Sim Sketch - Series 1 Cast

This is Lord Fart Junior, his posh lordly uncle (Lord Fart Senior) has left him a lordly manor, a lordly lifestyle and a lord's butler. There's only one thing - this man has no idea how to be lordly....

Lord Fart Jr

This is Mrs. Clark, a moody old woman who hates visitors and is very rude to them, but is there a reason behind her moodiness?

Mrs Clark

These are the Gay and Straight Teachers, this gay supply teacher just can't keep himself from 'coming onto' the straight teacher, but will he remember to stay professional at the same time? I doubt it....

The Gay and Straight Teachers

This is Sally Sisco, she writes for the New York Times doing her own 'relationships column' but she uses her relationship with her husband to write about. But does her hubby know that every menopausal woman in New York knows his sex secrets? Nope.

Sally Sisco

This is Vicar Lorraine Sally Anne Jesus Praiselord, a harlem vicar who's moved to a small country church. Anyone who disagrees with her even for a second she loudly proclaims is 'the devil!' How will her less than quiet arrival go down with the locals?

Vicar Lorraine Sally Anne Jesus Praiselord

These are The Natterers, four 'getting on in years' (in other words old) ladies who meet to have coffee and natter, but beware, this isn't just your everyday natter!

The Natterers

These are The Teens, three cheeky misfits who give their poor mother hell, but can they learn to grow up move up out of their dead end council estate life?

The Teens

This is Philip and Michael, they are a gay couple. Philip is always telling long annoying stories and likes to make sure Michael is listening by repeatedly asking him what he just said.

The Teens

This is Hardly Professional Harriet, she's beginning work at an office but has absolutely no idea how to be a professional, will she manage to grow up and take on this job? Probably not...

Hardly Professional Harriet