll pop by another time.
Kathy: Right you are. Thank you mam.
Julie: Can I just use the bathroom quickly? I've just been on a long trip.
Kathy: Sure.

Julie: Excuse me -

Kathy: Yes?

Kathy: ARGH!

Kathy: OUCH! Get off me you bitch!


Kathy: OH!
Julie: Where is he? And if I were you I wouldn't carry on with this housekeeper lie understand?
Kathy: I'm not telling you anything.

Julie: I'm gonna ask one more time dear - where is Terry?


Saskia: I'm so sorry about this. This is all my fault - if I wasn't so reckless my father would never of captured me.
Terry: Don't be daft, it was my fault. I was stupid enough to leave Borislav out there - I thought he was unconscious. I never made mistakes like this back in the day, must be getting old.
Saskia: Speaking of that, you're a year older today aren't you?
Terry: Jeez, I was hoping nobody would remember.
Saskia: I'd wish you a happy birthday but it's not exactly a great place to be celebrating is it? Being held prisoner in an old laboratory in Bulgaria.
Terry: Don't worry, won't hold it against you.

Saskia: I can't believe he just shot Zora at point blank rage, in cold blood.
Terry: He's one of your fathers top men Saskia he's been well trained to be a cold, calculating murderer.
Saskia: Was this one of his laboratories? One of his organizations?
Terry: Yeah, it was.
Saskia: I've seen some of the place, some walls are knocked down - burnt... most of the place is completely destroyed.
Terry: Yeah, I know.
Saskia: What happened?

Terry: Me.

New York:

Woman: Excuse me Sir, do you know where the tube is from here?

Michael: Yeah it's literally just right round the -
Woman: OH! Oh my gosh -
Michael: Sorry, did I scare you?
Woman: No it's just - oh my goodness, I'm so sorry - I have to go.
Michael: Miss please - the subways just round the corner next to the McDonalds.
Woman: I'll find it! Thank you!

Michael: For petes sake, maybe I should just wear a mask...

June 16th 1992:

Marvin: Hey champ, how was school? Did you get to finish your volcano models today? Michael? Buddy?

Michael: Grandpa am I a freak?
Marvin: Excuse me? You know I don't that word being used.
Michael: Sorry - but all the kids call me it at school. I must be a... well... the word you don't like me saying.
Marvin: Now you listen to me - you are no different than any other kid. You like racecars, you enjoy spending time with people your age - there is nothing abnormal about you, understand?
Michael: Then why do they all treat me like it?
Marvin: Because people are scared of what they don't understand - especially children like you. If anything Mikey, you're less of a freak than they are. You're smart, you're polite and you're lovely - which is what I can say for the majority of people your age. Now I don't want to hear this bothering you again y'hear?
Michael: Yes Grandpa.
Marvin: Now go wash up, dinner will be ready in a minute.

Michael: Ok.
Marvin: I love you son, don't you ever forget that.

Michael: Oh Gramps.


Shiro: How is she?
Yuriko: Sleeping.
Shiro: Listen Yuriko, about earlier on - I'm sorry I was a complete jerk.
Yuriko: Yes. You were.
Shiro: I just find it difficult you understand that?
Yuriko: Yes I do! But I'm doing my best to keep this family together - if that doesn’t mean anything to you Shiro then please find somewhere else to stay! But in this household we will act the way we were brought up to act! Just because father is no longer with us and mother isn't well doesn’t give you the right to behave like a spoilt child!
Shiro: Yuriko, you're right. Again, I'm sorry.
Yuriko: Good, now I'm going to get some sleep. Goodnight Shiro.
Shiro: Night.

Shiro: Hello? Sorry to call this late.
Katashi: I wasn't sleeping, what is it Shiro?
Shiro: I don't think I can do this - my sister trusts me. She's been so good towards my family and me.
Katashi: Oh snap out of it Shiro! You told me yourself you've never get on with your sister - we need the money you are going to steal!
Shiro: I don't want to steal from my family’s estate!
Katashi: Dammit Shiro! Your father is six feet under; your mother is off the rails -
Shiro: Now, hold on -
Katashi: And your sister is a stuck up snob! You said so yourself!
Shiro: She's a good person!
Katashi: Do you want to be part of our group?
Shiro: Yes, you know I do.
Katashi: Then I want that money Shiro. Now I am going to sleep, next time we speak I want more updates. Understand?
Shiro: Yes.
Katashi: Goodbye.

New York:

Michael: Hello, it's Michael Collins. I called earlier. Is this the same lady I spoke to earlier on in the day?
Woman: Oh Michael, yes it is! I'm thrilled you've decided not to do anything to yourself! I was extremely concerned when you hung up on me.
Michael: I was going to slit my wrists - I mean I was so close to doing it! But then a woman turned up at my door beaten and seriously injured so I took her to hospital.
Woman: Oh gosh, that's dreadful - have you ever thought maybe that it was a sign that your time on earth hasn't ended yet?
Michael: No I don't really believe in all that stuff - I struggle to find special effects in movies realistic so any of that mumbo jumbo is beyond me.

Woman: Well we all have our opinions, but in your case it was a great coincidence that the woman who knocked on your door - despite how awful the situation was managed to stop you from hurting yourself.
Michael: Do you honestly believe in that sort of stuff?
Woman: I do yes - sometimes coincidences happen but they can mean more to us at certain times in our life. Especially when somebody is feeling low - like you.
Michael: I don't know how I'm going to fight the temptation.
Woman: You'll find the strength in you somewhere Michael.
Michael: I guess. I'm going to go now.
Woman: Alright Michael, you take care of yourself now.
Michael: Thanks, I will do.

Michael: Was she lying to me? She has to try and stop me from hurting myself - it's her job...

Michael: Why is the temptation so difficult to fight? Maybe if I just do one swift cut it won't hurt and might make me feel better -

(Knock on the door)

Michael: Oh come off it... this is silly...

Michael: I have too, this is the only way to make things better -
(Knock on door)
Michael: I... I... oh Lord, what do I do?

July 3rd 2002:

Michael: Oh come on... come on - where are they?

Michael: Hello Doctor! I'm so pleased you could find the time to come down today.
Doctor: It's no problem Michael. Thank you for having me round.
Michael: Would you like to come and take a seat?
Doctor: Sure.

Michael: Well did you get the test results?
Doctor: I did.
Michael: And?
Doctor: I'm so sorry Michael, the results we got back aren't good - they're not good at all.
Michael: No! I knew something was wrong but I didn't know it would be what you said on the phone... is it... is it cancer?
Doctor: Yes. I'm afraid it is, terminal cancer.

Michael: No! No! I can't believe this - this can't be right.
Doctor: I'm so sorry.
Michael: What am I supposed to say?

Doctor: Your his grandson Michael, if it's too difficult for you to say anything then I'll do it.

Present Day:


Michael: Gargh -
(Knock on door)
Michael: Okay, I'm coming!

Michael: Oh hello there.
Katherine: Hi, I'm Katherine. I just moved in next door. I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself.
Michael: Oh well that's very kind. My names Michael.
Katherine: What a lovely name.
Michael: Thanks yours is too - err would you like to come in?
Katherine: Actually I can't I'm helping my cousin unpack.
Michael: Oh right. That's a really nice outfit you're wearing.
Katherine: Yeah it feels so soft! I'm always snug as a bug wherever I go in this.
Michael: It looks great too.
Katherine: (Laughs) I wouldn't know about that.
Michael: Why?
Katherine: Because I'm completely blind. Always have been.
Michael: Oh gosh I'm sorry - although I guess that explains why you didn't gasp when you saw me.

Katherine: Gasp? Why on earth would I gasp?
Michael: Well my face it's - quite... well... strange.
Katherine: Anybody who would gasp at somebody’s appearance isn't a very good person.
Michael: Heh, that's what my grandfather used to say.
Katherine: It's really nice to meet you Michael - I'll pop on over tomorrow perhaps we could have a coffee?
Michael: Yeah that would be great!
Katherine: Awesome, I'll see you then.

Michael: Bah! She was only interested in me cause she couldn't see me...

2nd April 2004

Vicar: Oh hello, I didn't know somebody was here.
Michael: Sorry Vicar - was just leaving.
Vicar: I wasn't aware they had anybody. Was you friend? Family?
Michael: Coming here was a big mistake.
Vicar: Why so?
Michael: It's just - it's complicated. I'd rather not talk about it.
Vicar: That's your choice son. Take care.
Michael: Thanks. You too.

Present Day:

Kathy: Can I ask you a question seeing as you're holding me at gunpoint and everything?
Julie: If you must.
Kathy: How did you know I was lying?
Julie: What?
Kathy: When I told you I was the housekeeper - how did you know I was lying?
Julie: I read your file.

Kathy: You read my what?
Julie: Your file. When I was in the Chambers Initiative the first thing they show you is files on every known person who works for your boss.
Kathy: And you recognized me? From all them hundreds of files?
Julie: If you like.
Kathy: The Chambers Initiative aren't going to win - you've been trying for years to take our organization down. What makes you think you're going to stop us?
Julie: I don't care what you sickos do anymore, I left a few years back.
Kathy: Then why attack me?  Why couldn't you of just walked away?
Julie: Because I'm done with the Initiative - not the people. And Terry - well I owe him a lot.
Kathy: Well it's a shame I'm not going to tell you where he is eh superhero?

Julie: Bulgaria.
Kathy: What - what? No, you're wrong.
Julie: No I'm right. And sit down.
Kathy: How did - how did you know?
Julie: I know a lot of things you haven't told me - like why you insist your name is Kathy when you and I both know your name is Rositsa.
Rositsa: Well don't you have a good memory?
Julie: That I do. That I do.

Rositsa: Just so you know - when I escape I won't hesitate to shoot you in the face, and whilst you’re lying dead at my face I'll spit on you.
Julie: Oh really?
Rositsa: Really.

Rositsa: ARGH!

Parker: Julie I received your call - oh good heavens!
Julie: Do me a favor will you Parker, get my private plane to land at JFK airport please. I'm going on a little vacation.
Parker: What? Where?
Julie: Bulgaria.

Michael: Gargh - why do I keep on delaying it? I'm just gonna do it! I don't give a damn if the door goes again or if the phone sodding rings!

Michael: Argh...
Voice: You put that down! Right now!

Michael: Grandpa?

Marvin: Put it down right now kiddo or you'll be getting a clip round the earhole.

2nd April 2004

Woman: Hello excuse me?
Michael: Yes?
Woman: You just came out of the church?
Michael: Yeah.
Woman: You knew my old friend?
Michael: Well, no. Not exactly.
Woman: Well how did you know her? What was she to you?
Michael: Nothing - she was nothing to me.
Woman: Oh alright.
Michael: I'll see you later.

Dana: (To herself) Goodbye Michael.