PlantSim - Series 2 - Episode 10 - Mee-Yow

While the wonder men were braving the elements, I was cursing at the choice of location Luna had given me. You could say I was battling myself.

Rhiannon: Of all the locations I could’ve gone to, it had to be in clear bloody view of the sun!

After I’d cursed and kicked the sand a bit in frustration, I knew I had to think and find a way out into the shade. It was hard, staggering around, with the sun burning into me. I couldn’t see the others so it was possible they were somewhere else in the area…or somewhere else entirely. The thought of it chilled me to the bone.

Rhiannon: Dratted sun! It’s now making me hallucinate there’s a anthropomorphic cat running towards me.

If you don’t know what anthropomorphic means, Google it, fool!

Cat: That would make you correct, nyan.
Rhiannon: Ok, I’m concerned on many levels.

Cat: Welcome to the Nyanya tribe, traveller. I noticed you arrive strangely so you must be a tourist-
Rhiannon: Well I wouldn’t say that.
Cat: It is our custom to treat all tourists as royalty, so you will be expecting a full feast and party this evening, nyan?
Rhiannon: Well, I kinda need to get out of here, so you really don’t have to-
Cat: No worries nyan, we will give you a fresh hammock to sleep in for your journeys tomorrow.

Rhiannon: Seriously, do any of you guys there know how to get this guy to shut up and go away?
Cat: Who are you talking to, nyan?
Rhiannon: Never mind that, why the heck do you keep saying nyan; it’s getting on my nerves!!!

Cat: Follow me nyan; I will take you to the others.
Rhiannon: No I…oh whatever.

It looked like I’d been roped into it, so damn my politeness and following him. I have a bad feeling he would have hunted me down anyway.

Cat: Here is our tribal community.
Rhiannon: So I’m not dreaming, you are all cats…
Cat: Of course nyan. The Nyanya tribe has been around for countless generations.
Rhiannon: Yeah but don’t you get hot under all that fur?
Cat: We have learnt to adapt, nyan.

Cat: We found this tourist on the beach, nyan.
Teenage cat: Oh joy, another party.
Rhiannon: Yeah, look guys, I’m in a bit of a rush, and I’m trying to find my way to Callah if that makes sense?
Woman cat: Where is Callah? I have never heard of it, nyan.
Rhiannon: Oh not you too…

Teenage cat: Perhaps we should ask Neko vanNeko for help?
Rhiannon: Who’s that?
Teenage cat: The man who is the current leader of the tribe. He could help you find your way home.

Woman cat: No, Ginger, we are most certainly NOT calling Neko VanNeko!
Ginger: But Mitsy, he knows the areas around the tribe; he can tell her where to go…
Mitsy: I don’t care! I don’t want him around, nyan!

Ginger: Why do you have such a grudge against him?!
Mitsy: Why do you have such a crush with him?
Ginger: Because he is handsome!
Mitsy: But he is trouble, nyan!
Rhiannon: All I want is to get directions and then get the hell out of here…

Cat: Mitsy, nyan, please be considerate towards our great Neko VanNeko, nyan.
Mitsy: No! I will never be considerate towards that uncaring man!
Neko: Hmm? Did I hear my name spoken?
Mitsy: Oh great, now he’s heard us, nyan.

Boy cat: Father!
Mitsy: Sandy! No!
Sandy: But it’s Father, nyan!
Neko: Whoah now, little boy, I don’t know about that…
Sandy: Yes you are!

Sandy: Mother, why is Father so afraid of me?
Mitsy: Sandy you’ve done nothing wrong, nyan.
Sandy: So why does he cower in my presence?!

Sandy: Uwaaaaah! I am unloved, nyan!

Mitsy: I hope you’re happy!
Neko: My dear Misty, I wish you would stop getting the idea in that boys head that I’m his father, you know that’s just you being delusional!
Mitsy: Oh, this again, nyan?! You know you’re the only sandy coloured cat on this community!!!
Neko: …That proves nothing! There may be other cat communities in and around the neighbouring lands!
Mitsy: You really are a sadistic ass, aren’t you?! I’ve had enough, I’m sick of looking at you, nyan.

Rhiannon: Why did I get into all this…?
Neko: Hmm?

The minute this cat saw me, his ears pricked up and his tail starting swishing. I hope to dear God it wasn’t love at first sight for him.

Neko: Why, such a beautiful lady has come to visit us?
Rhiannon: Beautiful? What side of the catnip have you been biting?
Neko: Ahaha! And such a witty one too. My name is Neko VanNeko, the leader of the Nyanya tribe.
Rhiannon: You seem rather overdressed for a tribe.
Neko: That is because I own a beach house different from this tribe and therefore must be properly attired. And your name again?
Rhiannon: It’s Rhiannon.

Neko: Ah, Rhiannon! Such a fitting name for a blossoming flower. It purges me to my deepest root and I must kiss your hand.
Rhiannon: OK, but I’ll whack you with my other hand too.

Neko: So I heard you had a problem?
Rhiannon: Yeah, see I got split from my friends and need to get back to them.
Neko: Do you know where they are?
Rhiannon: Ah…no, not really.
Neko: Well then stay here for a while, they might come and find you!
Rhiannon: I don’t know…
Neko: Well make your mind up; it’ll be getting dark very soon.
Rhiannon: Huh? But it’s broad daylight-

Rhiannon: Yeek!
Neko: You see? The light changes very quickly, since it’s the only thing that changes. Here it is always sunny and hot!
Rhiannon: Joyous…just what I needed.
Neko: So will you stay?
Rhiannon: I…I’ll stay for a bit. Until I know what to do next.
Neko: Fantastic! Feel free to stay in my beach house.

And with that he stalked off, his tail always swishing from side to side.

It changed to night pretty soon after that and Neko came back for the party. Everyone was up and socialising; it was a grand evening indeed.

However I had better things to do than watch cats badly dance. So I decided to wander off to think for myself.

I had this horrible feeling inside. Did the others know where I was? How would I get back home? Was I stuck here forever? So many unanswered questions flitted through my mind.

Mitsy: It’s natural to feel worried.
Rhiannon: Oh, god, you made me jump.
Mitsy: Sorry, nyan. You can stay here for a bit, but I must warn you against Neko VanNeko.
Rhiannon: Is this the whole father thing again?

Mitsy: That is part of it; despite being his father Neko will never tie himself down to business he does not want. When he found out I was pregnant he hastily dumped me and moved onto the other new kitty. So I must warn you, do not get too attached to him because he will hurt you.
Rhiannon: Don’t worry about that! I’m not going to fall in love with him or anything like that-
Mitsy: Even so, after a few days you must leave!

Mitsy: I’m only doing this for your own good…

Mitsy seemed so desperate I had to assure her I wouldn’t do anything rash. But my worries only increased; what sort of man was Neko VanNeko and what secrets did he hide?