Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 4 - They Who Pull Our Strings

3rd October 2006 - Kent, England

Johnny: Get lost mum!

Beth: You get back here young man! You get back here right this instance!
Johnny: Get lost!
Beth: Don't you dare talk to me like that - in front of the neighbors.
Johnny: Oh they don't care, they're nosy housewives with nothing better to do than listen to other peoples business!
Tania: Hey!
Beth: Ignore him Tania!

Beth: Johnny - please. I am your mother! If you walk out on me - then I will disown you. I'm begging you - don't go.
Johnny: Bye mum.

Beth: Johnny! No - wait! Please, no!


Present Day:

Rachel: Johnny! JOHNNY!

Johnny: What on earths the matter?
Rachel: You've gotta come quickly!
Johnny: What's happened?
Rachel: It's Lucy - she's clasped!
Johnny: No - no, oh no!

Johnny: Luce! Lucy!
Marge: I don't know what happened Johnny - (cries) she just vomited and then she fell into the sand - I don't know... I don't understand what's wrong with her!
Glen: It's alright Marge - lets let Johnny take a look at her?
Marge: She's m granddaughter, she’s the only thing I have left!
Glen: Come on Marge, calm down.
Johnny: Oh god - Lucy. Wake up baby come on!
Lucy: (Mutters) Nan...
Marge: It's all right poppet. I'm here. I'm here.
Johnny: I don't know what's wrong with her - I'm no doctor.
Glen: Speaking of doctor where is Warren?
Rachel: He took Sarah out for a walk!

Johnny: Alright Marge - you stay here with Lucy. When Warren gets back tell him exactly what happened to her. Glen, Rachel - come with me.
Marge: I can't handle this on my own!
Go and get Nita to stay with you. What I'm going to do will help Luce okay? It will help us all?
Marge: Alright.

Rachel: Where are we going Johnny?
Johnny: Get your bags together guys. We're heading out.
Glen: Heading out where?
Johnny: To see the puppet masters.
Glen: Puppet masters?
Johnny: That's all we are Glen, puppets. We're left here to rot whilst they live comfortably on this Island.
Rachel: You're talking about the folks who own this place?
Johnny: Yep, the guys who won't let us leave.
Glen: There's nothing we can do Johnny - we've asked them to let us go but they won't.
Johnny: Well this time I'm not taking no for an answer.
Rachel: What are you gonna do?

Johnny: If I have to - I'll kill their leader.


New York:

Wayne: Honey? I told Debbie that Liam's having a day off today.
Delta: Yeah. If I can help it I'll never let the two of you leave this house again.
Wayne: I have to leave sometime Delta; I'm the Mayor of New York.
Delta: Yeah you're the Mayor who almost got shot and murdered!
Wayne: Delta - I have to help with the investigation over what happened. I'm giving a speech later today.
Delta: You're what!? Haven't you learnt anything? People want you dead Wayne!
Wayne: I need too - I need to speak about Travis and the police officer who died that day. It's my duty.
Delta: Awesome, and then in two days time I can make a speech about how you get shot later today.
Wayne: I knew this would happen! I knew you would be unsupportive!

Delta: Oh I'm sorry - I shouldn't be getting worked up. My husband was almost assassinated but that doesn’t matter does it?
Wayne: Will you relax! I'm not doing it out in public. I'm doing it inside the town hall.
Delta: Whatever.
Wayne: Delta - Travis was a friend. A fantastic one at that, he's been supporting me since my campaigning days. I owe him his.
Delta: Fine. But maybe you owe your wife and son some things too?

Wayne: Oh Delta, come on!

Marvin: Sorry I just turned up out of the blue Mikey. I thought you'd be happy to see me. Nonetheless I was in for a shock when I caught you trying to slit your wrists!
Michael: I'm sorry Grandpa. I just hit a new low.
Marvin: I don't give a crap - there's no reason for you to ever do that again do you understand?
Michael: Yeah, fine. I'm sorry.
Marvin: If things get hard you know you can call me!
Michael: You're off exploring the world - why would I want to bother you?
Marvin: Just because I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and the San Francisco Bridge doesn’t mean all of that comes before my grandson!
Michael: You're right.
Marvin: Perhaps I left too soon. Perhaps you aren't ready to live all by yourself.
Michael: Grandpa! No! I'm twenty two years old. I've gotta start looking after myself.

Marvin: Well fine. But I'm staying a few more weeks.
Michael: That's fine. Want some breakfast?
Marvin: Sure son, that would be great.

Rachel: Johnny - maybe we should slow down?
Glen: Yeah man, we've been heading out for hours. Johnny!
Rachel: Why isn't he answering?
Glen: He's furious Rach, I don't blame him. I know I'd be reacting the same if it was you who had clappsed.
Rachel: I guess that's true.


4th October 2006:

Julian: Come on Johnny! Hit it! Come on son! Hit it!

Johnny: Rarrgh!
Julian: Come on son! That's it! Come on! Johnny you've gotta do better than that! HIT ON! GO ON!

Johnny: ARGGGH!
Julian: Alright, that's enough. Good man, come on. Take a break kid.

Julian: You're hitting that thing harder than I've ever seen you hit it before kiddo.
Johnny: What can I say Julian? I'm quite an angry guy lately. Training always lets me blow off steam.
Julian: Well don't get messy. You're one of the best boxers in the country, can't afford to let your emotions get you sloppy.
Johnny: I know boss.
Julian: You got four minutes, and then I want you working on your stamina. Got it?
Johnny: Yep, sure thing.

Julian: Johnny your cousins here to see you.
Johnny: Great.

Sarah: I just got off the phone with your mum.
Johnny: (Sighs) What do you want Sarah?
Sarah: I want you to go and apologize to your mum. My mums been at yours all night trying to comfort her. She's in bits. She thinks you hate her.
Johnny: Well - at the moment, I do.
Sarah: Johnny you can't leave your mum in that state! It's not fair.
Johnny: Do you even have the slightest idea what's going on?
Sarah: No they wouldn't tell me.
Johnny: Then with all due respect "cuz", mind your own.

Sarah: Don't talk to me like that Johnny, your mum is one of the best women I know.
Johnny: Then you don't know many great people do you?
Sarah: That's not fair. She's had her fair share of problems over the years with her drinking problem but that ten years ago, she's recovered - she's changed.
Johnny: That's not what the problem is -
Sarah: Then why don't you just tell me?
Johnny: To be frank Sarah - I really don't want too.
Julian: (From afar) One minute Smith and then I want you back training!
Johnny: You need to leave Sarah.
Sarah: Whatever. Later.

Julian: Come on Johnny! That's it kid! Go on!

Present Day:

Rachel: Lets stop for a drink.
Glen: Yeah, that's a good idea.
Johnny: Alright, four minutes. No more.

Rachel: Does he even know where he's going? We've been walking round the jungle for hours now. We're just in the middle of nowhere at the moment.
Glen: Whether Johnny knows where he's going or not is irrelevant; these people are forcing us to stay here- why? This isn't the damn Lost Island! They're not 'Others' and there's nothing damn special about this Island, if they wanted to keep us here they must have a motive.
Rachel: Exactly, we've been here for two years, if they were going to let us go they what of done.
Glen: I don't know Rach, but I don’t know if Johnny know what's he doing.

Johnny: What was that?
Glen: Johnny mate, it's just - we've been walking round for hours.
Johnny: You know what guys? If you don't trust me to sort things out don't follow me. Sorry I made you!
Glen: No that's not what we're saying!
Rachel: We just don't understand what you're trying to achieve is all.
Johnny: I am trying to get answers! I'm trying to stop us being used and treated like lab rats!
Glen: Why by just running into the unknown? What's that going to achieve other than a stitch and sweat patches?
Johnny: You know what guys if you feel that way then -

Voice: Sorry to interrupt.
Johnny: You! I've been looking for you.

James: Johnny if you wanted to see me, you only had to say.


4th October 2006:

Johnny: Hey babe, sorry I'm out late. Julian kept me talking for a while.
Bonnie: It's no problem, how was training?
Johnny: Yeah, it was alright.
Bonnie: Didn't sound too optimistic there, or are you just knackered?
Johnny: Yeah I am. It's just I don't know what I want to do anymore.
Bonnie: I thought boxing was your dream?
Johnny: It was. For a long time, but it's just recently something more important in my life has come up and I just want answers.
Bonnie: What like?
Johnny: I recently found out my mums been lying to be since I was a kid - my fathers not really dead.

Bonnie: What? Why? Why would she do that?
Johnny: Don't know but my fathers out there and she won't tell me where he is. So now everything in my life just doesn’t feel right. For twenty years I've had a father, for twenty years I've always believed he was dead - now I'm not sure about anything. Well... except one thing - you.
Bonnie: Oh honey.
Johnny: I haven't spoken to her since yesterday, what do I do?
Bonnie: Take it from a girl who knew her father and lost her father. He's meant to be one of the most important people in your life Johnny. It's not right for your mother to keep him from you.
Johnny: So what should I do?
Bonnie: If your mother won't tell you where he is - find out for yourself.

Present Day:


Julie: Hello Parker it's me. Yeah it was a long flight but I'm in Bulgaria now. How are the kids? If she's playing up just send her to her room. Look Parker - please don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing. I'm going to rescue a friend. I've got to go now - goodbye.

Rositsa: Going to kill me are you?
Julie: I'm not a killer. But if I were you I'd wish that I don't succeed in freeing Terry.
Rositsa: Why?

Julie: Because HE is a killer.

Saskia: Terry! Terry! Wake up!
Terry: Huh? Saskia what's wrong?
Saskia: Borislav's coming! He looks angry!
Terry: Great...

Borislav: Alright Langerek, get out here now.
Terry: Only had to say please Borislav.
Saskia: No Terry, no! He's going to torture you! No!
Terry: I'll be fine Saskia. Don't tell him anything.
Saskia: No! Please Terry!
Terry: Don't tell him anything Saskia!

Saskia: NO! TERRY!

James: What can I do you for Johnny?
Johnny: You let us go home - you let us go home right now.
James: I'm not going to do that Johnny, for your own sake.
Johnny: What do you mean our own sake? We want to go home to our families! Why is that such a bloody crime!?
Rachel: Johnny - calm down.
Johnny: I'm not calming down Rachel!
James: I can't explain why but I'm doing this for your benefit. For you and your friends.
Johnny: And why should I believe that? You get to live comfortably whilst we're living like cavemen! We had to burry two of our friends yesterday!
James: I'm sorry to hear that -
Johnny: Bull!
James: How did they die?

Johnny: They drowned.
James: The seas rough this time of year, especially around here -
Johnny: And now my girlfriend has clappsed! I've had enough of this place!
James: Has she been drinking enough water? Enough to eat? Does she sleep well?
Johnny: She's healthy and yet she's collapsing so why don't you explain what's going on with her!?
James: Is that why you're here Johnny? You want help with your girlfriend?
Johnny: No I want off this hellhole.

James: Alright Johnny, I'll give you a choice - you can leave this place with your friends or I'll send somebody from my medical team to come and take a look at your girlfriend and if needed - help her.

James: Choice is yours. I guess this decision is going to show what type of person you really are -


4th October 2006:

Johnny: Hi.
Beth: Oh thank god, Johnny - you've come back! Thank you so much! I never thought I was going to see you again.
Johnny: You still may not see me again depending on how this talk goes.
Beth: I'm not telling you where your father is.
Johnny: Why not!? Was he a bad man?
Beth: No.
Johnny: Did he abuse you? Hit you? Force you into sex?
Beth: No!
Johnny: Did he cheat on you?
Beth: No.
Johnny: Then why can't I meet my father!?

Beth: Because he's a loser!
Johnny: What?
Beth: I... I - that's not how I wanted that to come out.
Johnny: He was a loser? A loser? I can't see my father, the man who is supposed to be the biggest male influence in my life because - he's a loser?
Beth: He was a greasy, poor mechanic. That's all he was.
Johnny: A lot of people are mechanics mum!
Beth: Not in my world! My world is filled with men who run oil companies and men who run hotel chains - not a greasy mechanic who works for five quid an hour!
Johnny: So you're telling me I can't meet my father because of class?
Beth: Yes!

Beth: Listen to me sweetheart, your one of the top young boxers in the UK. You're going to have a great life full of achievements! You don't want to be involved with somebody like your father. You're my son, and you will only do and socialize with the best.
Johnny: You're a stuck up cow. You really are.
Beth: (Gasps) Johnny! How dare you!
Johnny: Tell me where my father is - now.
Beth: If you go to him Johnny I swear to God then that is between our relationship - you will not be my son any longer!
Johnny: Where is he Mum?
Beth: France. Your father lives in France.


Two Days Later - 6th October 2006 - France:

Bonnie: Hey babe how was your flight?
Johnny: It was really quick and smooth - put me in a good mood at how great the flight was.
Bonnie: I can't believe you're going to do this Johnny, you're finally going to meet your father! I'm so excited for you.
Johnny: I don't know if excitement is how I'm feeling to be honest it's more like nerves more than anything.
Bonnie: Well whatever you do make sure that -

Johnny: Oh! Sorry buddy, didn't mean to barge into you like that.
Pierre: Not a problem!

Johnny: Sorry honey, what was you saying?
Bonnie: I was just going to say whatever you do make sure that you give your father a chance to explain why he wasn't around when you were young.
Johnny: I know exactly why he wasn't around - my mother.
Bonnie: Really? I mean, I know she can be nasty but would she do that?
Johnny: Yes, she would.
Bonnie: Sorry honey - I've got to go, give me a call later and tell me how it goes.
Johnny: Will do, love you.
Bonnie: Love you too, good luck!

Johnny: Oh my gosh, I'm actually doing this - I'm going to meet my father...

Present Day:

Johnny: Both! I want both! I want to get off this place and I want you to help Lucy!
James: That's not the offer, it's one or the other - a person from my medical team helps your girlfriend - or you and your friends can leave the Island.
Johnny: You're sick! You're a horrible person!
James: No Johnny, I just know that you're a good person. I know exactly what offer you are going to accept.
Johnny: I want somebody to help Lucy.
James: Exactly. Somebody will be at your camp to check on her within a few hours - and Johnny don't try anything stupid. She will be watched.

Rachel: I'm guessing he's the guy in charge?
Glen: We got what we came for Johnny - can we go now?
Johnny: You guys want to get home to your families as much as I do. Why didn't you try and convince me to take his other offer?
Rachel: We care more about Lucy's well being Johnny.
Glen: Yeah, over the past two years we've been here we've all become friends. We look out for each other.
Johnny: Thanks so much guys, we best head back. Wanna see how Lucy's doing.
Glen: Good idea.


Isabelle: (In French) Yes Pierre, I'm at the store now. What is it you wanted? Yeah I'll pick up some peas! You know part of cooking the roast yourself is having the stuff to do it (laughs). Yeah I love you too honey. Bye.

Woman: Excuse me - do you... do you speak English?
Isabelle: Yes. Is something wrong? Are you lost?
Woman: You're Isabelle Duguét right?
Isabelle: What? How - how do you know my name?
Woman: And you know Alexandra?
Isabelle: Alex! Alex!? What do you know about my sister-in-law? Who are you!?
Woman: Sorry this was a mistake!

Isabelle: No! Wait! Come back! Hey!

Isabelle: Oi! Come back here!

Isabelle: Dammit!

Rachel: You sure you know your way back Johnny?
Johnny: I'm sure.

6th October 2006 - France:

Johnny: Excuse me? Are you Adrian Grace?

Adrian: Yeah, can I help you?
Johnny: I'm Johnny Smith.
Adrian: Oh my god.
Johnny: I'm your son.

Adrian: Johnny? Oh my god! It's really you! Oh my god! Son!

Johnny: Hi Dad!

Present Day:

Glen: Well we made it back.
Johnny: Guys - thanks for today. Means a lot how much you two have stuck by me.
Rachel: It's no problem Johnny.
Glen: You'd do the same for us.

Johnny: Lucy - hey, what are you doing up? Are you all right?
Lucy: Just a little woozy that's all. Where have you been?
Johnny: Out to get you some help, somebody will be here soon to check on you. Are you sure you're okay?
Lucy: Yeah - yeah, I'm sure. I love you Johnny.
Johnny: I love you too, so much.

Rositsa: No matter what you do you're not going to get your friends out of there.
Julie: Friends? Who else is in there?
Rositsa: I'm not telling you anything.
Julie: You don't need to. I'll find out soon enough.
Rositsa: And how’s that?

Julie: I'm going in.