Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - 'Letter from Waddingtons'

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The door to the library creeked open, Robert wasn't sure what he was expecting behind the door, maybe Josephine would be there? Or maybe Peter? He hadn't seen them since they all decided to split up and losing people around the Tudor estate was something that really wasn't needed when there was a murderer on the loose. The library was dark, like an old school library; the sweet smell of books was distinctive as he stepped inside and closed the door gentely. The library looked pretty neat, except for the desk in the far corner near the window; there were papers upon papers scattered around. Robert imagined these were either from The Butler or from someone else, either way, he wasn't going to check them out. He stepped forward and glanced around the dark library; why was he still here? To be honest, there was a small woodpecker at the back of Robert's mind saying "Read those papers! I would...could be important". Robert let out a deep sigh and walked forward towards the loose papers around the floor, they seemed like documents, notes and graphs.

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Each was labelled by numbers; Robert was holding number 7 and 16; he looked through the papers in hope of finding the 1st; he found number 2, the first seemed to have completely disappeared. The 2nd appeared to be a letter from the famous English board game producers - Waddingtons Board Games.

"Dear Mr Boddy,
Thank you for submitting us your board game and your ideas. The premise is perfect, the game feels very real and the players we feel will love it. The only issue is with the characters; Mr Redmould to be exact was pretty distasteful, to create a board game which relys on characters like this one, we're going to need the players to want to be the characters, the ones you submitted were quite bland and boring. The title is also very bold; we like the idea of it being called "Murder!", even though some collegues would pay more if you could come up with a more original name - the names sell. Like we said, the idea is fantastic, the fact you based the Mansion on your home is also original; but the characters are boring, we need them to feel real, we need the characters of the game to be life-like - base them on real people if you like, but change the names. We look forward to hearing from you soon Mr Boddy,
Thank you
Waddingtons Games"

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Robert read it over twice; he had heard of Mr Boddy, the owner of Tudor Mansion, but had never seen him. Robert began glancing at the different sheets of paper, there were scribblings of the name; if Mr Boddy was creating a board game, he had settled with "Clue", in brackets it said "(which is more original=payrise)". Robert read through the aim of the game Mr Boddy was inventing, it certainly was original! Several characters are suspects to the murder of Mr Boddy himself, from the looks of his notes, he had scratched out the characters submitted to Waddingtons Games and had started writing new ones. There were 8 pages of character names, each with Mr Boddy's own list of faults. Robert picked up another piece of paper which was labelled "6"; he unfolded the creased paper and began reading.

Lead Pipe

Each weapon was listed with a tick next to it, as though Mr Boddy had agreed with his choice of weapons. As Robert scanned the paper again, he couldn't help but notice that each object was random, a candlestick for a weapon? It's a random object that Robert didn't understand why it had been listed. As he took a moment to look through the other papers, something caught his eye - it was the paper on the far side of the desk. Robert walked slowly towards it and saw that a pen was placed on top of it, meaning that this had been written recently - but by who? Mr Boddy wasn't in the Mansion? Robert moved the pen and picked up the paper, he saw something familiar, but had to squint really hard to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. Robert read the paper and felt his jaw drop to the ground - "Oh my god..." he whispered...

Professor Plum - An ex curator at a Museum.
Miss Scarlett -  An aspiring actress, and the daughter of Mrs Peacock.
Colonel Mustard - An aspiring soldier and well groomed.
Mrs White -  The cook and nanny of Tudor Mansion.
Reverend Green - Elderly Vicar.
Mrs Peacock - Mother to Miss Scarlett and a widow...
Rusty - Grump Gardener
Doctor Black - Doctor...


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All the guests and staff members names were displayed, but it's the header that was above the names that made Robert bold letters wrote "Victims/Suspects". Victims? As Robert scanned the paper again, he looked back at the weapon paper - the rope! Rusty was strangled; Doctor Black had been hit with a heavy object, which could have been the lead pipe or the candlestick. "Jesus Christ..." muttered Robert, the realisation had sunk in, his suspicion was confirmed - Mr Boddy was responsible for the deaths of Tudor Mansion and his reason was; he was trying to make his board game life-like. But why would he go to such extreme lengths? Either way, Robert decided to keep hold of the information, so he folded up the important sheets of paper and placed them in his pocket.

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He turned and walked out back into the Tudor Mansion hallway - it was deadly quiet - not a sound. Robert had no idea what to do for the best, he didn't know where to look for the others. "Hello?" he yelled on top note, hoping that one of the survivors would appear from around a corner - maybe not a corner, but Mrs Peacock and Miss Scarlett suddenly emerged from the door on the other side of the living room.

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"Robert!" shouted Josephine, she ran towards him and flung her arms around Robert and said "you're alright", the relief in her voice made Robert happy, she was genuinely happy that he was safe and he was beyond happy that she was safe too. "Are you two alright?" asked Robert; Mrs Peacock nodded and Josephine returned from around Robert's neck.

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"Yeah, we were chased into there..." said Josephine pointing at the door she had just emerged from. "What? By who?" asked Robert; Mrs Peacock stepped forward - "By the killer..." she said, Robert was confused, they'd seen Mr Boddy? "Who is it?" he asked, Josephine shook her head "We don't know, he's hooded and cloaked" she said - Robert wasn't surprised, he was sure Mr Boddy would want to hide his identity somehow. "The Butler, Mrs White and Reverend Green...they're dead..." said Josephine in a distressed tone - "Dead?! How do you know?" asked Robert. "I saw Reverend Green...bludgened to death by that...that...murdering..." stuttered Mrs Peacock as she searched to find an appropriate word to describe the killer - Robert believed that now was the time to tell them about what he had found - "Listen, I think I know who the killer is..." he said; Josephine and Mrs Peacock leaned forward with anticipation. Robert pulled out the folded pieces of paper from his back pocket and began unfolding them - "Look I found this..." he said...

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suddenly, darkness fell on the hallway. Everything was pitch black, except for the light orange effect from the living room fire - "What's that?!" gasped Mrs Peacock; all three of them glanced upwards as though waiting for the roof to cave in on them. "Power's gone..." said Josephine, the realisation hit Robert, maybe he was paranoid? Or was he spot on? "Or someone's flicked the power switch on purpose".

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As though answering his questions, he heard a door creek open from the Living room; Mrs Peacock and Josephine seemed to hear it too, they spun round and standing at the end of the living room was a cloaked figure - this was surely the killer. Josephine began to scream and Mrs Peacock said something that Robert's mind was already in the process of doing - "RUN!" she said.