Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 2 - The Beginning Part 2

(Sound of a gunshot from the radio)
Julie: What on earth was that?
Parker: Sounded like a gunshot!
Julie: Oh my gosh, I hope nothing bad happened!

Travis: Gargh! Argh!
Wayne: Oh my god! Travis - oh my gosh!
Police Officer: What the hell happened?
Wayne: Travis just leapt in front of me and next thing I know he's got blood pouring out of him.
Travis: Run... run Wayne! There's a shooter! Up there!

Wayne: Oh my god.
Police Officer: Mr. Mayor! MOVE! Take cover!
Wayne: But Travis!
Police Officer: Mr. Mayor get yourself away from -

Police Officer: Gargh!

Raven: No! NO! This cannot be right! My shots never miss!

Woman: It's that person up there!
Man: Everybody get out of here!

Raven: I gotta get out of here!

Police Officer: We got an officer down and a severely injured man! We need backup now! WOULD SOMEBODY GET THE MAYOR AWAY FROM HERE FOR CHRIST SAKE!

Raven: Excuse me Sir - what's happening?
Man: The Mayor just got shot at from the roof this place!
Raven: You're kidding!?
Man: C'mon lets get out of here!
Raven: Yeah! The shooter is obviously still in the building somewhere!
Man: Some people just ruin the reputation of this country.
Raven: You're telling me?

News Reporter: We can now confirm that Mayor Davidson of New York was fired at, it's unknown if he managed to escape without being hit at this time but we will keep you posted on updates as soon as it becomes available.
Julie: Oh dear god.
Parker: Should we turn around and head home? The City’s gonna be packed busy now of people trying to rush to catch abit of the action.
Julie: I would normally but no, I need to do this today.

Abandoned Science Research Laboratory - Bulgaria

(In Bulgarian)
Borislav: Of course Sir, I deeply apologize for my mistake. Yes Sir, I'll do that. No Sir, everything is peace and quiet over here. I understand Sir, thank you for your call.

(In English)
Terry: That was a lot of "Sirs" Borislav, you were speaking to the man direct wasn't you?
Borislav: Langerek! What are you doing here!? How dare you come to this facility! You and your kind are not working. Now get out of here you piece of scum!
Terry: Tut, mind your manners Borislav. You're forgetting I'm the one holding the gun.
Borislav: I care not for what you do to me Langerek, you wanna shoot you shoot.
Terry: As much as I'd love to rid you of the face of this earth my orders weren't to come here and shoot you. Where is she Borislav?
Borislav: As if I am ever going to tell you.
Terry: Then I guess I'll have to find her myself.

Borislav: AHH!

Terry: I really wish my orders were to shoot you.


Terry: You honestly didn't think the Chambers Initiative was gonna leave you imprisoned did you?

Saskia: Oh Terry! Thank you so much! That Borislav guy threatened to torture us! Because we refused to tell them where Angel is. She still is with you lot right?
Terry: Yes your daughter is safe Saskia. But we need to get out of here before Borislav comes too - is this your friend?
Zora: (In Bulgarian) Hello Mr. Langerek, I've heard so much about you.
Terry: (In Bulgarian) Pleasure to meet you too. (In English) Now, lets get out of here shall we?

Saskia: Please tell me my father isn't Bulgaria!
Terry: If he was I'm pretty sure he'd be here Saskia, I overheard Borislav on the phone with him - I don't think he's around. I've always know your daddy was a psychopath Saskia but I didn't think he'd order to have his own daughter tortured.
Saskia: Well that's why I'm with you guys now - the Chambers Initiative. Your main objective is to take down my dad and his evil organization. I'm just so glad you got here today! Borislav was going to cut off Zora's hands if I continued to refuse to tell him where Angel is. What does he want with her anyway?
Terry: I don't know, your guess is as good as mine. But we understood why your father did any of the things he did we'd be on the wrong side wouldn't we?

Zora: ARRGH!
Saskia: NO! ZORA!

Saskia: You murdering bastard! She's dead!
Borislav: I was meant to keep her alive, so that I could slowly kill her in order for you to confess where Angel is - but seeing as we've got another friend of yours with you we could just use him eh? Zora was no longer needed. And I can't tell you how good it is going to feel to cut off your fingers bit by bit Langerek, now do me a favor and put your weapons to the floor.

New York:

Delta: Oh Liam! Thank god!
Liam: Hi mummy.
Debbie: Delta have you -

Delta: I'm so sorry for my yelling Debbie, it's just a guy called telling me that something was going to happen to Liam and Wayne, god I'm so relieved.
Liam: Something bad?
Delta: Oh no honey, don't you worry about anything -
Debbie: Delta! Haven't you heard!?
Delta: Heard what?
Debbie: Put on the news!


Yuriko: Where the hell have you been?
Shiro: Out. I'm twenty years old Yuriko, if I want to go out then I can go out for goodness sake!
Yuriko: I asked you to stay here today to help me around the house and you also wasn't here to help me out when Mum had another breakdown this morning!
Shiro: Oh yes of course she did! Because that's all what mum does isn't it? Breakdown after breakdown after breakdown! Just send her off to a home and be done with it!

Yuriko: How dare you! How dare you! That is your mother! She raised you! She brought you into this world, and you suggest we just give her away! You need to learn some respect Shiro!
Shiro: Argh - is that all anybody in this family ever goes on about? Respect! Respect! Respect! Incase you haven't noticed Yuriko - our family is in ruins. Father's dead, mother's off her nut -
Yuriko: Don't you dare speak about her like that! She is your mother!

Yuriko: If Father could see you now, he would be disgusted.

Shiro: I know, he always was disgusted with me wasn't he? And you were always his favorite.
Yuriko: That's not true!

Shiro: Precious little Yuriko!

Uninhabited Island, Unknown Location:

Lucy: Honey - the funerals about to take place.
Johnny: Alright Luce, I'm just coming. How’s Suzie doing?
Lucy: She's really tired, forcing herself above them waves obviously exhausted her body. She's a brave girl.
Johnny: Yeah.
Lucy: Come on love, lets go.

Johnny: To start of with I'd like to apologise to everybody for how snappy and miserable I've been today - it's just I know all of us are fed up of having to sit through these funeral services like we're sophisticated people. When the truth is we're just being stuck on this little beach like rats who belong in the dirt. Sally and Hugh were good people, great people infact - they were always kind, brave and extremely generous.

Johnny: They always tried to figure out ways to get us home and they're last attempt sadly cost them their lives. But I just want to say how grateful and relieved I am to still have Suzie with us.
Suzie: Thanks Johnny.
Johnny: Rest in peace Sally and Hugh. You were an amazing couple, amazing people and even better friends. Amen.
Everybody: Amen.

Sarah: That was really nice Johnny.
Johnny: Thanks Sarah.
Sarah: I'm lucky to have a cousin like you.
Johnny: Thanks.
Warren: That was really moving man.
Johnny: Cheers Warren.
Warren: Anyway, I'm gonna go check on Suzie. See how she's holding up.
Johnny: Yeah, good idea.

Lucy: Honey -

Johnny: I can't do this anymore Luce.

Lucy: Oh Johnny...


Isabelle: Thanks so much for dinner darling, it's lovely.
Pierre: Anything for my lovely wife.
Isabelle: Is there anything good on the TV tonight?
Pierre: Next Tuesday.
Isabelle: Sorry?
Pierre: Next Tuesday right? That's when we've got our next appointment with Mathieu?
Isabelle: Yeah, why do you keep asking that?
Pierre: I think it should be then - when we confront him that is.
Isabelle: Really? I think we need more time to get to know him - see if he knows anything.
Pierre: We've been going to him for almost a year now Isabelle! If he intended to tell us about his past he would of by now.

Isabelle: I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with all of this anymore Pierre -

Pierre: Hey! Isabelle! Don't act like this - don't say that! I need to find out the truth! I thought it's what you wanted too!
Isabelle: Yes I know Pierre! I know it's your dream to find out what happened to Alexandra, I mean she was your sister - I'd do the same if I had a brother or sister and they went missing but no good can come from this Pierre. She's been missing for years - perhaps it's time we just need to admit that she's gone.
Pierre: I know she's most likely dead Isabelle, I just want to know the truth, I just want to know what happened to her.
Isabelle: I know but what about our dream? Our dream of moving to America? To Chicago? Like we've wanted for years?

Pierre: We'll get to that - but before I settle down I need to learn what happened to Alexandra. As my wife I hope you're going to help me. Will you?
Isabelle: Yeah, of course I will.

New York:

Liam: Mummy - where's daddy?
Delta: Liam I told you to go upstairs!
Liam: But -
Delta: Upstairs! Now! Go to your room!
Liam: Oh fine! Attitude!

Debbie: Delta I'm sure if Wayne was shot they would of heard something - they would of reported it by now.
Delta: He's my husband - why hasn't anybody called? Does it not matter that I'm sat at home worrying sick!?
Debbie: Imagine how it is over there - the City's most likely in chaos now.
Delta: But how can they just -
News Reporter: News just in, Mayor Davidson's assistant was shot in the shootout and was rushed to hospital with serve injuries, it's been confirmed by the New York Times and even more reliably so by some people who spoke to the paramedic team that he died on route to the hospital.

Delta: Oh god, no! Poor Travis!
Wayne: Honey?

Delta: Oh my gosh! WAYNE!

Wayne: I'm so sorry I didn't call, I was trying to find out news about Travis.
Delta: He's gone Wayne, he died.
Wayne: I know honey, I know.
Delta: Who did this?
Wayne: I don't know but they'll be caught soon - mark my words!

Raven: Please - stop! Please stop!
Man: You failed Raven, I told you to kill him and you failed.
Raven: Please no! ARGH! STOP! PLEASE - NO!

Michael: Nobody understands how I'm feeling.
Woman: I assure you Sir that is not the case, the rates of depression in America is shocking particularly in young adults like yourself. The fact you rang this help line is a good thing - it shows that you want to get better - it shows that you don't want anything bad to happen to yourself.
Michael: I can't live anymore, I've had enough -
Woman: Oh, Mr. Collins please don't hang up we're here to help -
(Michael hangs up)

Michael: This will end everything, this will make everything better.

(Thudding on the door)
Voice: Help! Open the door, please!
Michael: What the -

Voice: Please! PLEASE HELP ME!
Michael: Oh my goodness! Hold on!

Michael: Hello I need an ambulance right away please - there's somebody whose turned up at my flat - they're horrifically beaten! It's awful! Please, come soon - I live at Apartment 32 at the McAllister building on twenty... yeah, that's the place! Come quickly!

Michael: Oh you poor girl!