Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - 'The Discovery'


Laughter filled through the room, it was the laughter of people who were getting slightly tipsy - Peter could see this of the two women who were sat together. He knew they seemed drunk, yet they did He still would have loved to rant about his ex-employee's to that Doctor, he seemed quite rude to rush off, his story wasn't that boring? The laughter got louder, and as the women got to their feet the glamorous older one turned towards him, and began looking around the room like some sort of teacher addressing a class.

"I think we should all go to the study to get to know each other" said the woman. Peter wasn't best fond of socializing, but whilst it was a holiday, he thought it best be polite to accept, especially as the other guests seem quite excited about the pospect of getting know each other better. As all of them got to their feet, Peter looked at the guests and all seemed to be smiling at him politely, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea? As the guests entered the Study, they began heading towards different chairs and seats.

"Would any of you like a stiff drink?" asked the warm spoken Butler - many of them nodded and off he walked, probably to the kitchen to fetch what the guests wanted. Reverend Green was delighted, he rarely had time to socialize, but when he did he loved it. The guests seemed quite nice so far, many of them had their own unique personalities considering there were so few of them. Of course, Reverend Green rarely felt any kind of hostitlity or bad feeling towards anyone. His job was the love and accept people for who they were, no matter if they had sinned or did anything the Lord may not approve of. He smiled as the beautiful lady in the blue began looking round at them. The well groomed man next to the Reverend spoke first - "So what's the occasion?" he asked - no occasion needed as far as Reverend Green was concerned, but he observed all the same.

"I just though seen as we're all here in this giant Mansion we should take the time to get to know each other" stated the woman in blue - she seemed very confident, the kind of confidence even Reverend Green didn't have after years of speaking in Church. "My name is Eleanor Peacock..." she continued with pride; she then turned slightly to the left and said "and this is my daughter..."; he daughter leaned forward, she was young and quite distinctively beautiful.

"My name is Josephine Scarlett" she said as she looked around at the guests - Reverend Green glanced to the side and saw that the young man who spoke earlier seemed very much besotted with Miss Scarlett.

Reverend Green decided it was his turn - "My name is Reverend Green..." he said as he got to his feet to address everyone in a proud manor. He took a little bow, and sat back down again, as he did, Professor Plum pointed towards the Reverend and said - "Aren't you the same Reverend Green who raised over seventy million dollars for the homeless children's charity earlier this year?". Reverend Green looked positively delighted, he smiled and blushed slightly as he nodded and replied with; "Yes, that was me, I had to do something for those children, what goes in is just horrible...".


As the Reverend returned to his seat, Robert felt he should follow in the Reverend's footsteps and got to his feet as he said "My name is Robert Mustard, I'm currently training to be a soldier..." - Robert glanced around at the guests, his eyes catching Miss Scarelett's again. Robert tried not to make complete eye contact with her, so he quickley sat back down and didn't look back towards that direction.

Shortly after Robert finished speaking, Professor Plum stepped forward and said quietly "My name is Peter Plum, I'm just enjoying the vacation..." - Peter didn't want to go into detail about his backstory, he had no quirky little titbits to tell the others, he was in a bad place with work at the moment, so he felt that he was best keeping it brief. He saw Mrs Peacock nod her head at him in an approving manor, this must have meant she approved of whatever it is he said, or of how he looked.


"The guests would like some brandy..." said the Butler to Mrs White. Mrs White was getting ready to return to her room, she was feeling tired and really deserved an early night. "That doesn't surprise me..." she said, irritatedly - she opened the cupboard behind her and handed the Brandy to the Butler. He smiled as he grabbed hold of it and proceeded to leave the room - just then, the skinny, hunched elderly gardener came walking down the stairs of the kitchen.

Rusty, like Mrs White, has been part of the family for severeal years and despite Mrs White have the occasional moan, he seemed to hate every single thing about Tudor Mansion and most of the guests who come to visit. "They want Brandy huh?" he snarled as he looked at the Butler and Mrs White - he moved forwards in the kitchen and Mrs White felt she could break the slightly awkward silence that was going on since he had entered the room.

"Yes, what are you looking for Rusty?" she asked politely - he glanced around the room and began scratching his head. "I'm trying to find a spare set of keys..." he said, Mrs White was confused, what would he need a spare set of keys for? "What for?" asked The Butler, who had clearly read Mrs White's mind. "Well..." began Rusty - "it seems that someone has locked the front gate with the old padlock..." he continued; Mrs White and The Butler exchanged confused glances, the Mansion gate hadn't been padlocked in many years, not since guests began staying at the manor for a vacation. "But there's no key, one does exist...but I haven't seen it for many years..." replied Mrs White; she was confused though, who would padlock the Mansion gate at a time when guests where visiting? Also, who else apart from The Butler, herself and Rusty would know how to? "Well you must find it and unlock it as soon as you can, Rusty..." said the Butler as he turned to leave the kitchen with the brandy for the guests. Rusty began rooting through drawers and cupboards searching for the spare keys - Mrs White felt her forehead remain the same as she began contemplating what had happened, surely it was a mistake? "Who would padlock the gate though, Rusty?" she asked, he didn't respond, he just continued to look through his belongings and replied "I don't know, but whoever it is...they've made sure we're not getting out."


Mrs Peacock watched as the Butler placed the Brandy bottle onto the table in the middle of the room. There were mixtures of thank you's from the guests, including herself as he left the room. "Now then, let's pour ourselves a drink shall we?" she said as she made her way towards the appetising brandy bottle. Reverend Green didn't drink, but he was happy to have a little sip of something a bit stronger than fizzy lemonade; he remained seated, however - he didn't want to seem to eager to want a drink of the alcoholic variety. Mrs Peacock began pouring out glasses of brandy and started handing a glass to the guests in the room, she saw Peter Plum have a sneaky sip of his before she'd even managed to finish pouring Robert Mustard's glass. As everyone now had their glasses, she turned towards them and said "now then, I think a toast is in order." Robert glanced around the room; he felt he was being addressed by his teacher back in high school - he smiled and awaited Mrs Peacock to continue her speech. "Seen as we're all here for near enough the same reason, I think we should all just say 'cheers' as we enjoy this luxury vacation and all it's privlidges..." she raised her glass in the air and just like sheep follow their shepard, all the guests' glasses raised into the air as though obeying her command and movement. "So..." said Mrs Peacock...however...he was interrupted - "Wait!" said Professor Plum - all the guests turned to look at him.

He wasn't one for interrupting, but he was sure they'd find this important - "We're missing someone, we're not all here..." he said. Mrs Peacock glanced around at the other guests and said "well whoever are we missing?". Professor Plum was surprised no one had noticed, but he had noticed which was surely enough - "Dr Black isn't here..." he said; realisation seemed to flood over some of the guests face's, although Mrs Peacock seemed to be rather irritated that her speech and toast had been interrupted. "Seems wrong for us to toast without him..." said Professor Plum as he looked at his brandy glass. "He's right..." agreed Robert Mustard, as he looked at Mrs Peacock, as though announcing his support of her being interrupted. "Well we must go and get him..." said Reverend Green politely, who was itching to drink his brandy, although he hid it well. "I'll go, I won't be long..." offered Professor Plum, who placed his brandy glass on the table and walked off towards Dr Black's room. He remembered exactly what room it was, as he caught a glimpse of Dr Black entering it when he checked in this morning.

Peter walked down the corridor of the Tudor Mansion until he arrived at Dr Black's room. "Tap! Tap! Tap" was the gentle noise of Peter knocking on Dr Black's door - he awaited movement, or the door to just open suddenly, but nothing happened. Peter decided it wouldn't be rude of him to knock slightly harder, as Dr Black clearly hadn't heard him. "Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!" - he'd surely hear that, it was quite loud. Peter stood still for several moments and still heard nothing from the other side of the door - he was sure Dr Black hadn't left due to the fact that he'd have seen him leave by now for sure. Was it instinct? The busy body inside of Peter popping out to say hello? Or was it just his caring nature that made Peter suddenly decide to try and see if the door was open? He wasn't sure what he'd find, but if Dr Black was offended at him for just walking in, he was sure that he'd realise he was simply checking he was alright. Peter placed his hand on the doorknob and began turning it, as he did the door opened with a slight creek - the room was still and the silence from the corridor and the room itself gave Peter the chills, but he was brave enough to come this far.

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He stepped inside of Dr Black's room and began looking around - there was nothing, although the room was 100% still occupied by Dr Black, as there were a few things that clearly didn't belong to the room itself visible from Peter's view.

He began scouting the room, suddenly, in the corner beside the bed, Peter's eye became fixed on something, he wasn't sure what he was seeing, but a black shoe seemed stuck in he air, in fact the black shoe seemed perfectly placed on someone's foot. A rush of thoughts began racing in Peter's mind, he expected Dr Black to appear from the back of him and tap him on the shoulder, but Peter was curious about the shoe and...someone's foot at the moment.

He stepped forward and as the full view of the foot, legs, body and head came into focus, it was clear what it was...Dr Black...on the floor. Peter gasped, he didn't know how to react, was he drunk?

"Dr Black?" he said as he moved towards the motionless body lying on the floor. He knelt down to try and wake the good Doctor, but as he did, Peter saw a large bruise on Dr Black's forehead as though he had received a blow to the head at some point. Peter's voice seemed to vanish, he didn't know what to say or do, he placed the his fingers on the Doctor's pulse - It confirmed it! Dr Black was dead and by the looks of things, this wasn't an accident, it was murder.

Peter got back to his feet and slowly backed away from the body of the good Doctor before sprinting out of the room to inform the others about what he had found.


He then felt the rush of fear flow through him, he felt his heart beating louder than ever before - his head began spinning and his voice came back as he began yelling for help! "HELP! HELP!" he yelled as his feet began taking him back down the stairs to the other guests. As Peter appeared at the bottom of the stairs, the guests from the Living Room began pouring into the hallway, all of them looking at him with astonishment. "Doctor...Doctor...Black..." he gasped, the words couldn't leave his mouth - Robert Mustard stepped forward and said "What's up mate?" - The words couldn't leave, how could you announce this? Peter announced it in the only way he could - "Doctor Black...has been murdered!"