Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 5 - 727542

California - 2002

Jasmine: Mummy, can I talk to your tummy again?
Julie: Again? You only spoke to him a few moments ago love.
Jasmine: But he's my brother I wanna talk to him!
Julie: I'm only two months pregnant so far, you wait until mummy is seven or eight months pregnant! My tummy will be huge!
Jasmine: Oh no, will you burst?
Julie: No sweetheart, I'm pretty sure I won't burst.

Parker: Mrs. Cole there's somebody at the door for you - said it's really important and said it's about Mr. Cole.
Julie: Oh gosh - alright. Parker would you take Jasmine upstairs and watch Beauty and the Beast with her? Keep her occupied.
Parker: Of course.

Julie: Billy - what on earth are you doing here? Does your dad -
Billy: My dad doesen't know anything - you've gotta help me with something! Something really bad has happened.
Julie: What? What's happened?
Billy: Terry and Paul - your husband, they've been captured along with the rest of their team when they went to blow up that facility.
Julie: Oh my gosh - no! Where are they?
Billy: Bulgaria.

Present Day:

Julie: Get out.
Rositsa: It's raining.
Juliet: Out!

Rositsa: Why don't you just shoot me and be done with it?
Julie: Because I need you.
Rositsa: I wouldn't go in there if I were you - the man in there. Borislav Armertidge, he's one of the most ruthless and top men my boss has.
Julie: I know, we've met. It's just a shame I'm not scared of of him huh?

Julie: Walk. Now! Come on!

Borislav: Ready to talk yet Terry?
Terry: Alright - alright!
Borislav: Where's Saskia's daughter? Where is Angel?
Terry: Why does your boss want her?
Borislav: Just awnser the question or the voltage goes up -
Terry: Alright! Alright!
Borislav: Spill - where is she?
Terry: Never Never Land.

Terry: GARGH! When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you!

Saskia: Come on - it's gotta be here somewhere.

(Saskia bends down and kicks through a floorboard in the room)
Sakia: Hah, my father is too predictable.

Rositsa: What are you gonna do with me?
Julie: Just walk.

California - 2002

Julie: Did you speak to your father?
Billy: Yeah, just called him.
Julie: What did he say? Is he sending a team to rescue Terry, Paul and the others?
Billy: He said he's not.
Julie: What? Why!?
Billy: He said that they're all already as good as dead and if anymore men get sent over to Bulgaria then we'll lose them too.
Julie: What so my husband is just set to die?
Billy: What can we do? My Dad runs this whole program, he's the man in charge.
Julie: Oh what, so you agree with him?
Billy: I didn't say that.

Julie: Well Billy, just because your dads the man behind the Chambers Inatitive doesen't mean he's God. Who is he to tell me that my husband and my friends are just going to be left to die?
Billy: So what do you suggest we do?
Julie: I've already told Parker to prep my private plane at LAX.
Billy: So we're...?
Julie: Yeah Billy, we're going to Bulgaria.

Present Day:

Terry: Argh...
Borislav: We can call this a day Terry, all you've gotta do is tell me where Angel is. I will have to torture you even more if you refuse.
Terry: Better men than you have tried?
Borislav: Oh really?
Man: How are things going Borislav?

Borislav: Rayno? What the hell are you doing here?
Rayno: Ths boss told me to come here, see how you were getting on with our prisoners.
Terry: Ah came from the man direct have you? How is Mr. Barrett?
Borislav: Don't say his name Langerek, you're not worthy. Why doesen't he trust me Rayno? I'm heading this operation!
Rayno: Yeah, in an old facility of ours that got destoryed in 2004.
Borislav: I know what I'm doing! I've been working for Areas of Research for years! I'm one of Barrett's top men! I know fully well what I am doing thank you very much - nobody would find us here. It would also keep our new facility in Russia a secret too.
Rayno: You moron! You just spat that out infront of Langerek!
Borislav: Oops, I did. Looks like I'm going to have to kill him to keep his mouth shut - such a shame none of your Chambers Inatitive friends are here to save you.

Voice: That's where you're wrong Borislav -

Julie: Be a good dear and put down the gun okay pet?


Billy: This is it then.
Julie: You've gotta be ready Billy, behind this wall will be dozen of guards.
Billy: Right, stand back and let me create a little diversion.
Julie: Being?
Billy: After I've thrown this grenade over they'll come pouring out this main exit, but we'll go round back. Trick them.
Julie: You are just like your father.
Billy: Get ready to run.

Billy: Go! Go!

Julie: Where to?
Billy: I downloaded my dads floor plan of this place including all the secret corridors.
Julie: Where on earth did your dad get that from?
Billy: Drew.
Julie: How?
Billy: She's in there working as a spy for us.
Julie: Real 007 agents us.
Billy: A passage is just up ahead here!

Billy: Do we torch this place once we've used it?
Julie: No! Don't be daft! It might be our only way out!

Present Day:

Saskia: Man Terry and his gang sure did a number on this place...

Borislav: Alright you've got my attention, what do you want?
Julie: Who else are you holding here?
Borislav: Excuse me?
Julie: Rosista here blurted out it wasn't just Terry you've got held up here. So who else is it? Who is it!?
Borislav: Saskia.
Julie: Barrett's daughter? Oh god... where is she?
Borislav: In the one cell which is still standing, that's where she is. So are you going to shoot me or what?
Julie: No, but I'll shoot your friend here if you don't let Terry go.
Borislav: Oh really?
Julie: Yeah really.
(Borislav pulls up his gun and fires)

Rositsa: Argh... why?

Borislav: Sorry sweetheart, it's the way it goes.

Borislav: So Julie?

Borislav: Where were we?


Julie: Wow - great job genius! Was you aware that the tunnel leaded to a locked cell?
Billy: Ah, no - I didn't.
Julie: Great.
Billy: Hold on theres a code thing here on the wall - guess it was put here incase anybody needed to use the tunnel for some reason.

Julie: Great, know the code?
Billy: Nope, you?
Julie: Try 727543.
Billy: It's worked! The doors open! How the hell did you know that?
Julie: Barrett's predictable. His only flaw.
Billy: C'mon lets go -

Rositsa: (In Bulgarian) Oh my god! Intruders! Help! HELP!

Billy: Stop her Jules!
Julie: Stop - stop right where you are.
Rositsa: Okay! Okay!
Julie: What's your name?
Rositsa: I'm Rosista! I'm Rosista!
Julie: Do you work for the Areas of Research?
Rositsa: No! I just clean their labotorys!
Billy: She's lying.
Rositsa: What? No I am not!
Billy: Julie - I know every single person who works here and what they do - she is not a cleaner! She's a -

Billy: - agent!

Julie: Don't even try it -
Rositsa: ARGH!

Julie: She's out.
Billy: Where too next?
Julie: You know where they'll be keeping Paul, Terry and the others?
Billy: I think so.
Julie: Lead the way. And lets get on with it whilst the majority of their guards are outside trying to see who attacked them...

Present Day:

Saskia: I have no idea where the hell Terry is!

Julie: What do Areas of Research still sodding want? Haven't they done enough damage over the past few years?
Borislav: Far from it Julie, we have big plans - plans your precious little golden boy boss Samuel Chambers can only have nightmares about.
Rayno: Borislav stop! You shouldn't be telling them this!
Borislav: Shut up Rayno! They won't live to tell anybody else...
Rayno: You don't know that!
Borislav: Shut up Rayno!
Julie: What do you mean?
Borislav: Lets just say - we intend to create our own way of life.
Julie: Meaning?
Borislav: Oh we have something brewing and when lets say it's "broke out" it will be sad that you won't get to see our results.
Rayno: Borislav! Enough!
Borislav: SHUT UP RAYNO!

Borislav: Hey Julie - lets play a game shall we?
Julie: A game?
Borislav: Oh yes I enjoy a good old game, Rayno here is going to put Terry's voltage high enough that after too long it will begin to shut his body down and cause it serious damage.
Julie: You sadistic monster, why do you do this?
Borislav: Honestly? Fun. Now Rayno if you would.

Terry: GARGGH!
Julie: No stop - please!

Borislav: One way you can save him Julie - you kill me.
Julie: WHAT!?
Borislav: Go on, put a bullet in my head then you can rescue your friend.
Julie: I... I...
Rayno: What are you doing?
Borislav: She won't be able to do it. She doesen't have the stomach do you Cole?
Julie: I... I'll do it -
Borislav: No you won't.
Julie: YES I WILL!
Borislav: No you won't.
Rayno: How do you know she won't Borislav!?

Borislav: Because we've been here before...


Billy: That was some nice moves you did there Jules - you wiped out like ten of them in one go.
Julie: You sure they're being held in here?
Billy: Positive - it's their best cells.
Julie: Alright - lets go.

Female Scientest: GARGH!
Male Scientest: NO FIONA!

Julie: Oh shut up -

Borislav: No you don't!
Julie: Argh!

Julie: Ahah!
Borislav: OW!

Borislav: Alright - lets get this over with.
Julie: I'm not a killer. Leave! Get out of here now! This place will be blown to smitherins in a few minutes - leave whilst you have the chance.
Borislav: This isn't over!
Julie: Yes, it is.

Billy: Julie - what should I do with this yahoo?
Male Scientest: No! Please! Don't shoot me! My wife - is she dead? Is Fiona dead?
Julie: It seems so - why did you have to do that Billy!?
Billy: These people are sick freaks! A loss from these are a good thing!
Male Scientest: Oh god... my Fiona - my poor Fiona.
Julie: Go on - you get out of here too.

Billy: Get out of here before I shoot you!

Julie: Paul! Are you alright?
Paul: Julie - yeah I'm fine.
Julie: Get them out of here Billy!
Billy: Okay, on it.
Julie: Did they hurt you?
Paul: No - you shouldn't be here Julie! You're pregnant for gods sake!
Julie: I'm fine. I'll be fine.
Billy: Okay done.
Julie: It's open come out!

Julie: Oh Paul thank God I imagined the worst.
Terry: Alright lets quit the reunion talk until we reach the chopper -
Billy: Where's the other guys you came with? And the spy who was working here - Drew?
Paul: Dead. They're all dead. Me and Terry are the last ones left.
Julie: Come on we've gotta get out of here!
Terry: You guys head to the helicoptor. I've gotta finish my job and blow this place to the ground.
Julie: Be careful.
Terry: You know me. I'll meet you guys in five.

Sometime after:

Paul: You guys found a passage?
Billy: Drew found out about it - can't believe we've lost her.
Paul: We've lost alot of agents. Julie what's wrong?
Julie: The woman I knocked out - Rositsa. We need to carry her out, she's still unconcious.
Billy: So? Leave her here to die in the explosion. It's hardly a loss.
Julie: We can't just leave her to blow up Billy! She's a person!
Paul: Alright I'll carry her out.
Billy: Sheesh.
Julie: Thanks darling, come on - lets go!

Present Day:

Julie: I've changed since then.
Borislav: Really? Cause we've been standing here for several seconds and you haven't yet pulled the trigger.
Julie: I...
Borislav: You're not a killer, you don't have the bravery - the stomach.

Saskia: (Quietly) Oh god, I hope this works.

Borislav: GARGH!

Saskia: I knocked him out! Did I do good?
Julie: There Terry! You're free!

Terry: Oiyt Rayno - shut up!
Rayno: ARGH!
Julie: TERRY!

Julie: Why did you kill him!?
Terry: Because I'm the muscle sweetpea, you're the brain.
Julie: You're no worse than Borislav.
Terry: You don't mean that.
Julie: Yeah, I do.
Terry: Lets just get out of here eh?
Saskia: Guys - that guy got away!

Terry: NO!
Julie: Terry! Just leave it! Terry!

Terry: DAMMIT!

Terry: He'll be long gone - he knows every emergancy exit out of this place!
Julie: Lets just get back to the States alright?
Terry: Thanks Julie.
Saskia: Yeah, thanks.
Julie: For what?
Terry: Saving us. It's a shame you left the Iniatitive, wouldn't you come back?
Julie: No - it isn't for me.
Terry: Fair enough, lets go shall we?


Julie: Will she survive the explosion from here?
Paul: Yeah, she will.
Billy: Jeez Julie - haven't you worried about the life of that nobody enough already?
Julie: Oh shut up Billy.
Paul: Terry's heading back.

Terry: Get in the chopper! Come on - go! Go!
Julie: Oh gosh -
Paul: Quick love - get in. BILLY GET THE ENGINES ONLINE!
Billy: Already have boss!

Rositsa: What the -

Borislav: Rosista - are you alright?
Rositsa: How did I end up here?
Borislav: I don't know.
Rositsa: So there's a bomb in the facility? Did they manage to do it?
Male Scientest: Yeah, it's gonna go off any second. Anybody who's in there's toast.
Borislav: Well, guess we're the only three survivors huh? We need to get out of his woods and quick - it will be alight within seconds!

Present Day:

Julie: There you are Saskia. Oh - who was she?
Saskia: Her name was Zora. She was a really good friend to me - protected me from my dads men plenty of times.
Julie: She was an agent for the Iniatitve?
Saskia: Yeah, she hated my father - he ruined her life...
Julie: Not the first time he's done that to someone huh? You know I saw a body bag which the police must of left behind when they removed the bodies from this place. Want me to go get it for her?
Saskia: Yeah. It's not fair to leave her body just lying here like this...

Terry: Guys - you ready to go?
Saskia: Yeah. I'm ready.
Julie: No - we need to burry Zora.
Saskia: Yeah!
Terry: Alright.
Julie: And Rositsa and Rayno too.
Terry: What!? Why?
Julie: Otherwise we're no better than the man we all hate. If we just leave their bodies here like this - to rot then we're no better than Barrett or Borislav.
Saskia: Yeah, I agree.


Saskia: So what should we say?
Julie: Rest in peace?
Saskia: Yeah, rest in peace.
Terry: Fine - rest in peace.

Terry: Once we've filled the hole in can we go?

Julie: Yeah lets go home.


Isabelle: Pierre! Pierre!
Pierre: Hi honey, just got dinner on. I tell you this roast might even be better than yours!
Isabelle: Listen to me!
Pierre: What on earths the matter?

Isabelle: I saw a woman in the supermarket - she came up to me - asked me if was Isablle Duguét and then she asked if I was Alexandra's sister-in-law.
Pierre: What!?
Isabelle: And when I asked if she knew anything about Alex she ran and got away.
Pierre: We need to confront Mathieu - now. I'm not waiting anymore, if he knows anything about Alex then we need to force him to tell us!
Isabelle: But -
Pierre: No buts Isabelle... it's time I found out what happened to my sister.

Pierre: Isabelle - where's the gun?