Plant Sim - Series 1 - Episode 07 - One Step Backwards

It seems that Keith doesn’t feel up to telling you all about this bit, so if you don’t mind I’ll fill in for him. I’m Starla by the way, if you didn’t recognise me! Oh, you did. Yeah, I guess the big white hat is a giveaway…

Anyway, Luna had appeared out of nowhere and promptly gave us all a staring contest. Keith seemed to have lost that as he suddenly spoke up.

Keith: Luna! What have you done with Alynna!

He sounded pretty desperate, which I could understand why, I mean she was the love of his life. Of course he’s going to be angry with the person who kidnapped her, I mean wouldn’t you be? Oops…I’m babbling again. Sorry, I do have a tendency to do that.

Only this was no time for babbling. I pushed my way past Keith, who seemed rooted to the spot, and faced off Luna.

Starla: Luna! What have you come here for?
Luna: Little girl, I’ve come to dispose of those who oppose me!
Starla: But what has Keith ever done to you? Or Darwin? Or Rhiannon? Or-
Luna: Quiet! The one you call Keith has done plenty! Trying to take away my cousin from me.
Starla: That’s a pretty jealous attitude you have there.
Luna: Well, I am green.

No one seemed in a laughing mood, unfortunately.

Luna: I don’t have time to dawdle, move aside so I can destroy the cabbage!
Starla: I’m afraid you’re going to have to go through me. Now tell us where the Princess is!
Luna: The Princess? Hah! She’s locked away in my castle, which is far far away from here and you all would have no chance of finding it! That way no Prince, plant or porpoise can get to her!

Starla: Why a porpoise?
Luna: Well, it’s quite simple. I wanted to alliterate for dramatic effect so I had to use another word beginning with p, and “porpoise” was the first word that came into my mind.
Starla: Oh, I see.
Luna: So now all you children at home can be dramatic and evil just like me, by the use of…
Everyone: Alliteration!
Children: Yay!

Luna: Wait, wait, wait, what the hell was that?!
Starla: What was that?
Luna: You’re playing mind games with me, aren’t you child?!
Starla: Who, little ol’ me?
Luna: Well, enough!

Luna: Prepare to…disappear! Mwahahaha!!!

And with that she waved her hands in a dramatic way and muttered under her breath.

Starla: Is this - no! You can’t do this!
Luna: Well too late, bub, because I just did!

I could recognise the spell that Luna was casting, and although I tried, I wasn’t strong enough to repel it, or to counter-cast. I could only watch in horror as twinkling lights appeared around us.

We were lifted up into the air, and I could hear shrieks from the other people.

Luna: Have fun trying to find your way back from the different corners of the world! Ahahah!!

In a bright light, I could feel us gradually being transported to somewhere completely different. Somewhere new.

Somewhere cold.

I could feel the blizzard raining down onto me and melting on my face as I came to.

I could see nothing but a white mountain, and I half believed I could see polar bears and penguins. I obviously couldn’t, because that would just be ridiculous. But being transported to another place does funny things to your head.

I snapped out of my daydream when I heard someone hacking pretty bad.

Keith was standing next to me, trying to warm himself up. He looked colder than me, and his teeth made a racket with all that chattering.

Keith: Starla? Are you awake yet?
Starla: I am.
Keith: Where are we?
Starla: I’m not sure…give me a sec and I’ll let you know.

Keith: I’m g-glad you’re h-here. I-I was s-so scared that it w-was just m-me…
Starla: D-don’t worry about i-it. I’m g-glad you’re h-here too.

We looked a right pair both shivering to each other. I could feel that Keith was extremely cold, almost solid. I began to worry.

Starla: Keith…are you o-ok?

Keith: W-well…n-not really…
Starla: How d-do plants fare w-well in the s-snow?
Keith: N-not well…

Suddenly he stopped moving altogether. He had been frozen solid by the snow and ice.

He toppled over into the snow, causing me to shriek in alarm.

Starla: Oh my g-goodness! K-Keith!! D-don’t d-die on m-me!!!

He wouldn’t reply, and I kept praying that someone would find us.

Thankfully some people were passing by.

Kid: Hey, Dad, there’s some people over there who look pretty lost.
Man: I’ve never seen them before. Perhaps they’re foreigners?
Kid: She looks as though she’s crying. Please can we help?

Starla: Keith! I’m s-sorry! It’s all m-my fault! If I c-could’ve s-stopped Luna, we w-wouldn’t be here and y-you wouldn’t b-be f-frozen!

And with that I passed out myself, from exhaustion.

By the time I woke up, I was in a warm bed, and was in different clothes. I could smell incense, and the chill from outside seemed to have been shut out by the walls of the building.

I opened my eyes wearily.

Woman: Good to see you’re alive.
Starla: Mummy…?
Woman: Er, no dear. I’m not your mummy.
Starla: Where am I?
Woman: You’re indoors and out of harm, dear.

I tried to remember what had happened, and the memory hit me like a brick. Which was rather painful.

Starla: So…where was I before? And where am I now? And who are you?
Woman: So many questions. You’re on Mount Snow-point, and if my husband and children hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death in those clothes. Don’t worry about them; I’ve left them out to dry. Oh, and you’re in our house now. Feel free to stay for a couple of days.
Starla: You’re very talkative…

Mount Snow-point, eh? Didn’t seem like a very original name for a mountain, but I was willing to let that one slip by. Then I remembered about Keith.

Starla: Wait! I had someone with me! His name is Keith and he’s a plant-person thingy.
Woman: Oh, you mean the green man with you?
Starla: Yes! Where is he now?
Woman: He’s perfectly fine, dear. He’s thawing out in the living room with my father.
Starla: I see.

Before I could see Keith, the woman made me take a bath and then change into a robe. I wasn’t sure what the robe was for, but she was going on about tradition or something like that. Trust me to not pay attention to my Culture lessons with mother.

When I arrived in the living room, I found Keith lying next to the lit fireplace, still in the afraid position he was in when he froze. I felt so sorry for him.

Sitting on the couch next to him was an old man, who I assumed was the woman’s father.

Starla: Is he going to be ok?
Man: He should be fine. Please don’t worry too much about him. He just needs a good thawing out is all.

The man seemed hospitable and charming as I sat opposite him. I explained our situation to him and how we ended up on Mount Snow-point. He introduced himself as Yukito, a monk of the mountain.

Yukito: I see you have travelled very far my dear. Callah is not near here as far as I am aware of.
Starla: That’s alright. I’m more worried about where the others got to.
Yukito: There are more of you?
Starla: Yes, but I didn’t see them when I woke up.
Yukito: It is possible they were taken to a different part of the mountain. Tomorrow I shall summon a search party to find anyone.
Starla: That’s very kind of you…but I don’t think they’re on the mountain.
Yukito: You don’t?

Keith: Brr…I’m freezing.
Starla: Keith! You’re alright!
Keith: I am indeed.
Yukito: You see! But now you have made a wet patch on my carpet.
Keith: Yipes! I’m sorry!
Yukito: Ohoho. It is no matter.

Yukito: Your friend here has told me many things about you and your companions.
Keith: Oh…has she now?
Yukito: Indeed. You are a very brave man, leaving home by yourself at such a naïve stage.
Keith: Y-you think I’m naïve? Why thank you!
Starla: Not a compliment, Keith.

Starla: I think I know what Luna did. She transported us away from Callah!
Keith: What, so we’re not in Callah anymore?
Starla: Nope. We’re in a different part of the world, possibly on a new continent!
Keith: So where are the others then? Did you find them?
Starla: No but listen here. Luna’s spell meant that not everyone could be transported to the same place.

Keith: So, wait wait wait. If I’m following you right, which I usually aren’t, you’re saying that the others are scattered somewhere else in the world?!

Starla: You’re completely right, Keith…

Starla: You’re completely right.