Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 1 - One Door Closes, Another Opens

It seemed like ages since the trial happened. It really did - it had been over a year since I was accused of a crime that was not committed by me, but instead by my old and evil landlord, Winston Harris.
I’ve always wondered about that day, about what really happened. How could Winston have confessed so easily? More importantly, who was the anonymous witness? I knew that if I ever found who it was, I would thank them forever.
But that was then, and now I had to focus on the future.

Simon had found me a job – after searching through page upon page of newspapers and websites, I found something that didn’t care about lack of education or possible criminal record. It was at a university, a good few miles away from Simon’s flat. Far away from Flint City. I knew this would be a good chance to spread my wings and make a fresh start as a new person.

So it was goodbye to Simon’s flat, and goodbye to Simon.

I knew I would miss it. After all, it had been my home for the past year. But now I had to make my own way into the world and search for my own fortune.

The day the cab came to take me away was quite emotional. I was surprised at the amount of people who had come to see me off. One person was even crying. It was shocking and yet touching to see that I was quite popular in the apartment block.

Woman: Hey! Nurmel! Hurry up, or I’ll leave without you!
Nurmel: Geez, alright! Just give me a sec!
Woman: You’ve already had, like, a million!

I worked for Jessie Rose, a woman who was so into pink it was no wonder my eyes went funny whenever I looked at her.

Nurmel: I’m coming, I’m coming!
Jessie: Don’t have all day...

Nurmel: How do I look?
Jessie: Like you always do, silly.
Nurmel: Does my spot look alright?
Jessie: It looks gross, and why are you worrying about it? You look beautiful honey, trust me!
Nurmel: Whatever. Let’s go.

It was rather refreshing living with another girl. Before I was always on my own, and then I was living with Simon. I’ve never really had experience of being with another girl my age.

Jessie: Are we driving or walking?
Nurmel: I dunno, what seems better?
Jessie: It’ll take too long to walk, let’s drive.
Nurmel: Isn’t it just down the road?!

Yup, totally refreshing.

We work in a gym. Jessie’s the personal trainer and I help with her business stuff. Luckily, I don’t have to think too hard with it, plus I get free membership of the university gym.

Jessie: Come on, work those abs!
Girl: I...*pant*....can’t...*wheeze* run any....faster!
Jessie: I hear whining!

Of course, I hadn’t forgotten about Melody. It seemed that I hadn’t had any visions for a while. Ever since that day before the trial, I hadn’t dreamt of her since. It either meant whatever I had is gone, or...something happened to her. It used to chill me so much I couldn’t sleep, thinking up horrible scenarios of what might have happened. So I decided not to dwell on it too much.

Jessie: Watch me! This is how you run like a woman!
Girl: You’re going so fast!
Jessie: Hell yeah!
Girl on treadmill:

Boy: Aaah! It’s too much for me!
Jessie: You call that being a man! Now get up and try again, fool!
Boy: Why must you be so mean...

She was a little harsh, but she did it all in jest, I assure you.

After our session we’d always go down to the coffee machine.

Jessie: ‘Sup handsome. Some of your finest coffee, please.
Man: Would you like it here, or later?
Jessie: You tease?!....I’ll call you.

Nurmel: Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Hits you right in the core.
Jessie: You gulp it down too fast, you’ll get hiccups. Which are perfect ways to tone your abs, if I must say.
Nurmel: Man, you’re weird today.

Later on we would go back home, and sometimes I’d head out by myself somewhere.

Nurmel: Hey, I’m gonna go into the campus shops for a bit. Do we need anything?
Jessie: Not that I know of. Unless you’ve been sneakily eating things without my knowledge?!
Nurmel: I assure you, not even I could get past you and your eagle eyes.
Jessie: That’s my girl!

The campus was refreshing and interesting. It felt strange walking round, seeing all those students with books and notes, discussing lectures and assignments. Sometimes I felt like an alien walking in between them.

I chose a copy of Paranormal Weekly. After all, just because I didn’t have visions anymore didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted to know if anyone else had had the same problem, maybe if Melody wrote in or something like that. It seemed to be the last issue so I was feeling pretty lucky.

Nurmel: Hey, usual for me.
Cashier: Always the same thing Nurmel. Aren’t you interested in the SuperStar magazine? It has interviews with famous actors –
Nurmel: What are you, a walking advert?
Cashier: *laughs* No, but it’s interesting how you buy that all the time.
Nurmel: What can I say?.....I really like aliens.

Girl: I’ll take this please. And do you have any issues of Paranormal Weekly?
Cashier: Ooh, no, sorry, the last issue just got sold. I’m sorry but I’m not sure when we’re going to get another shipment...
Girl: Oh, no that’s alright. I can look somewhere else.

Nurmel: Hey, you’re looking for Paranormal Weekly? I just bought that.
Girl: Oh, you did? Well, kudos to you.
Nurmel: Did you want it after I’ve read it? Normally I just read it once then chuck it out.
Girl: That’s very kind of you.

Girl: Did you want my address of the halls I’m in, so you can pass it on?
Nurmel: .....
Girl: Are...are you ok?
Nurmel: I...what?

Girl: You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.
Nurmel: Well...
Girl: By the way, my name’s Melody.
Nurmel: I’m...Nurmel.

I couldn’t believe it. I kept pinching myself to see if I was in a dream. Melody. Melody Mystare was right in front of my very eyes and I didn’t know what to say. I’d always thought the scenario up in my mind. I’d always confronted her, demanding she told me what was going on. But now...I was speechless.

Melody: So, what do you do here, Nurmel?
Nurmel: Oh, I’m not a student. I work at the university gym.
Melody: Are you the assistant to Miss Rose?
Nurmel: Yeah...that’s me. What about you?
Melody: Oh, I’m doing Art.
Nurmel: Yeah, thought so.
Melody: What?
Nurmel: You, erm, look the artsy type.

Melody: Well, thanks for the coffee, Nurmel. It’s about to rain so I guess I’ll be heading back now.
Nurmel: yeah, I should be heading back home too.

Melody: It was nice meeting you. We should do it again sometime, maybe when you give me that magazine!
Nurmel: Heh, yeah.
Melody: Bye.

And with that, I was left staring at her as she walked away. More confused than ever.