Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 7 - My Angel

Saskia: Terry - Terry wake up!
Terry: Hmph? What are you doing in my room Saskia?
Saskia: Get up.
Terry: What? Why? It's four in the morning!
Saskia: I'm not waiting any longer - we're leaving now.
Terry: Saskia - you'll see her in the morning.
Saskia: No I'm not waiting any longer! I wanna get back to my daughter now!

3rd December 2007

Max: Evening love.
Saskia: Hey love, have a good day?
Max: Yeah it was great cheers, was brilliant - John at work did the funniest thing.
Saskia: I was thinking honey about the wedding plans, do you want roses or lillies or something else?
Max: Doesen't matter to me babe, you're the bride - you decide.
Saskia: Lillies it is!

Max: I did want to speak to you about something.
Saskia: Oh?
Max: I went through the invitations last night -
Saskia: Yeah?
Max: And I know everyone who we've invited - which means you haven't asked your parents, who of which I've never met.
Saskia: Oh erm - well my Mum died when I was young.
Max: Oh honey, I'm so sorry - why didn't you say?
Saskia: Just didn't feel the need too...
Max: And your dad?
Saskia: He's busy.
Max: Sas he's your dad we need to invite him.

Saskia: I don't wanna discuss this anymore.
Max: Sask - Saskia!

Present Day:

Julie: Hello guys? I'm home!
Leon: Mum! Mummy!

Julie: Hello honey, how have you been? Sorry Mummy's been away for a little longer than she said she would - I had a little thing to take care of in Bulgaria.
Leon: Wheres Bullgara?
Julie: Somewhere in Europe honey.
Leon: Where's Europe?
Julie: Parker told me that you did me a painting yesterday? Why don't you go and get it and show me? I'm going up to see Jasmine.
Leon: Okay! I'll be back in a minute!

Julie: Knock knock?
Jasmine: Oh, back are you?

Julie: You alright sweetheart?
Jasmine: Yeah. Oh I'm sorry are you expecting me to stand up and give you a hug? I can't I see I'm in the middle of watching TV...
Julie: Jasmine why are you being like this with me honey? I thought you preffered it when I was away? You used to say Parker used to let you get away with things more than I did.
Jasmine: That was then mum, you're always away now.
Julie: Well I'm not going away for a very long time -
Jasmine: Yeah, okay. Now if you don't mind - I really wanna carry on watching this.
Julie: Oh... okay. Well are you going to be down for dinner later?
Jasmine: Kay.

Leon: Mummy the paintings in my bedroom! Come on! Come on! Oh no - are you upset?
Julie: No sweetie, I'm fine. Let's go look as this masterpiece eh?

Anarka: What are you doing Yuriko?
Yuriko: Mother I told you to stay inside! Go on go back in please!
Anarka: Can you see any ladybirds out here?
Yuriko: No mother, but I think there are some butterflies on the TV.
Anarka: AH! I want to go and see the butterflies.
Yuriko: Go on then mother.

Yuriko: (Sighs) I don't know how much of this I can cope with...

Man: Excuse me? Do you speak English?
Yuriko: Yes I do, are you lost sir?
Man: And are you Yuriko Oyama?
Yuriko: What? How do you know my name?
Man: Hello Yuriko I'm so glad we've come face to face at last. I've heard alot about you.
Yuriko: Excuse me?
Man: Let me introduce myself I am Matthew Wright and I work for Areas of Research.
Yuriko: Oh - oh my gosh...

Matthew: Yes, 'oh my gosh'. We're fully aware that you're trying to find out more about our organisation and I'm here to give you a warning.
Yuriko: You - you don't scare me.
Matthew: Mrs. Oyama if you do not stop then you will suffer the same fate as your father.
Matthew: You're father was a coward, he was a betrayer -
Matthew: Shut up. I also know very well you hired a private investigator to search more into Areas of Research. Don't be too suprised when you see the announcement that he passed in the local paper tomorrow morning.
Yuriko: No - no!
Matthew: Oh by the way Yuriko - I've left a little preasant for you. Take care.

Yuriko: What is? Oh my gosh!
Anarka: Ooh Yuriko is that a gift? Is it for me!?
Anarka: What? It's a gift - might be a butterfly jar!
Yuriko: Come on mother!

Anarka: OH!

Yuriko: Oh my... oh my god!

Terry: Are you okay? You haven't said a word since you woke me up this morning. We're going to get Angel - I thought you'd be happy.
Saskia: I am, I'm just anticpiting seeing her and holding her in my arms again - that's all.
Terry: Alright, we'll be there within an hour. Wanna put the radio on if you're not in the mood to talk?
Saskia: What's the point, it will all be in Sweedish?
Terry: Better than sitting in silence.
Saskia: Alright, fine. And seeing as it's three in the morning don't be annoying and feel to stick to the speed limit...
Terry: Roger that sister.

4th December 2007:

Max: Wow dinner on the table already? You're the best girlfriend in the world you know that?
Saskia: (Laughs) I like to think so...
Max: Honey - about yesterday I'm sorry. I shouldn't of just quizzed you about your father like that.
Saskia: No - it's alright Max honestly. Can we leave this for now and heat it up later?
Max: Why?
Saskia: We need to talk.

Soon after:

Max: You've got to be joking? Saskia - your father is hunting for you?
Saskia: Yeah, he has been ever since we started dating a year ago.
Max: Why? What does he want?
Saskia: I don't know but I'm being looked after by a group of people who work to bring my father and his organisation down. They're called the Chambers Iniative.
Max: Can you trust them Sask?
Saskia: They've protected me for this long already.
Max: I can't believe somebody like you can come from a sadistic madmen.
Saskia: What do you mean?

Max: You're so pure Saskia, you're without a doubt the sweetest, most loving, kindest girl I've ever met in my life.
Saskia: Oh Max - I have something I've got to confess.
Max: What hun?
Saskia: ... I'm pregnant.

Present Day:

Terry: Are you alright Saskia?
Saskina: Woah? Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
Terry: You look teary love.
Saskia: I'm fine, can we just leave it please?
Terry: Sure.

Michael: This coffee date was such a good idea Katherine.
Katherine: Can't beat a gold old cuppa with your neighbour eh?
Michael: True... so how are you settiling in?
Katherine: Pretty good thanks - my cousin's decorating at the moment and seeing as I can't help being blind and everything I just had to get out of there, the smell of new paint and old wallpaper being stripped to the floor was getting to my head.
Michael: (Laughs) I'm sure you're capable of helping to decorate.
Katherine: I am, yeah! I just don't want too!
(They laugh)

Katherine: So Michael, tell me a little bit about you yourself.
Michael: Well I've been living her for a long time now, I just love New York City - my grandfather moved out a year ago to explore the world but he's back for a quick visit then I'm sure he'll be off to wherever he's heading next.
Katherine: That sounds so exciting -
Michael: Oh... will you excuse me a moment?
Katherine: Sure.

Katherine: If it's a Jehova Witness just shut the door.
Michael: (Laughs) Katherine!
Katherine: What? I'm blind I can't be bothered to listen to their crap (laughs).

Michael: Oh - what on earth are you doing here?
Raven: I need to come in - quickly!
Michael: Excuse me? Where do you get off -
Raven: Excuse me!

Raven: Who's this?
Katherine: I'm Katherine.
Michael: You can't just barge in here, not after the way you spoke to me yesterday! I saved your life and when I came to visit you at the hospital you didn't even give me a thank you!
Raven: Look I'm in trouble - I need to stay here!?
Michael: I don't give a damn, I'm in the middle of a coffee date.
Katherine: It's alright Michael, we'll take a rain check.
Michael: No Katherine - please stay.
Katherine: It's alright honestly, I'll speak to you later babe.

Raven: Sorry about that.
Michael: Sheesh! What is with you?
Raven: Sorry but I need to find somewhere safe to stay.
Michael: I already saved your life once...
Raven: Be a double hero then - please!
Michael: (Sighs) Fine.
Raven: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Michael: If I asked would you even tell me what kind of trouble you're in?
Raven: No.
Michael: Worth a try...

Terry: We're almost there.
Saskia: Wow... that was - err quicker than I thought it would be...
Terry: You ready to be reunited with your little girl?

6th June 2008:

Saskia: Honey - could you take care of Angel for just a minute please?
Max: Sure is everything alright?
Saskia: Yeah there's just someone here I've gotta speak too.
Max: Oh, okay.

Paul: You wanted to talk to one of us?
Saskia: Yeah Paul, come on in.

Paul: So is anything wrong? Are you perhaps getting worried your father's gonna find you? Because if you are I can assure you we've got people watching you twenty four-seven. You are perfectly safe.
Saskia: It's not that. Hows Julie and the kids?
Paul: They're great thanks Saskia! How's your Angel?
Saskia: She's brilliant cheers.
Paul: Good, so what is it you needed to tell us?
Saskia: I'm really thankful for everything the Chambers Inatitive has done for me - truley, you guys protected me from a man so sick and so daungerous, my own father... but I want to go my own way.

Paul: Really? Are you sure Saskia? If your father catches you then - I - I'm not sure what'll he do!
Saskia: I know it's a risk but I can't live my life like this anymore. I can't go the supermarket knowing I've got someone following me for my own protection, I can't bare the thought of being standing outside Angel's school when she's older to make sure nobodys hanging around - I just can't! I can't keep on moving from place to place every two or three months! I need a life!
Paul: Saskia - I really don't think you should do this...
Saskia: I want to try, I know how to stay clear of my father. I'll follow the advice you guys all give me...
Paul: If you're sure.
Saskia: I am.

Paul: Be careful.
Saskia: I will do.
Paul: If you ever change your mind and if you ever need us again?
Saskia: I'll know where you'll be.

Present day:

Paramedic: Sorry for the delay sir but we're here!
Pierre: Oh thank god! Please - take my wife! Take my wife to the hospital - she's been shot!
Paramedic: Good grief! How did this happen!?
Pierre: We were mugged! The guy just turned up and shut her! I tried to stand in the way but -
Paramedic: How did you end up in here then? Isn't this a councilars office?
Pierre: Yes I dragged her in here to get help! Our - err our councilar is err - first aid qualifed I know he could of stopped the bleeding until you guys got here but he wasn't here when we arrived.
Paramedic: Alright, you're going to have to stay here for the time being sir.
Pierre: What!?
Paramedic: The police want a statement...

Pierre: Err - okay... oh please be alright Isabelle!

Saskia: What the hell is this!?
Terry: The Chambers Iniative head quarters Saskia, that's what.
Saskia: But - but - it's like a bombsite.
Terry: You're close in saying that. Anyway - down you go.
Saskia: Excuse me?
Terry: Jump - jump down there.
Saskia: And why the bloody hell would I do that?
Terry: When you do - you'll hit water, it won't hurt don't be a baby. It's not a big drop then we have some tunnels to go through.

Saskia: What the? You're having me on right?
Terry: Why would I be having you on?
Saskia: Isn't there a normal entrance!? Like a door!?
Terry: If there was do you really think any of us would still be alive? The Areas of Research could just bloody knock our door down.
Saskia: I'm not jumping down that!
Terry: (Sighs) Fine. I'll go first...

Saskia: What - Terry!


Saskia: Oh my god - is he mad!?
Terry: (From afar) C'mon Saskia! Come down! Angel's this way!

Saskia: (Sighs) It's like I'm jumping down to hell....

Saskia: WOAH!

3rd July 2008:

Max: This was a nice idea - having dinner with one another. We haven't done this in so long. Angel's been sleeping beautifully lately too, it's like God wanted us to have this quiet night. Sask? Sask?
Saskia: Oh sorry hun - yeah, yeah you're right.
Max: What's bothering you? And don't say nothing - I'm not that stupid.
Saskia: I just feel like somethings not quite right.
Max: Oh?
Saskia: Since I've told the Chambers Iniatitive I don't want their protection anymore...
Max: Are you regretting it?
Saskia: I wasn't... but when I was at the supermarket earlier - I just had the feeling someone was watching me...
Max: You're probably just being paranoid honey.
Saskia: Yeah most likely.
Max: I'm gonna go check on Angel.
Saska: Alright.

Max: Saskia! Sask!
Saskia: What? What's wrong!?
Max: You know you said you can spot whenever one of your dads men is around by the car they use?
Saskia: Yes?
Max: What color did you say it was again?

Saskia: Black with white stripes, why?
Max: Oh my god! They've found us!

Saskia: No! No!
Max: We need to get out of here - now!
Saskia: We can't!? If the cars empty somebody's already most likely on their way up! Was it empty?
Max: Yes.
Saskia: OH MY GOD!
Max: Honey just calm down!

Saskia: He's gonna kill us! They're gonna hurt Angel.
Max: No - no! I am not going to let that happen. That car hasn't been there long which means they haven't seen us enter or leave the building - therefore I can say that you and Angel aren't in.
Saskia: What!? MAX - NO!
Max: Go into Angel's room and hide in her closest! Hide behind the clothes rack!
(Thumping on the door)
Max: (Whispers) Saskia! Please!
Saskia: No - no! I can't leave you!
Voice: We know you're in there open up!

Max: If you love me - if you truley love me - you will go and get Angel and hide in that closet now! Now!
Saskia: Come with me!
Max: I can't... they know somebody's in. They've seen the lights on.
Voice: We're gonna break the door in!

Saskia: Come on honey! Mummy's gonna take care of you okay? C'mon - please be silent sweetheart, go back to sleep...

Saskia: Oh god... that's it honey - sleep - go back to beddy bys.
Max: (From afar) What the hell is going on here!?
Max: (From afar) What!? You mean Saskia? She's out of town - she's visting a friend.
Voice: (From afar) ARE YOU LYING TO ME!?
Max: (From afar) NO! That's the truth now tell me what the hell is going -
Saskia: No... no!
Voice: (From afar) Rositsa - go check every inch of this place!

Saskia: Oh god... oh goodness...

Saskia: Please! Please - don't say anything!
Rositsa: I... I...
Saskia: Please I'm begging you - my baby please. Look at my baby.
Rositsa: (Whispers) Do not give yourself away! Stay in here understand? You make any noises and we're both dead!
Saskia: Thank you... thank you!
Rositsa: Baby's room is clear! Nothing in here!

Saskia: Oh thank god...

Present day:

Saskia: I'm drenched!
Terry: Would you prefer it if you landed on the hard ground?
Saskia: Let's just go shall we?

Saskia: Oh... oh my gosh, what is this place?
Terry: This is our Europiean headquarters Sask, it's nicknamed the Comet.
Saskia: Why?
Terry: Because a massive meteorite hit here in the 70's, and all people believe survived the blast was an underground temple.
Saskia: Wouldn't it attract people to the site?
Terry: No. The ground around here and the building is said to be extremley unstable.
Saskia: What!?
Terry: But it's a lie of course... a rumour we made. Therefore nobody will ever find us and Areas of Research wouldn't even guess we were in Sweeden and here of all places...

Saskia: I'm sorry to be rude but it's a little odd that the Chamber's Inaitive's headquarters in Europe is an old temple.
Terry: It looks like an old temple on the outside, on the inside you will be very shocked. C'mon lets go in...

Delta: Look Wayne, I really would apperiate it if you stopped leaving me voicemails every ten minutes! No you shut up and you listen to me - you have put me through hell and back since you've been elected! I can't be dealing with the stress anymore, I need a break - and stop panicing it's not as if you've gotta raise Liam by yourself he's staying with Debbie until I get back - yes I am saying you're a bad father! Perhaps if you gave us more attention instead of your damn job then I wouldn't have to come to this spa - I don't give a crap the papers are saying our marridge is on the rocks, it is - for once they're telling the truth! Oh you know what Wayne? Up yours!

WoMan: You look like you could do with a massage Mrs.
Delta: You read my mind love.

Shiro: Yuriko we need to talk... wait - are you going somewhere?
Yuriko: Yup!
Shiro: Where on earth are you going?
Yuriko: There's something I need to do.
Shiro: Which is!?
Yuriko: Go and find out what really happened to our father.
Shiro: Oh my... you can't be serious! What are you going to do?

Yuriko: Look after Mum.
Shiro: Yuriko! Come back! YURIKO!

Saskia: What's the inside like?
Terry: Come in and find out...

Saskia: Oh, wow... oh my gosh!
Terry: Welcome Saskia, to The Comet!
Saskia: Oh my - it looks like a space station or something! It's amazing how you've kept this hidden!
Terry: Now if you wait here I'll go and get Angel, you're not allowed anywhere else in the facility but this main area.
Saskia: Alright.

3rd July 2008:

Saskia: I can't just wait in here any longer - I've gotta go out and see!

Saskia: Max? Max?

Saskia: NO! MAX - NO PLEASE! NO!

Saskia: Oh god! NO!

Paul: Saskia! Saskia!
Saskia: Paul (sobbing). He's dead! They've killed Max.
Paul: Oh honey I'm so sorry - we got here as soon as we could!
Julie: What happened?
Saskia: They... they came in and they - I was hiding in the closet with Angel and Paul - Paul told them I wasn't here - and they checked and a woman found me but she - she protected me for Angel's sake -
Julie: Oh gosh... Paul go get the baby.
Paul: Right.
Julie: We need to get out of here...

Saskia: It's all - all my fault!
Julie: Come on sweetheart, we're gonna take care of you and Angel okay?

Present day:

Terry: Saskia - I have somebody who wants to see you...

Saskia: OH! Honey look at you - hello sweetheart!
Angel: Hiya mummy!
Saskia: Oh gosh... I've missed you so much - mummy's missed you so much. I'm never going to leave you again! Mummys never going to leave you again my little Angel!


Saskia: Thank you so much for taking me to the aiport Terry, you've already done enough for me as it is.
Terry: Don't be so stupid Saskia, we're friends - it's the least I can do.

Saskia: Take care.
Terry: You too, I hope to see you again soon.

Saskia: Hello honey? It's me - yes I've got away from my father... I've got Angel back yeah... the Chambers Iniative helped me... where are you now? No I mean which house? Which country!? Oh - okay. I'll get a flight there soon then. Love you.

Matthew: Love you too sweetheart, can't wait to see you.

(Phone rings)

Matthew: Hello?... Yes boss I warned that Yuriko woman to stop trying to find out things about Areas of Research - I left her a bomb to show her how serious I was - no sir she won't be bothering us again. Your daughter? Saskia? Yeah she's on her way here right now... she hasn't the slightest clue I work for you Sir. Her and the kid are coming to come right into my little trap. Yes Sir, alright - goodbye.
Voice: Trap huh?

Matthew: What the -?

Yuriko: Hello Matthew Wright, let ME introduce MYSELF - I'm Yuriko Oyama, and unless you tell ME exactly what I want to know about Areas of Research then YOU will suffer the same fate as my father!