Create a Show for SimTV

SimTV is a community-driven website and we’re always looking for new writers to contribute to the site. If you have an idea for a show that you’d like to write, getting started is simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1) First email a member of the media management team at an address below, outlining a well-thought out description of the show. If you already have an episode or an excerpt prepared, send it as an attachment in the email. (If you have multiple files to send, please email them as a .ZIP file.)

Step 2) Your show’s description will be reviewed by a member of the SimTV management team, and you will be emailed back as soon as possible.

Step 3) If we like the show idea, we will ask you to produce a pilot episode (if you haven’t already written one). You should take your time to produce it, as it’s a good opportunity to develop interesting sets, characters, plot lines and writing styles for your show. Remember: it’s all about the quality!

Step 4) The pilot episode will be reviewed by a member of the media management team, and occasionally by other SimTV staff members. If they are satisfied with what you have provided, you will probably be given the go ahead to write and shoot (take pictures for) the rest of your series. In this case, you will be emailed with some final feedback and further instructions.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can visit the SimTV Forums at this link. (Forum registration required before posting.)


Media Management Team

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(Registration on the SimTV forums is required before viewing a member's profile. Private messaging one of the members over the forums is highly recommended.)


FAQs, Tips and Guidelines

What can I contribute?

You can contribute a wide range of media content for the SimTV site, depending on what you have to offer. Most of our media writers create full length seasons of shows, which span somewhere between 6-12 episodes; these tend to be mysteries, comedies and dramas. This also includes some reality shows, whereas some reality series tend to have many more episodes.

However, what you might like to contribute is not limited to the above. You can also submit music videos, short comedy sketches or one-off dramatic stories – examples of which can be found in the main menu under “More...”

The SimTV site is always looking to expand its diversity. If you have any other original ideas you would like to share, get in touch with one of the media management team.

Once my show has been accepted, how do I get it published?

With SimTV being managed by its media contributors, it will be your responsibility to upload episodes to the site and release them. We operate an easy-to-use uploading programme called “Joomla”. With Joomla, you have the freedom to upload, publish and edit your content at your discretion.

What if I want to contribute my show, but don’t want to upload it via Joomla?

If you would rather have a member of the media management team upload your content, then mention this in your initial email. You can agree to have your show published on a particular day each week, as long as you send us your show’s files first.

Unfortunately we cannot offer FTP access to the site.

How often do I have to release episodes?

This is entirely up to you. Most writers release new episodes of their shows each week, and many stick to a particular day of the week. However, you can decide how often you release content, as long as it is consistent enough.

When can I start airing it?

The SimTV community has a strong recommendation that you completely write and shoot the majority of episodes in a series before you begin to air it. This should result in a smooth airing process without any delays. Also, it is common for one’s enthusiasm for writing to be highest before a show is published, so why not exploit that? Otherwise, you can begin airing it whenever you choose.

Why hasn’t my show been accepted?

Although we do try to see the potential in the show ideas we’re sent, sometimes they aren’t original enough or are very similar to media shows that we already have.