Crystal Town - Episode 9 - Not So Perfect After All

Ariel: Man no one is interested in me!
Tina: That guy over there seems nice. Go and talk to him.
Ariel: I dunno, I’ve already been turned down twice tonight.
Tina: Go on.
Ariel: Well ok…

Cindy: Hi…hi Eddie babe. What? I can’t hear you.
Karina: Lets go outside.

Tina: Hi Kayleigh.
Kayleigh: Hiya Tina. How have I not ran from this place yet?
Tina: What do you mean?
Kayleigh: Look at my mum!

Tina: (Laughs) She’s having a good time.
Kayleigh: Looks like she’s not the only one.

Tina: …how revolting.

Cindy: Ok babe, what?
Eddie: I called to see if you’re ok.
Cindy: I’m fine.
Eddie: Is Karina ok?
Cindy: Yes everyone’s fine. What's going on?
Karina: Police sirens!
Cindy: Eddie what's happened?

Eddie: Its Jenna she killed that Officer Sammy woman, but she’s locked Kacey in her room, shot an officer dead and moved her on a sofa and shot Bruce!
Cindy: Oh my god! Is he ok?
Eddie: He’s fine. She shot him in the shoulder. He’s going to be ok. Just I want you to come and collect Jennifer. I’ve left her in their living area so she’s not in the room with all this blood!
Cindy: Where are you?
Eddie: In the bar… don’t worry, I’m looking after Bruce. Please come. Be careful. Bring Karina with you.
Cindy: Ok honey, you be careful too.

Karina: What’s going on?
Cindy: We need to get to the pub. Now!

Kacey: Ow my foot! I knew I shouldn’t have kicked down the! Jenna! Are you ok?

Kacey: Oh my god! What's happened here? DAD!?
Eddie: He’s ok. I’ve called an ambulance.
Bruce: Eddie go and get James please, and then get out of here.
Eddie: What?
Bruce: Please just go and do it.
Kacey: My bedrooms the last one down the hall to the left.
Eddie: Ok.

> Kacey: Dad tell me everything that happened.
Bruce: We need to get our stories straight. Jenna didn’t shoot me I shot myself and I shot Officer Sammy.
Kacey: Why?
Bruce: They found out Jenna killed Sandra.
Kacey: How did you know?
Bruce: I over heard you two talking. Now listen to me. Jenna locked you in your room understand?
Kacey: Ok. But dad where did you get the gun?
Bruce: After Tim’s death I guessed we would need it. I was right.
Kacey: But why?
Bruce: To protect my daughters.

Kacey: DAD! DAD! Eddie please HELP!

Kayleigh: Ok, its making me feel physically sick now.
Tina: They don’t have any consideration for others!

Ariel: Tina hi. I’m a bit busy here.
Tina: What the hell are you doing?
Ariel: Getting to know Steve.
Man: My names Scott!
Ariel: Whatever!
Scott: Stuff you then.

Ariel: Thanks a lot Tina! I really liked him!
Tina: You didn’t even know his name.
Ariel: So?
Tina: We’re leaving, now move!
Ariel: Hey don’t shove me!

Ryan: Hey, where are you going?
Megan: Out for a walk across the mountains. They look beautiful, you coming?
Ryan: Nah, I’m gonna stay here and go for a swim.
Megan: Ok I’ll be back in an hour!

James: Hey, can I have an hour off?
Derek: Why?
James: I have lunch plans.
Derek: Ok be back soon though.
James: Yes of course. Thank you sir.

Cindy: Eddie! I’m so glad your ok!
Eddie: You too! The kids are in the living room at home. Karina can you go over there?
Karina: Yeah sure.

Cindy: Ok, where are you going?
Eddie: To the hospital someone has to be there for Kacey.
Cindy: But…
Eddie: Go home. Karina can stay tonight just lock the doors and stay safe. Put Jen and James to bed. We have an extra cot remember.
Cindy: Ok. Love you.
Eddie: You too.

Kayleigh: Mum, I think we should call it a night.
Hilary: I agree sweetie. My legs are killing me.

James: Megan, hey Megan!
Megan: James? Hi!
James: I think we need to talk.
Megan: About what?
James: You being married…

James: I’m angry you didn’t tell me. Ryan should know the truth.