Sim Sketch Episode 3

In this school in Burton, Mr. Blankford is emptying last night’s curry into the toilet.

Mr. Campton: [Entering toilet] Hello?
Mr. Blankford: Hey, I’ll be [farts] with you in a [farts] minute!
Mr. Campton: Ooh, sounds bad.
Mr. Blankford: It’s [farts] terrible.

Mr. Blankford: What are you [farts] doing in here anyway?
Mr. Campton: Oh, I was going to try and teach the toilets how to sing.
Mr. Blankford: [Farts]
Mr. Campton: But I’ll do that later as you’re in your present state.
Mr. Blankford: Thank you.
Mr. Campton: No probs. See you in a bit.
Mr. Blankford: [Farts] yeah.
Mr. Campton: [Leaving toilet] Yuck!
[A long, loud fart issues from the toilet]
Mr. Campton: I think I’m gonna be sick…

Mrs. Clark: Come on ref, it really isn’t that hard.
[Cheering from television]
Mrs. Clark: Something’s hard though ref!
[Knock at door]
Mrs. Clark: Who the ‘eck?

Mrs. Clark: Oh hello Mr. Branning.
Mr. Branning: Hello Mrs. Clark! Haven’t called in a while!
Mrs. Clark: Do come into the lounge. [Under breath] I had to open the bloody door didn’t I…

Mr. Branning: So how’s life treating you these days? Enjoying your golden years?
Mrs. Clark: No, it’s crap.
Mr. Branning: Really? I’m having a great time! We’re playing golf on Saturday, you really should come!
Mrs. Clark: I don’t like golf.
Mr. Branning: Oh, we have a skittle match next week if that’s more your cup of tea.
Mrs. Clark: I don’t like skittles.
Mr. Branning: Oh, we’re playing pool next weekend if you’d like to join us then.
Mrs. Clark: I can’t swim.
Mr. Branning: No, table pool, you can come and watch.
Mrs. Clark: I can’t see.

Mr. Branning: Oh, I didn’t know that, well you could come to our karaoke night, have a listen to us making fools of ourselves!
Mrs. Clark: I can’t hear.
Mr. Branning: Oh, I didn’t know that.
Mrs. Clark: What?

Mr. Branning: [Louder] I didn’t know that!
Mrs. Clark: [Louder] What?
Mr. Branning: I should really go Mrs. Clark; I’m meeting Jim for lunch.
Mrs. Clark: Who’s Jim- I mean what?
Mr. Branning: Jim’s my wife’s brother, we’re great friends!
Mrs. Clark: Oh, married are we? Everyone’s married but me.
Mr. Branning: You were married Mrs. Clark.
Mrs. Clark: [Sighs] I know...

Mr. Branning: Right, now where was I?
Mrs. Clark: Leaving.
Mr. Branning: Are you quite sure you don’t want to drop by karaoke? It’ll be a right laugh!
Mrs. Clark: I’d rather hear a chorus of cats singing flat.
Mr. Branning: Oh.
Mrs. Clark: In fact I’m going to do that now, Songs of Praise is on.
Mr. Branning: Oh.
Mrs. Clark: Two ‘oh’s, goodness you’re stupid, and that was your cue to leave by the way.
Mr. Branning: Excuse me?
Mrs. Clark: Get out!

Mrs. Clark: Stuff Songs of Praise.

Mrs. Clark: [Yelling] Come on ref! Get your Willard out!

Mr. Campton: Exactly how long are you gonna be in there?
Mr. Blankford: [Farts]
Mr. Campton: That doesn’t answer my question! How long are you gonna be in there?
Mr. Blankford: [Farts]
Mr. Campton: [Annoyed] When are you gonna be out?
Mr. Blankford: [Farts].

Mr. Campton: Look, I’m getting a little fed up with this attitude!
Mr. Blankford: [Farts]

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea- oops wrong line. In this beautiful village in the heart of Wales, the lovely new Vicar, Lorraine, is going from door to door- no, that can’t be right. In this abandoned old slate outage in the middle of Wales, the village’s newest bitch is out collecting money. Yes, that sounds better.

Vicar Lorraine: Hello Mrs Llewellyn!
Mrs. Llewellyn: Hello Vicar! How are you today?
Vicar Lorraine: I’m alright. You?
Mrs. Llewellyn: Never better thanks!
Vicar Lorraine: Good! Now, I’m collecting money for the er… church roof.
Mrs. Llewellyn: That got done last year, didn’t it?
Vicar Lorraine: That’s what I said. But Jesus came to me in a dream and said to me, Vicar Lorraine Sally Anne Jesus Praiselord, you, yes you, will be the one to repair the sacred roof of the church.

Mrs. Llewellyn: Jesus said that?
Vicar Lorraine: Yes indeedy, so how much will you pledge?
Mrs. Llewellyn: Umm, how about five pounds vicar?
Vicar Lorraine: Five pounds, five little pounds? Lady, are you losing your mind with age or are you just a bitch?
Mrs. Llewellyn: Excuse me?
Vicar Lorraine: Five pounds? For Jesus? You selfish heathen woman!
Mrs. Llewellyn: I’m sorry, how’s ten pounds?
Vicar Lorraine: Ten pounds? Ten tiny pounds? You ma’am is cheap!

Mrs. Llewellyn: I will not stand for this!
Vicar Lorraine: You know what you is ma’am?
Mrs. Llewellyn: What?
Vicar Lorraine: You ma’am, is the devil!
Mrs. Llewellyn: I beg your pardon?
Vicar Lorraine: You is the Judith! Here, take this!
Mrs. Llewellyn: A business card?
Vicar Lorraine: Read it.
Mrs. Llewellyn: [Reads] If I’ve given this to you, you is the devil.
Vicar Lorraine: That’s right ma’am, the devil!
Mrs. Llewellyn: How dare you! How many of these have you given out?
Vicar Lorraine: One thousand, three hundred and thirty eight.
Mrs. Llewellyn: But why?
Vicar Lorraine: Because lady, if indeed you are a lady, they is all the devil!
Mrs. Llewellyn: That’s ridiculous! And yes I am a lady! Hello? Hello?

Mr. Campton: Hello?
Mr. Blankford: [Farts] Hello.
Mr. Campton: Is your arse not empty yet?
Mr. Blankford: [Farts]
Mr. Campton: Apparently not. Thing is, it is rather late now.
[Toilet flushes]
Mr. Campton: Ah good-
[Toilet flushes]
Mr. Campton: Can we go home-
[Toilet flushes]
Mr. Blankford: [Exiting cubicle] Sorry about that, there was rather a lot.
Mr. Campton: How… nice.

Mr. Blankford: My wife’s curry, it always does this to me.
Mr. Campton: What?
Mr. Blankford: My wife’s-
Mr. Campton: You’re married?
Mr. Blankford: Yes, didn’t I tell you?
Mr. Campton: No you didn’t!
Mr. Blankford: Does it matter?
Mr. Campton: Yes it does!
Mr. Blankford: Why?
Mr. Campton: Because I- I-
Mr. Blankford: Have a terrible stammer?
Mr. Campton: No!
Mr. Blankford: Then what?
Mr. Campton: I- I- you should’ve told me! [Storms out]

Mr. Blankford: What? Why? … Oh no, oh it can’t be- no-

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Mr. Blankford: Aargh! No! [Farts]