Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 6 - Confrontation

Isabelle: Pierre will you calm down?
Pierre: How can I calm down? A woman comes up to you in the supermarket and knows something about my sister and you expect me too calm - GOD I CAN'T FIND THE GUN!
Isabelle: Oh for goodness sake its at the back of the cupboard hidden behind some socks.
Pierre: Got it.
Isabelle: Do you need to use the gun? I'm sure if you asked Mathieu he would just tell you if he knows anything about Alex.

Pierre: Are you stupid? He's been sitting there listening to us go on about her for two years and he hasn't said anything or even blinked an eye! He knows something and he will not want to tell me anything!
Isabelle: But the gun Pierre - what if there's an accident?
Pierre: There won't be.
Isabelle: You don't know that.
Pierre: Are you coming or not?
Isabelle: No. I'm not gonna support you whilst I act like a mad man!
Pierre: SHE'S - MY - SISTER! You don't have any so you can't understand that!
Isabelle: For goodness sake - I do! But why does it matter THAT much?
Pierre: Because she was my best friend too.

Isabelle: (Sighs)


8th January 1984

Pierre: Hey that's no fair! Give me back my badge!
Aubert: Aww, did little baby Pierre turn six today?
Pierre: Stop it! Stop! It my mummy gave me that badge!
Aubert: Aww, did you hear that Corin?
Corin: Hahah! Pierre's a mummy’s boy! Pierre's a mummy’s boy! Quick - break his badge Aubert!


Aubert: (Laughs) Oh Corin this is hilarious - look! Pierre has to get his little sister to defend him!
Corin: Ahahah! Beat it sissy or we'll give you a slap too!
Alexandra: Apologize to my brother and give him his badge back!
Corin: Oh what are you going to do?

(Sound of a huge slap)
Corin: YOW!

Corin: That really hurt!
Aubert: Quick Corin, lets get away from them!

Pierre: Thank you Alex, although I could of took care of myself!
Alexandra: No you couldn't, you're too nice but don't worry I'll always be there to look after you!
Pierre: I love you! You're the best little sister in the world!
Alexandra: Yeah whatever you little girl, I love you too.

Present Day, LA:

Delta: Honey - can you please just quiet down for abit? Mummy’s got a really bad -
Delta: Sweetie? Could you just turn that down a -
Delta: Love?
Delta: Liam!

Liam: You haven't got to yell!
Delta: I'm sorry honey it's just mummy has such a splitting headache.
Liam: Whatever!
Delta: Oh honey come back...

Debbie: Delta - the back door was open love.
Delta: Oh hey Debbie, come in.
Debbie: Wayne in?
Delta: Nope, he's off helping police with their enquires.
Debbie: Honey I was thinking, why don't Liam come to stay with me and my boys for a few days?
Delta: Why?
Debbie: I've booked you in for three days at that spa we love to go too.
Delta: Oh Debbie I can't do that!
Debbie: Please - go. You've been through so much and you helped me through my divorce so this is my way of thanking you. Plus you need a break
Delta: Really? You'd do that for me?
Debbie: Of course I would, we're best friends.

Delta: Oh thank you so much Debbie!
Debbie: Don't mention it, so how is the enquiry going?
Delta: Not well, whoever tried to shoot Wayne is going to get away with it.

Michael: Hello?
Raven: Err - hi. Who are you?
Michael: My names Michael Collins, I got a call from the Nurse saying you were awake.
Raven: Oh are you the guy who brought me in?
Michael: Yeah!
Raven: Oh right.
Michael: How are you feeling?
Raven: I'm alright. Well - anyway would you mind leaving? I'm sorry - I'm just really sleepy.

Michael: Is that all you're going to say to me?
Raven: What?
Michael: No thank you or anything like that?
Raven: What do you expect me to do? Roll out a red carpet and bow at your feet?
Michael: Oh my goodness, you really are a ungrateful piece of work. I'm leaving.
Raven: Later.

Nurse: You feeling any better Raven?
Raven: No, and if that guy comes to visit me again he's not allowed to see me.
Nurse: He's the guy who saved you.
Raven: Whatever, I just don't want him coming back alright?
Nurse: Okay.

Isabelle: Pierre - please! Just think about this.
Pierre: Are you coming with me or not Isabelle?
Isabelle: Only if we leave the gun here - it's not needed you don't know what might happen.
Pierre: Then goodbye.

Isabelle: Pierre! Hey! Come back!


5th October 2006:

Pierre: Well? Can the engine be fixed? I need to use this car later, I'm driving to the airport.
Man: Going anywhere nice?
Pierre: No, just going to well meet somebody I haven't seen in a long time.
Man: Oh right. Well...

Adrian: I'm sorry to tell you buddy but that car isn't going to go anywhere today. It's gonna take me two or three days at the most to mend this baby back to perfect health.
Pierre: Dammit.
Adrian: Sorry mate, you're gonna have to take another car but I can hold it here until you get back from your trip.
Pierre: Alright, thank you.

Adrian: Going to meet anyone nice? A Friend? You're kid?
Pierre: I don't have any kids.
Adrian: Consider yourself lucky, I have a son - his name was Jonathan, well Johnny. I'm never allowed to see him, I haven't been since he was two.
Pierre: I'm sorry.
Adrian: Yeah me too, let me ask you something pal? This person you're meeting, is he or she important to you?
Pierre: Yeah she is, more than anything.
Adrian: Then never let her go. Trust me, it may turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes of your life if you do, take it from the lonely mechanic.
Pierre: Thanks for the advice man.

Adrian: Take care.
Pierre: You too.

Present Day:

Julie: Hey -
Saskia: Hi.
Julie: You ready to go? Terry's just starting up my plane, we need to go board now.
Saskia: Yeah I'm ready.
Julie: Are you alright Sas? You seem a little down or lost in thought?
Saskia: I am, but we don't have time to talk about it - we've gotta board.
Julie: It's my plane love, it'll wait until I say so. So come on - tell me what's wrong.

Saskia: It's just... none of this - it's not how I want to live my life. I mean - why am I going through all this crap? Fleeing from country to country with my two year old daughter running away from my own father - who happens to be one of the most evil and most powerful man on the planet running an evil organization called Areas of Research who carry out sick experiments that has ruined dozens of peoples lives. I mean, Zora was my friend, and Borislav shot her in cold blood, and he works for my father...
Julie: I know you must be so confused and so angry with him -
Saskia: I'm more than angry Julie. I'm telling you - if I ever see my father again -
Julie: Then what?

Saskia: I'm going to kill him.

Terry: Come on girls, gotta get on the plane.

Pierre: Mathieu - I've got to talk to you!
Mathieu: Pierre, what on earth are you doing here? I'm in the middle of a session.
Man: Not to worry, we've only got two minutes left anyway, I'll see you next week.
Mathieu: Alright, sorry about this.
Man: It's no problem.

Mathieu: Pierre - what on earth are you doing charging in here like that? That was so rude!
Pierre: Shut up and listen.
Mathieu: Sorry?

Pierre: Time to 'fess up Mathieu, spill it.


6th October 2006:

Pierre: Isabelle, please stop worrying about me...
Isabelle: Pierre you're off traveling to Italy for no sodding reason! You don't know for sure if Alexandra is out there.
Pierre: We used to go on holidays there all the time Isabelle, it was the only place in the world we were happy as kids - our dad exactly didn't let us have much fun.
Isabelle: She's a drug addict Pierre! How exactly is she going to get to Italy?
Pierre: She's smart and she knows people who can get her there, she's troubled Isabelle, my mother would be turning in her grave if I didn't help her!
Isabelle: Well hurry back, I am your fiancée you know!
Pierre: I know honey, I love you. I'll speak to you when I get home.

Johnny: I don't know if excitement is how I'm feeling to be honest it's more like nerves more than anything.

Johnny: Oh! Sorry buddy, didn't mean to barge into you like that.
Pierre: Not a problem!

Present day:

Mathieu: What on earth are you doing Pierre? Put the gun down!
Pierre: Yeah you'd like for me to do that wouldn't you Mathieu.
Mathieu: Well your pointing a gun at me so yes I would.
Pierre: Don't get smart, it's time you told me everything you know.
Mathieu: What are you on about?
Pierre: Cut the crap! I know you knew Alexandra! I know you knew my sister!
Mathieu: Oh...
Pierre: Yeah, "oh".
Mathieu: Look Pierre - I knew Alexandra when we were teenagers, we were stupid kids who were addicted to the wrong things, I haven't seen her in a long time and I'm sorry to hear about her vanishing -

Pierre: Where is she?
Mathieu: What!?
Pierre: WHERE - IS - SHE?
Mathieu: How the bloody hell do you expect me to know that?
Pierre: You're the one who got her into drugs! You've got yourself a nice little job here haven't you eh? A councilor - very impressive... you must earn quite alot of money too huh? I'm sure you don't want anything getting in the way of your job eh? Maybe if your employers knew you got an innocent girl into drugs you wouldn't be employed anymore eh?
Mathieu: (Laughs).
Pierre: I'm sorry is something funny?
Mathieu: Yes, you.
Pierre: What do you mean?


Katashi: Shiro - Shiro!
Shiro: Katashi, what are you doing here?
Katashi: You haven't come down to the club for a long time, I've been thinking perhaps you don't want to become a member of our gang anymore?
Shiro: Of course - but my mother isn't well lately.
Katashi: Then forget about your stupid family, come and join us now. But of course - we do need that money you're going to steal from your late fathers estate.
Shiro: Yes - I'm - I'm going to get round to that.
Katashi: Well, make sure you do Shiro. I'll be back next week and I want alot of money, I'll see you then.

Yuriko: Mother please just sit down! Why don't you sit down and watch the TV eh?
Yuriko: Okay mother, well why don't you take a seat okay?
Anarka: Okay Yuriko, then we can go and find the butterflies?
Yuriko: Yes, then we can go and find the butterflies.

Shiro: What are you up too?
Yuriko: Oh - err!
(Yuriko closes the laptop)

Yuriko: Don't just sneak up on me like that Shiro for goodness sake!
Shiro: Sheesh, what is the matter with you?!
Yuriko: I can't get any privacy in this house! Where have you been!?
Shiro: Just talking to a friend.
Yuriko: What friend eh? You better not be conversing with any of them gang members!
Shiro: What I do and don't do is none of your business!
Yuriko: Yes it is! I am your sister and you will show me some respect!
Shiro: Oh shut up Yuriko! You go and take care of our loopy mother and do whatever you were doing on your stupid laptop!

Shiro: Katashi, it's me - I'm gonna get you my fathers entire estate. You're right, I can't be bothered with this stupid snobby family anymore.

Pierre: What's so funny?
Mathieu: You really have no idea what you're doing do you?
Pierre: Shut up.
Mathieu: Let me ask you something Pierre, how did you and Isabelle meet?
Pierre: What has my wife got to do with any of this?
Mathieu: Everything.
Pierre: I met her through Alexandra.
Mathieu: They were friends as teenagers right?
Pierre: Yes.

Isabelle: Pierre - oh my gosh! What are you doing?
Pierre: Getting the truth!
Isabelle: Put the gun away - no good can come from this!
Mathieu: Let me ask you something Pierre - you want to punish and shoot whoever is responsible for your sisters disappearance right?
Pierre: Yes.
Mathieu: And seeing as I don't know where she is you're going to blame the drug addict who got her into drugs right? You're gonna shoot who ever that was?
Pierre: YES!
Mathieu: Well then now’s your golden opportunity - she's standing right there.


8th October 2006 - Italy:

Pierre: Excuse me? Do you speak English or French?
Man: Yes I speak English. Can I help you with anything?
Pierre: Do you happen to know where I could find the Baxter Flats?
Man: Round the corner just there -
Pierre: Thank you, thank you very much.

Alexandra: Oh my god! Pierre!
Pierre: Surprise.

Alexandra: What the hell are you doing here!?
Pierre: Surprised to see me are you?
Alexandra: How did you - how did you find me?
Pierre: We came here as kids all the time did you honestly think it wouldn't occur to me that you were here?
Alexandra: I'm not coming back to France with you.
Pierre: And why not?
Alexandra: Because - because I don't want too!
Pierre: You're coming home with me Alex, now.
Alexandra: I suppose I don't have a choice.
Pierre: You're my sister Alex, I love you. Just because your addicted to drugs doesen't mean you run away - I will support you. Now promise me you're never going to run away again?
Alexandra: Alright, I promise.

Present day:

Pierre: What?
Isabelle: Mathieu! You promised you wouldn't!
Mathieu: Sorry Isabelle but seeing as he's come pointing a gun at me I don't really feel in the mood to keep secrets.
Isabelle: Pierre, I'm so sorry.
Pierre: It was you!?

Pierre: You got Isabelle into drugs!?
Isabelle: We were kids - we were kids - I never wanted too, mates influence one another to do things stupid -
Pierre: You managed to get off the drugs and she didn't I'm guessing!
Isabelle: Yes but I tried to save her! I tried to get her off the drugs but she wouldn't - she couldn't -
Pierre: Then it's all your fault.
Isabelle: I have no idea where she is or where she went but -
Pierre: I cannot believe this! How could you!?
Mathieu: Well then Pierre seeing as you were stupid enough to leave the gun in your pocket here...

Mathieu: Why don't I just do it for you? You wanna shoot the person responsible for getting Alexandra into drugs where here we go, I'll do it for you -
Isabelle: What!?
Pierre: No!
Mathieu: Never come looking for me again understand? Never!

Isabelle: ARGH!



10th October 2006:

Alexandra: So who's this guy who we're meeting?
Pierre: His name is Lionel King, he said they've got a rehab facility all set up for you - it's close to here apparently and we're allowed to visit you once a week.
Alexandra: Superb!
Pierre: Hey - you wanna kick the habit don't you?
Alexandra: Of course I do -
Pierre: And you're never gonna run away again?
Alexandra: No I swore to you on mothers grave I would never run away again and I intend to stick to it.
Pierre: Good.
Pierre: That'll be him.

Lionel: Hello Mr. Duguét, I'm Lionel King.
Pierre: Hi! Come on in.

Lionel: Hello Alexandra.
Alexandra: Hello Mr. King.
Lionel: Please, call me Lionel. I'm assuming your brother here showed you through our brochure?
Alexandra: Yes it looks lovely.
Lionel: We've got a fantastic tennis court, a swimming facility, and even some horses for people to ride. All as rewards for doing so well of course. Getting off drugs can be difficult to say the least.
Pierre: Wow, how do you afford all that?
Lionel: We were set up by a millionaire who was once a drug addict himself, he started the cause and so far we have a 100% success rate.
Pierre: Excellent! What was it you were called again?

Lionel: Areas of Research.

Present day:

Pierre: No! No! No! Why did you do that! ISABELLE!
Isabelle: ARGH - PIERRE!
Mathieu: Never come after me again Pierre, understand? This will be your only warning!
Isabelle: Why - why would you do this!?
Mathieu: Because I do know where Alexandra is, can't risk you finding out can we?
Isabelle: Argh...
Pierre: Isabelle! I need to get her to a hospital.
Mathieu: You do that, I'm going - and Pierre remember what I said, don't ever come looking for me again.

Pierre: It's going to be okay Isabelle... I promise you - I'm going to phone for an ambulance!


13th October 2006:

Pierre: (Humming)

Pierre: Hello? Lionel? What are you doing here? I've come to her flat to water her plants - but why -
Lionel: Oh Pierre - the police were going to get in contact with you.
Pierre: About what - what's happened? No no - please tell me Alexandra hasn't overdosed or anything - please tell me she's okay!
Lionel: We came to collect her this morning, to take her to our facility.
Pierre: Yes?
Lionel: But when we got here...
Pierre: WHAT!? WHAT!?

Lionel: She was gone.

The Island:

Scott: Evening James.
James: Evening yourself Scott.
Scott: Did you send one of our nurses to the Swiftways survivor camp? To that guys Johnny's girlfriend?
James: Yes, she left about an hour ago.
Scott: Have you sent a team to watch over her?
James: Of course, but I don't see the point - Johnny won't attack her.
Scott: Why did you even agree to get someone to check her out anyway?
James: Because it was the only way to stop him from hassling me into leaving.
Scott: So what? If they wanna leave and die with the rest of the world then why can't we let them?
James: I think we may find use for them in the future.

Rachel: Who is that nurse woman?
Marge: No clue dear, she's been here for almost an hour in the tent with Lucy, checking her out. I hope she's alright, she's my granddaughter - only thing I've got left!
Glen: You think everything’s gonna be alright?
Warren: I'm a doctor myself, I haven't got the facilities to see what's wrong with her but I could tell it was nothing too serious.
Marge: Where the hell is Johnny?
Glen: Out collecting water with Sarah.
Rachel: There he is now!
Marge: Lucy's coming out of the tent too!

Johnny: Lucy! Lucy! Did they check you out?
Lucy: Yeah!
Johnny: What is it? What's wrong with you!
Lucy: Nothing! Johnny - I'm pregnant!
Johnny: What you're pregnant! OH MY GOD! THAT'S AMAZING!

Lucy: I'm so glad you're happy!
Johnny: This is brilliant!

Lucy: Thank you Nurse.
Johnny: Yes thank you Nurse - thank you so much!

Alexandra: Hell, it's my pleasure!