Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 6 - Moving On

The next month seemed to fly by. Simon was like me in nearly every way, we had the same interests, the same likes and dislikes, we even liked our toast cooked the same way. It was hard to believe I had hardly known him practically my whole life, and yet I was getting along so well with him, despite the 13 year age gap.

We’d dance together and have fun,

We’d play games together,

But sooner or later I knew we’d have to start discussing one major thing: my future.

Simon had a job; he just didn’t go to it very often. He never told me what it was, saying it was a “secret”, and that he “didn’t have anything to do that day”. I was toying with the idea that he was a drug dealer or an illegal alien or something.

Reality started to kick back a while later.

Nurmel: Oh, hey. You look smart. Going into work?
Simon: You really think I’d work on this day of all days?
Nurmel: What are you talking about?

I had my hopes up, but I couldn’t expect him to know that day was my birthday...could I?

Simon: We’re going out, because I heard a certain someone turns 18 today.
Nurmel: Oh really now? That’s interesting. Who told you that?
Simon: That’s for me to know and you to…not know.
Nurmel: (laughs) Alright, alright. Where abouts are we going?

He took me down to a small arcade, in a quiet city square. I got a pretty good amount of points on the games, I must say.

Becoming 18 was strange. I didn’t feel completely different…and yet I didn’t feel the same, either. It was the slow realisation that you couldn’t be bossed around anymore; you could be your own person…

Simon: Hey, hey! Let’s take some photos to commemorate your becoming an adult!
Nurmel: Ok, just a sec!

I wonder what I would have been doing if I were with Mom and Dad. Heh. Probably a walk to some museum that allows free admission. Then spag bol for dinner again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Simon: So, how was your day so far?
Nurmel: Awesome! Thanks so much. I haven’t had this much fun on my birthday since I was a little kid.
Simon: Bless you. It’s not over yet.
Nurmel: You mean there’s more?!
Simon: Yup. Tonight, I got you a reservation at the nearest pizza place. It’s pretty posh.
Nurmel: Oh my gosh!

Simon: Oh, and I nearly forgot…
Nurmel: Wha-what’s that behind your back…?

Simon: Here. Happy birthday, Nurmel.
Nurmel: Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty! What is it?
Simon: Why don’t you open it and see? It’s a secret.
Nurmel: Aww man, the anticipation is killing me!
(phone rings)
Simon: Oh great, that’s my cell phone. Sorry about this.

Simon: Hello...yes, this is Simon speaking…oh, Mitch. I was going to…what? Today? But I’m busy with her. I… (sigh) alright, I’ll be there in 10 minutes. (hangs up)
Nurmel: What’s up?
Simon: I don’t know why they had to do it today, but we need to meet up with a colleague of mine.
Nurmel: Uh oh. We?
Simon: I’m afraid you’re involved. Is that ok with you?
Nurmel: I don’t mind! It’s cool, seriously.
Simon: Alright then.

Simon: Hey Mitch, this is Nurmel, Nurmel this is Mitch. Now what’s so urgent that you have to tell both of us?
Mitch: What’s up, man? I bring news from Flint City.
Simon: It’s only taken them a month.
Mitch: My sarcasm detector is exploding.
Simon: Look, just tell us what the news is!
Mitch: Ok, but don’t make too much a deal about it.

Mitch: You see, they’re summoning Nurmel.
Simon: Summoning her? What for?
Mitch: They’re putting her on trial.
Simon: Trial?!
Nurmel: Trial for what? Breaking out of HUL?!
Mitch: Not that, but the lawyers aren’t too happy about that either.
Simon: Not too happy? If the HUL are so concerned with missing one of their, quote “mentally challenged” unquote, why aren’t they searching for her? Mentioning her on the news?
Mitch: It’s a mystery to us too, but we’re working on it. Basically, the big guys have compromised. Nurmel will not return to HUL if she stands trial for the fire in the gypsy camp.

Nurmel: Wait…do people still think I did that?
Mitch: In all honesty, that’s why you’re here in the first place.
Nurmel: I’m here, because my parents finally thought I was too crazy to survive in the normal world so they threw me out when I was too stressful to handle!
Simon: Nurmel…
Nurmel: Why won’t anyone believe me when I saw that I didn’t burn down that barn?! I only came across it! I saved Handel’s life, for god’s sake! I nearly died in that hellhole!
Mitch: Si…
Simon: Nurmel, you need to calm down.
Nurmel: Calm down?! Calm DOWN?! How can I calm down when everyone just keeps on accusing me…

Simon: Oh my god, Nurmel!
Mitch: What the hell happened?
Simon: She’s out cold. Maybe…

The Costello’s house

Mia: Hey Dad, is the car packed yet?
Mr Costello: Almost. You just need to take your individual cases in with you, but that can wait until we’re actually getting into the car. How are you feeling Melody?
Melody: Oh, erm…I think I’ll be alright.
Mr Costello: Is there anything you’d like? A drink? Some snacks?
Mia: Can I have some snacks, Dad?
Mr Costello: No. You know what sugar does to you, especially in a long car journey.
Mia: Oh darn.

Melody: Thanks again for inviting me on your camping holiday, Mia.
Mia: Well, I wasn’t going to just let you stay at school, moping around was I? I mean, it’s not quite Hong Kong, but…you’re welcome with us anytime. And I can tell Mom and Dad love you.
Melody: (nervous giggle) Don’t say it like that…
Mia: Come on, let’s go see my mom. She’s up those stairs there. Since she’s been in the fashion business, we’ve had to extend, which meant building a new room on top of the garage.
Melody: Oh my…

Mia: She’s in there; I can hear the machine working!
Melody: She won’t mind us going in?
Mia: Nah, she’s used to people popping in and having a chat.

Mia: Hey mom!
Mrs Costello: Oh, Mia. How good of you to pop in.
Mia: Melody’s here too, mom!
Mrs Costello: I noticed. Hello, Melody sweetie. What do you think of my web of doom?
Melody: E-excuse me?
Mia: That’s our name for up here, the web of doom. Cos if you lose something in here, it’s more or less lost forever!
Mrs Costello: I still can’t find that gold hairpin…

Melody: Wow, did you make this?
Mrs Costello: Not quite. That’s the family quilt, which my great great great grandmother made. I’ve just put another few patches onto it, and I’m hoping that Mia will do the same when she gets into the business.
Mia: Which I totally may not.
Mr Costello: (from outside) Everyone! It’s time to go!
Mia: Alright! Let’s go!

And thus the journey shall begin…